Scheduling Our Domination and submission Power Exchanges| The Eve

Scheduling Our Domination and submission Power Exchanges

Scheduling Our Domination and submission Power Exchanges

It is the night or eve before our first real exchange of power; our D/s Power Exchange…  (Third scheduled)

As a married couple with children and new to the scene we have found it difficult to transition from everyday life to our roles as Dom/s. Previously we had casually set times to do this. It was very erotic and sexy to talk about it during the day. When the time came, however, there was no simple way to transition into these roles. Ultimately we were just doing vanilla with a twist. Don’t get me wrong, it was incredible vanilla with a twist. In fact, our best sex ever.

A few weeks ago we decided to that we would set dates and times for our power exchange. I would let Kaninchen know what my expectations were going to be for our exchange a few days in advance. She could then prepare herself and be in position ready for me. She would have already psychologically transitioned herself to her role and I would do the same prior to any words spoken. DOMWRITINGPLANSSSPIOPT566,Scheduling Our Domination and submission Power Exchanges


Our first scheduled D/s Power Exchange was set…

I had no idea just how erotic this would become for me. I am ashamed to admit it but as a typical husband, I just haven’t given our sex life that much consideration. Of course our sex was excellent and I absolutely loved our sex life, but like I said, I never really thought much about it. As I began writing my first note to my wife explaining to her how I would like her to get ready for our power exchange, I really began thinking about it, about her. Crazy I know, but I never have given much thought to this in the past. We just sort of made love. It was always great and wonderful but not very romantic or spontaneous. I found myself now thinking details such as where I wanted her to be sitting. What I would like her to wear. How the room should be set up. What I would prepare and how I wanted her to prepare. Writing this note quickly became very exciting to me. In fact, to both of us. Our desire became too much as we neared the day of our power exchange. The night prior to our first scheduled power exchange we ended up making love until very late into the night and early the next morning. It was definitely vanilla with a twist! We woke up in the morning and made love again for approximately fifteen minutes without finishing, before we had to get the kids off to school. When our real life chores were finished we ran back to bed and took a quick nap. When we woke again unable to keep our hands off of one another. Again, all of the anticipation and excitement was too much for us. This ended in the best orgasm ever for my submissive wife. As extremely hot as this time was it was not our planned power exchange. It was, again, vanilla with a twist. HOT!

Our second scheduled D/s Power Exchange…

This meeting didn’t take place at all. As much as we both agree that we should only cancel as a last SUBHANDSSSPIOPT334,Scheduling Our Domination and submission Power Exchanges resort, we had to cancel. Our son became very ill and stayed home from school the entire week

Our third scheduled Dominance and submission Power Exchange…

This is scheduled for tomorrow morning. Again, like each time before writing the note to my submissive wife regarding our exchange was extremely erotic. Actually taking the time to think it through from beginning to end. What I wanted and how I wanted it. What I thought she would want. How to please her! A few days before writing the note I find myself thinking about it throughout the day. After writing the note I can’t stop thinking about her at all. It drives me mad!

We made love last night and this morning. Great vanilla with a twist. I took what I wanted, what I needed from her.

My wife just asked me if I was nervous about our exchange in the morning. I am not. She said that she was though. She said that she is anxious and excited.

My confidence isn’t cockiness or arrogance. Tomorrow I am going to act like a real Dominant for the first time. I am not going to be concerned about me or my pleasure, I am going to be focused on my submissive. I’m going to watch her reactions to my actions. Her breathing. Her moans. Her eyes. Her body. Her hips. Her insides. I am going to learn more about her tomorrow than I probably have learned in our twenty years of marriage.

We have done enough BDSM in our vanilla sex that I have just enough confidence that I can give her pleasure without hurting her. Our communication is also good here as well. We will start lighter than light and build slower than slow.

I am going to go now so that I can review some from my how-to books and review some of the things that I want to say to her and how I want to say them. Yes, even though we have been doing this for a short exciting time I want to review technique. I could ruin it all with one silly mistake.


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Scheduling Our Domination and submission                Power Exchanges

BDSM Power Exchange

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    1. Just Me,

      I have read several D/s how-to books, most unfortunately, I wouldnt recommend. They are probably knock-offs of these time tested popular books.

      SM101: A realistic Introduction – Wiseman, Jay
      The New Topping Book – Easton, Dossie; Hardy, Janet W.


      Mr. Fox

  1. Thank you for sound advice.

    In our marriage, we seem to have two versions. The first and most often used is a version, where I more or less orders my sub to do this or that, and the next minute, we are at it. This is typical for week nights, when the kids have been put to bed and we have a few hours to ourselves in the TV-room. The more seldom used version is one that take some more planning, as I book a hotel room for a couple of days, find a babysitter, bring my tools and lay out a more detailed plan in my head of what we are going to do.
    I would really like to discuss and exchange ideas and experiences on how to evolve our everyday (not everyday though) routines as well as how to evolve my way of thinking when it comes to the 2-3 nights hotel stay. As I am the dominant and initator, I do not expect my sub to take any initiative to theses sessions, so I am a bit by myself and could need some inspirations or basic building blocks to build up a good, safe and varied scenery with elements of surprise and progression.