Dominant’s Title | submissive Respect | “Sir, may I call you Sir?”

BDSM D/s Scene

Dominant’s Title “Sir, may I call you Sir?”

I resisted any attempt for Little Kaninchen to call me Sir.  She wanted to use this title almost immediately into our D/s journey.  “Sir” had the inference of being chauvinistic and because of that the term made me uncomfortable.  I, like every other man that I know, have been raised to respect woman.  Equality, I see myself equal with everyone, not just women.  I find titles to be a bit narcissistic at best.  I have a career where I have a title and I almost never use it even though the company prefers us to introduce ourselves with our titles.

Integrity, Character, Merit and Values

I am simply me…  I stand on my integrity, character, merit and my values.  People know who I am and what I do, particularly by how I dress while I am at work…  Why would I use my title?  It is obvious…


Dominant's Title | submissive Respect | "Sir, may I call you Sir?" I believe titles give some people a feeling of importance, a feeling of being superior to others.  That is exactly why I don’t like titles, one’s job or title does not make them superior, it’s one’s character that we should be impressed with.

Back to my dilemma regarding lk referring to me as Sir… I am certainly not superior to my submissive wife, not in any way.  I am her Dominant because she allows me to be her Dominant.  Dominance does not make me superior; she has given me the power that I possess.  In a Dominant/submissive relationship that is how it works.

I strive everyday to earn her submission.

It has taken me some time to realize that by permitting her to call me Sir, I am allowing her to express her respect towards me.  That’s it!  My little kaninchen desires to please me.  Pleasing me feeds her submissiveness and makes her feel good about herself.  This one simple word gives her a conduit to display her desire to please me.

In the beginning of our journey, I told LK that I was uncomfortable with such a title but if it pleased her she could use it and I would try to accept it.  In a very short amount of time I have not only accepted it, I have learned to really relish the sentiment.

Please lk, call me Sir!

D/s Title ‘Sir’

Dominant’s Title | submissive Respect | “Sir, may I call you Sir?”

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