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Become a Dominant Leader

Would you like to listen to Mr. Fox’s personal thoughts and perspective on becoming a Dominant Leader, a husDOM?

Join Mr. Fox as he shares his thoughts and perspective on not just becoming a Dominant Leader but also maintaining this dominant lifestyle as well.

Many of the topics and insights that are discussed pertain to his personal relationship with his lk, family,  friends, co-workers, and peers.  And of course the current topics of the husDOM community.

We all have the ability and the capacity to achieve greatness in our lives.  We have to be consistent and work hard to fulfill our destiny, to become the man that we are supposed to be.  Our society today and many of the messages that we hear are limiting us and our potential.  Those messages are often about accepting mediocrity and shaming those that desire to want more, the desire to be more.  We are biologically male and our spouses are biologically female.  The terms masculinity and feminity should be celebrated.  We should discuss how they complement each other and work in synergy within a relationship.  

If you are still here…  still reading…  this podcast is for you.

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Planting A Seed

In today’s episode, I will discuss “Planting a Seed”.

What is it?
What does it mean?
A genuine concern to me – Is planting a seed just incognito for manipulating your partner?

Can you create anticipation and arousal in your marriage by planting a seed?
Keep listening to find out why I feel that planting a seed is one of the most essential and powerful tools for a masculine Dominant leader today.
Towards the end of the episode, I will give an example, discuss, and offer a few robust tips regarding sending a sexy meme or text to plant a seed with your wife or partner.

Leading with integrated masculine energy!

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Put Dominance submission relationship on hold

Should I Put My D/s-M Relationship On Hold

When life throws you a curve ball or maybe when you see some changes on the horizon do you adjust?
Do you pivot? Or Do you suspend or discontinue your current situation? With plans to pick it back up when the climate is better suited for you and your partner.

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HD014 – 5 Practical Ways to Lead with Masculinity in a Relationship

In today’s episode, I’m going to discuss five practical ways to lead with masculinity in your relationship. We often hear people talk about being the leader in their relationship. Leadership is a core trait of the divine masculine energy, like dominance, if I had to choose a single word to describe masculine energy to someone, it would be leadership. Well, we don’t hear people talking about us frequently is what dominant leadership looks like, and how it actually shows up in our everyday lives. And in our relationships. Today’s discussion is meant to help to devise some sort of actionable guideline that you can use to either get started towards an amazing relationship or marriage. For for those of you that are already on this path, a guideline to help enhance and to hone those skills needed for an amazing relationship or marriage. These five steps regarding leading with masculinity are transferable to all types of leadership and relationships in general. Think of it as building your masculine core. These five steps are going to help you become a better masculine leader and a better masculine man.

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HD013 – An Emasculated Man

In today’s, episode I’m going to give my perspective on today’s Emasculated husband.

We begin our discussion with an experience that I had during an elevator ride in my hotel in Iceland. Here I witnessed what is probably an all too common interaction between a husband and wife.

The husband was nearly a shell of a man that in my opinion had been entirely emasculated.

Did this man’s wife emasculate him?
Could it be something more common but less obvious?

Join me as I wrap my thoughts around my short interaction on an elevator of all places.

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