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HD005 - How to establish confidence as a Dominant husband.

Follow Mr. Fox's journey from the beginning.

When Mr. Fox began his journey into Married Dominance and submission he began journaling his thoughts, challenges, and what he learned along the way.  These articles are listed in chronicle logical order to his personal journey.  Many new members have spoken of the value they have received from reading the articles as he lived them.

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Discover the articles and discussions that were the most powerful and meaningful to the husDOM team, the ambassadors, and mentors.

Mr. K Sir

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Top 5 meaningful posts on husDOM and what they meant to you:

  1.  This forum post will always be the most important thing I have read on the site, it is what brought me to husDOM.

  2. This Blog post opened my eyes to the importance of a blindfold.  I learned how a simple little thing like a blindfold can totally change a scene or playtime by boosting my confidence as a Dominant.

  3. 3. – For me this post helped me find one of my favorite toys (my favorite pervertable by far).  Since reading this I have always had a string of pearls in my toy box.

    4. – This article made me realize that I had to take advantage of the time I had with my sub when there were no kids around.  Before reading this if we had a short timeframe without kids in the house I would think I didn’t have time to use her how I wanted, after reading this I “Dom’d up” and now take full advantage of those moments.

    5. – If you only read one article Mr. Fox has written, THIS should be that article.  It’s a great reminder for all of us that it is our job to lead our subMrs and relationship where we want and need it to go.