• Thank you all for your sound and wonderful advice.

    Thank you all for your sound and wonderful advice.

    You are the first people I have been able to be honest with about my Dominate nature and you have all been very supportive,

  • The Tools We Needed

    The Tools We Needed

    We had been married a long time. My wife expressed interest in D/s. Most of what we found online was not meeting our needs as a lifelong married couple. husDOM™ and subMrs™ are a refreshing set of blogs, observations, camaraderie and insight all in a supportive community that focuses on the married aspect of D/s, hence the acronym D/s - M. These two sites gave us the tools we needed to improve our marriage greatly. Forever grateful.

  • Indebted To This Site

    Indebted To This Site

    My Sweetness introduced me to husDOM in August 2013. And thanks to Mr. Fox, husDOM, and all the members here, I have grown as a Dom and husband! HusDOM has been, and remains a vital part of my growth! I will be forever indebted to this site, all the members I have met, and especially Mr. Fox! Thank you and take care!

    Mr. B
  • Hunkered down safely in the Den

    Hunkered down safely in the Den

    My wife and I have been 24D/s-M for just over a year. I found husDom just over eight months ago and have not thought of leaving the Den since. I have read the site many times and learn something new everytime I read a blog or from the forums. I am a very active participant here on husDOM because I find husDOM keeps me grounded and realistic, as husDOM is geared to a Married D/s relationship. The site itself is immaculately maintained and kept in order. The community is outstanding and more than willing to help with any questions or problems that I may encounter along our journey. I have read many other sites before I found husDOM, and once I started reading, I knew I had found one site that has all the information I needed to build and sustain a healthy, trusting, respectful, D/s-M relationship with my loving wife. My wife and I would have not been so successful in creating our natural D/s dynamic if it where not for husDOM!

  • Submit a Testimonial

    Submit a Testimonial

    If you have found benefit from husDOM™ and would like to share your experience with others please forward your testimonial to Mr Fox.


    Mr Fox
  • Quite grateful to have found this site.

    I have had a look around and must say that so far I am deeply impressed. The amount of real world practical knowledge that is shard is amazing. There is so much ‘crap’ out there on the internet and I am quite grateful to have found this site.

    Hawk In The Rain
  • Supportive


    I found husDom and started my first D/s experiences just two months ago.

    The community here is nonjudgmental, supportive, and helpful. No question is too simple, no concern is too basic. I have found that the members respond to your questions in a positive welcoming way. Without husDom my D/s journey would be more difficult than I care to contemplate. There are many fantastic tools here to help you on your way. Just reading the blogs and forum posts are invaluable.

    Good luck on your journey,


  • A Safe and Credible Community

    A Safe and Credible Community

    Whilst trying for a number of months to find a credible forum for D/s married relationships like ourselves, I came across the HusDom site and soon realised it was the one for me. This new resource revealed ‘SubMrs’ as a partner site and we have not looked back since! Both sites host a very supportive global community of like minded people who are happy to exchange experiences and best practice. It’s a great feeling to know that possibly you’re not the only kink in the village!

    HisLordship ~ Scotland
  • And then I ran across husdom...

    And then I ran across husdom...

    And then I ran across husdom and everything changed. A site dedicated to not only married couples starting down this path, but also in a way that spoke to me as creating a dynamic that is healthy and beneficial not brutal and exploitative. That’s where everything changed and I went from appalled by my Princess’ request to absolutely excited about the possibilities of this new relationship dynamic.

  • Encouragement and advice when I needed it..

    Encouragement and advice when I needed it..

    I have been a member of this site for the last eight months or so. The insights and experiences of other members have assisted the growth of O/our D/s dynamic to something beyond anything I had hoped for. My love and I have gone from strength to strength, and I have found this site a wellspring of inspiration and encouragement.

    It is amazing how much help being amongst other husDoms is - developing a true 24/7 D/s relationship is challenging and knowing others have had or are facing similar challenges in day to day life is an amazing thing. The members of this site have provided me with encouragement and advice when I needed it and this has helped O/our dynamic to progress in leaps and bounds.

  • New Dom

    I am relatively new to the lifestyle and I Can’t express how much I appreciate this site. My wife and I have tried some other sites to help us learn and progress as a /d couple. Most are poorly veiled porn sites or their members are just looking to find a new conquest. So far I have only had opportunity to overview the “ebb and flow” article buy I am incredibly impressed by this site both by how professional and informative the blogs are. Thank you and any pointers and/or blog recommendations are always appreciated.



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