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Our Mission

This Dominant community has been developed for one purpose only.  That purpose is to create a vital resource that will assist the typical vanilla husband along his journey to becoming a Dominant husband, a husDOM™.

The community provides several tools to help you accomplish this task.

The blogposts archive Mr. Fox’s personal journey into a world that was once dark, taboo, and primarily fantasy.  These archives demonstrate the fundamentals of a D/s-M relationship while outlining the principles and values required to create a lasting sustainable dynamic.

A Realistic Representation of the Lifestyle

In addition, we wanted to create a better well-rounded representation of the lifestyle, D/s-M.  While the basic fundamentals of the dynamic will be primarily the same for everyone the individual preferences, flavors, styles, and techniques will be virtually endless.  For these reasons, the husDOM™ community was created.

This community provides a place for members to discover fellowship and camaraderie with one another.  This fraternity of Dominants will allow every husDOM™, no matter where they may be on their particular journey, to share and gain valuable knowledge with other members thus enhancing and nurturing their personal growth as a Dominant.

Married Dominance and submission

The community is focused on married Dominance and submission relationships, D/s-M.  There is no requirement that you must be a married couple to join and participate, long term relationship D/s couples are welcome as well.  Furthermore, gender is not a consideration as the community is devoted to the development of the Dominant as a role rather than as a gender.

Our Commitment and What Feeds Us

lk and I have been committed to helping others in the D/s-M lifestyle from the onset of our personal journey.  Since we began, we have devoted much of our time to helping others succeed in their personal journeys into Married Dominance and submission.  Helping others succeed has truly become a passion for the two of us.



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