Total Power Exchange (TPE)

BDSM Power Exchange between a married husband and wife,power exchange

Total Power Exchange (TPE)

Well… Our Total Power Exchange, (TPE) was extraordinary!

My submissive gets a very specific announcement usually several days prior to our exchange. This message tells her in substantial detail my expectations of her and how I would like her to prepare for the exchange.

I considered posting an actual announcement from a previous exchange but for now I have decided that these letters are something more intimate and special between my wife and I. I will write more about them in another post. They are definitely erotic and create quite the build for both of us.

In my letter, I gave specific instructions not to be late. You guessed it, she was ten minutes late. Earlier that very morning she was telling me how she wants our D/s relationship to continue to grow. She wants it to go to the next level for us. Well, I have given her a few spankings before but never one for punishment. In fact, we have recently talked about punishment spankings. I told her that I would love to give her a punishment spanking but couldn’t begin to think of a legitimate reason to ever actually do it, until now!

Upon entering the bedroom I almost immediately lost control. She was sitting exactly how I had told her that I would like her to be. She was wearing what I had asked her to wear right down to the color of her fingernail polish. All of my requests had been fulfilled.  Classical music was softly playing in the background. Just to her left was a comb and a hairband accompanied by her collar. I had told her that first, she would give herself to me psychologically by allowing me to collar her, and then she would give herself to me physically by allowing me to dominate her. (TPE), Married Dominance and submission, husDOM, subMrs

After collaring her, I quickly french braided her hair to get it up and out of the way. Then I looked at her and said,

“Remove your panties and lay across my lap, one swat for each minute late!”

This was to be her punishment. I was a bit nervous to actually say it out loud. Would this be alright? The look in her eyes told me that this was more than alright, she was practically quivering with anticipation. I sat down and laid her across my lap. This was seriously more erotic than a regular spanking, simply incredible! Looking back, I wish that I had made it forty swats.
After her punishment, I could hardly control myself. Restraining myself from just jumping on top of her and taking her right then and there was short of impossible. I could tell by her skin color and her breathing that this was affecting her in the same way.

I am new at writing and even less comfortable about describing my feelings. What should I say and what shouldn’t I say? Our exchange is a very intimate thing between me and my wife. Many people won’t begin to understand the respect I have for her and even more so by her submitting to me and allowing my dominance. I want to be careful not to write about us in a manner that would undermine what we feel for one another.

Let me just say that our exchange was extraordinary and my wife went much further than she had ever gone before with zero effort. After a while she began breathing very deeply, her exquisite green eyes appeared heavy and almost trance-like under her eyelids and her moans were different than anything I have ever heard before. The only word that she could discernibly speak was “sir” and even that appeared difficult at times. It was a wonderful and rewarding experience for both of us.

I am crazy beside myself thinking about every detail of our next exchange. It’s like a drug to me. A drug where I can’t stop thinking about my wife, my subMrs.

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 Total Power Exchange, (TPE) | Dominance and submission

BDSM Total Power Exchange between a married husband and wife

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