Pearl Necklace

Gentleman, the title of this post may prove to be little misleading.  I have some inside knowledge regarding one of my Little Kaninchen’s next few posts.  LK is going to make a post in reference to how your submissive can pleasure you with a pearl necklace.  To provide clarity and reel of few of you back in I am referring to a physical, tangible piece of jewelry.

I will not spoil the rest of her post and exactly what may happen with this fine piece of jewelry, however, I will provide you with a few tricks of your own that you can utilize while returning the favor.

These techniques can be utilized in just about any position, be creative and as always have fun!

You can use the necklace to restrain your submissive.  I would advise caution as the necklace may become tight without an easy solution for escape.

This could cut off circulation and become a serious issue.  As always when using restraints it is a good idea to always have a pair of EMT scissors available.  If I were to use the necklace for restraint it would be momentary and loose.  The necklace would be to enhance the idea of restraint rather than used for actual restraint.

The most obvious fun to have with the pearls would be to insert them into her vagina.  This should be done as you are increasing her arousal.  You can perform oral sex on her, use a toy, vibrator or wand whatever fits into your normal routine, or dare to mix it up.  When she is on the edge of climax you can pull the pearls out.  If she was on her back you may consider pulling the necklace out slowly while lifting them up allowing the pearls to slide slowly, one by one, over her clitoris.

Let’s say that your submissive is on her knees with her face down on the bed.  Place the necklace over your thumb and then move your thumb just below her clitoris.  Now slowly pull the necklace with your other hand, moving the beads over her clit one by one.

The most common way to use the set of pearls is to place each side of the necklace between each side of your submissive’s labia and folds, then pull the necklace back and forth slowly.



You can also utilize all four techniques during the same evening and see which one drives her wild.

Try enhancing her experience with some extra preparation on your part.  You can chill the necklace in the refrigerator or freezer, in contrast you could place the necklace in a bowl of warm water.

Again,  if the necklace finds it’s way into your repertoire in the next week or two don’t spoil the moment by commenting how you were expecting it.  Instead act pleasantly surprised and remember to return the favor.




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  1. Oh…..I wish my Sir would follow you….so I could unfollow…no offence, Lol!….but its just not the same if I have to send these awesome posts every time! I loose that element of surprise…..

    1. Calin Fire,

      Since I have begun my Thoughtful Thursday posts I have lost several submissive followers for the exact reason that you suggest.

      I dont like to see anyone leave but I do understand.

      I am glad that you enjoyed this post.

      Tell your husDom that no one will see his email information and there is no obligation to comment ever. If he follows the link that you send him to read my post there is virtually no difference, except that he would receive the email directly from me instead of from me to you and then from you to him.

      And then follow it up with it would be beneficial to him if you weren’t reading the Thoughtful Thursday posts.

      Best wishes,

      Mr. Fox

      1. Mr. Fox, I did love this post! In fact I have several sets of pearls…and I cannot wait to read LK’s post about them! We have used my pearls in the past….to play…but its been awhile.

        I will continue to follow until told otherwise, so your numbers don’t go down. But maybe I should stop reading/commenting and just forward? I don’t know….the temptation to read will be hard to overcome. If my Sir commands I stop, I will of course!


        1. CalinFire,

          I hope that you have an opportunity in the near future to get those pearls back out.

          I appreciate that you would follow to help increase my numbers but honestly I am way past even having time to glance at my numbers. It seems as though my blog has taken on an entire life of its own.

          Maybe I should do a quick post on why the husDom’s should follow and ask their submissives not too.

          Best wishes,

          Mr. Fox

          1. Mr. Fox…..please do!!! I do love reading your perspective, so I would be sad to stop reading, but I do think it would benefit me not to keep reading. Especially if my Sir will follow!

          2. I second GOF, would love to see a post on that…I am in the same boat…forwarding your awesome posts to my Sir!!!

          3. Ladies,

            I head off to work tomorrow but realize the significance of a post like you request. If you do not see one in the next week please send me an email to remind me.

            Thank you,

            Mr Fox

        2. I feel the exact same way! I forward the posts to my Husband but then wish I hadn’t read them (even though I enjoy them).

          1. Shy girl,

            Alright… Alright….

            I will write a post…

            Best wishes,

            Mr. Fox

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