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D|s-M, “The Ultimate Marriage Accessory”

husDOM and subMrs have single-handedly changed the face of Dominance and submission. Once, sadly known only as something that primarily single people or swingers participated in, D/s has now evolved into a refined sacred sexuality experience that married couples can not only indulge in but can grow and participate in together.

The journey of D|s-M is a couple’s marriage self-care. Whether you use it in the bedroom only or as a lifestyle our method helps guide you with healthy relationship practices strengthening your marriage.

Our Mission

The husDOM™ membership has been exclusively designed to provide the Dominant with the tools and resources necessary to help define and learn how to use Dominance and submission within the boundaries of a healthy marriage. 

We created an all-inclusive membership for the husDOM who wants it all. This enrollment offers an abundance of articles, discussions, groups, and more. This includes a Dominant only community with access to a private Discord server that will inspire and support you along your journey.  The peer-to-peer learning and fellowship here are second to none.

The husDOM community has been developed for one purpose only.  That purpose is to create a vital resource that will assist the typical vanilla husband along his journey to becoming a Dominant husband, a Leader, a husDOM™.

A Realistic Representation of the Lifestyle

In addition, we wanted to create a better well-rounded representation of a D/s-M  lifestyle.  Our community is centered around the fundamental values of a typical marriage. While the basic principles of a D/s-M dynamic will be primarily the same for everyone the individual preferences, flavors, styles, and techniques will be virtually endless.  

Peer to Peer Learning 

Our community provides a place for Dominants to discover fellowship and camaraderie with other like-minded individuals.  This fraternity of Dominants will allow every husDOM™, no matter where they may be along their particular journey, to share and gain valuable knowledge with other members, enhancing and nurturing their personal growth as a Dominant.

Married Dominance and submission

The community is focused on Married Dominance and submission relationships, D/s-M.  There is no requirement that you must be a married couple to join and participate, long-term relationship D/s couples are welcome as well.  Furthermore, gender is not a consideration as the community is devoted to the development of the Dominant as a role rather than as a gender.

Our Commitment and What Feeds Us

lk and I have been committed to helping others in the D/s-M lifestyle from the onset of our personal journey.  Since we began, we have devoted much of our time to helping others succeed in their personal journeys into Married Dominance and submission.  Helping others succeed has truly become a passion for the two of us.

Resources and Tools

The community provides several tools to help you accomplish this task.

The articles archive Mr. Fox’s personal journey into a world that was once dark, taboo, and primarily fantasy.  The archives demonstrate the fundamentals of a D/s-M relationship while outlining the principles and values required to create a lasting sustainable dynamic.

Through the Eyes of a husDOM™ | Premium Content Membership level allows you to experience the more day-to-day interactions between a husDOM™ and his subMrs™ functioning in a current healthy D/s-M lifestyle. The writings in this membership level will be on a more frequent and consistent basis allowing you to have a better perspective of the daily interactions and thought processes of a practicing husDOM™. This is a rare opportunity to actually view the world of D/s-M through the eyes of it’s founder.  Mr. Fox has written many things regarding his lifestyle and his dynamic but up until now has kept many things to himself as well.  Through the years of mentoring others, many of his thoughts and techniques have been told and retold and sometimes even altered slightly changing their meanings altogether. This membership level is designed to directly benefit members at any stage along their personal journey.  It is designed to offer an accurate and authentic perspective as to the role of a genuine husDOM™.  This intimate insight and working knowledge are intended to increase your level of understanding of the lifestyle which should increase the likelihood of your success. If you desire more clarity and better guidance along your journey this level of membership is right for you.  Your journey is about you and your partner establishing and maintaining a successful healthy D/s-M lifestyle.  Invest in your relationship by allowing yourself the best tools and knowledge available. Whether you have been practicing D/s-M for years or you are just beginning, climb aboard and join Mr. Fox as he continues his personal journey through this magnificent lifestyle that he and his lk discovered and labeled as D/s-M. Invest in yourself, your wife, and your marriage.

The Premium Content | Through The Eyes of a husDOM™ Membership Level includes:

Through the Eyes of a husDOM™ Premium Blog Posts. Through the Eyes of a husDOM™ Premium Forum Through the Eyes of a husDOM™ Premium Group Through the Eyes of a husDOM™ Premium Scheduled Zoom Chats – Mr. Fox & Special Guests to include lk – We also have our private Discord Server allowing real-time mobile app group text, audio, and video features.

Additional Premium Features

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