The Blindfold | The Novice Dom’s Essential Tool

The Blindfold ~

The Novice Dom’s Essential Tool

Beginning a scene, especially as a new husDOM™, can prove to be quite daunting.

The Dominant is looking at his submissive ready to take control of her.  He has given this moment a lot of serious consideration and in his mind he has composed a magnificent scene to be acted out by the two of them with him as the director and her as his pupil.  Her eyes are cast toward the floor out of respect, his own voice sounds foreign to him as he speaks his commands, he is not quite as confident as he thought that he once was.  He can hear in his own voice, the tone of uncertainty, she must recognize it as well.  If she looks at his face she is unquestionably going to recognize his anxiety.  His distress continues to breach his self confidence..

She is patiently waiting as he has instructed her to do…  The Dom that he was just moments before he began is rapidly slipping away, diminishing by the second… The Blindfold | The Novice Dom's Essential Tool

Placed on the leather ottoman beside his submissive is a tray with a few instruments displayed neatly on it.  With sweat beginning to develop on his brow, he reaches down and selects the black leather blindfold.  As she sits on the ottoman, he slowly walks around her until he is facing her, her eyes still cast downward.

“Close your eyes”  he instructs.

He reaches out and runs his fingers through her beautiful long blond hair, his fingers pressing hard on her scalp almost pulling her hair as he slides his fingers from the front of her head all of the way over the top and down her neck.

“Good girl,” he says softly.

He leans in toward her and draws a deep breath through his nostrils,

“I love the way you smell,” he whispers.

Releasing her hair, he causes her chin to drop forward as she was pulling against the resistance of his hand.

He slowly maneuvers the blindfold over her head and covers her eyes.  He can tell by the sharpness of her breath that she is a little startled.

“Breathe,” he says and she begins to calm.

He reaches up and gently takes her chin in his hand and passionately kisses her mouth.  For an instant she doesn’t react.  As her mind begins to measure what is happening to her she reciprocates and begins to kiss him back with voracity.  He pulls away without so much as a whisper.

He steps back quietly and begins to examine her.  She sits perfectly still, she is his submissive.  She derives her pleasure from pleasing him.  Her breathing is deep and purposeful, her mouth is still hung open from the kiss.  She is not afraid.  He reaches out with his index finger and slowly traces across her back from the tip of one shoulder to the other.  He can tell by her expression and her rhythmic breathing that she is enjoying this.

“Now place your hands behind your back for me,” he commands.

She does so without hesitation.

My lk loves to be blindfolded.  The blindfold takes away one of her five senses, sight.  The elimination of one of her senses will heighten or enhance her remaining four senses which can, or in Little Kaninchen’s case, it will be quite arousing.

For a new husDOM™ the blindfold will have a profound effect on him as well.

It will give him a feeling of anonymity.

The blindfold will allow him the opportunity to see her without giving her the opportunity to see him.  He can now step back and look at her, study her without her knowing what he is doing.  He can study her breathing, her expressions, her subtle noises.  After all of those years with my lk I didn’t really know her at all, not like this.  After doing this just a few times I knew her much more intimately, more deeply than all of our years together prior.  It is amazing how much you can learn by watching and paying attention to someone.

The blindfold allows you to lower your guard.

You had the scene planned so well in your mind but it seldom goes exactly as planned.  As you will most likely flounder a bit in the beginning, your submissive will be completely unaware of your difficulties, she is unable to see you.  She won’t be able to tell if you have a worried look on your face or a look of fascination or of complete admiration.  For example, you have already started your scene only to realize that you left your nipple clamps in the toy box in your bedroom closet.

Without her sight inhibited she would see you walk over to the closet and know exactly what you were doing and realize that it was a faux pas.  With her senses degraded she will only be able to hear you move around without knowing what you are actually doing.  Her anticipation will begin to grow rapidly as she waits for your next command.  Her adrenaline will increase along with her heart rate. She will become more aroused as she waits with anticipation.

All of this from a simple blindfold…

I recommend introducing only one new item into your repertoire at a time.  If all goes well during this scene consider adding some music during the next scene.  The blindfold inhibits one of her senses while the music will degrade one of her remaining four senses.  Your choice and volume of the music will also add to the ambience.

The Blindfold | The Novice Dom’s Essential Tool

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