1. Mr. B 6 years ago

    Mr. Fox,

    Very nice and to the point! Thanks for the post!

    Take Care!

    Mr. B

  2. Loving Liege 6 years ago

    Mr. Fox,

    As I continue on my quest to create a stable environment for my darling girl, I have heard many times that texting your sub is very comforting. It lets them know that although you are physically separated you are thinking of her and by communicating directions or sexting she can feel comforted knowing she’s still in your control.

    So although the sext is erotically charged it serves a much needed purpose as well.


    • Author

      Loving Liege,

      I concur with you that texting comforts your submissive and demonstrates your control of her. And to even break it down to a more basic level when you text your submissive your action expresses that you are thinking about her and that she and the D/s-M relationship are important to you.

      Great observation!

      Mr Fox

  3. little kaninchen 6 years ago

    Need a LOVE button…..


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