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Many of you may have noticed that over time I have significantly reduced writing about the personal interactions between my Little Kaninchen and myself.  The purpose of my website and sharing what I share is to help other husbands transition into becoming husDOMs.  I do not want to write about our personal relationship as entertainment for the world to read.  I am, however, willing to share it to help others along their own personal journeys.  Through mentoring others, I have the belief that if they could only see in more detail exactly how I interact with my LK that they could get their footing more easily and begin to move forward while figuring out how to make it there own.COUPLEHIGHCLASSSSPIOPT262

Another significant consideration was that if I were to write something and publish it to the world, there was a good chance that their submissive had read it as well.  This would leave the Dominant feeling as though he couldn’t use any of my material because his submissive would believe it to be not original, the submissive would simply think that her Dominant was copying Mr Fox.

These along with many other reasons have driven me toward a membership website.  What is written below is an example of what will be revealed to the husDOM level members.

***************************************Dominant Commands************************************************

My phone vibrates on top of my suitcase, I instinctually know who the message is from and what it says.  I stand up and tuck my phone into my pocket and place my iPad in the front pocket of my flight bag.  I donCOUPLETRIPHOTELSSPI2OPT474 my suit jacket and make my way toward the exit.

As I exit the terminal I find my LK parked directly in front of the door, she releases the trunk lid from the drivers side of the car and remains in the car.  I slide both of my bags into the trunk and carefully lay my jacket across the two bags and make my way to the drivers side door.  As I open the door LK steps out of the car.  She has taken great care to follow my instructions carefully.

Little Kaninchen’s blonde hair is a perfect contrast to the black dress that she has on.  I notice that she has taken great care to color her lips as I had requested.  She is wearing a sexy black dress that is unbuttoned at the top a button or two lower than she may normally wear it.  I can not help but notice the top of her breasts as she stands before me.  Right in the center of those perfect breasts lay one of her day collars.  She has two day collars and the length of this particular collar is adjustable allowing her the ability to draw your attention to wherever she likes.  Below her short dress she is wearing high heel black boots with black knit stockings.  We embrace and I walk her over to the passenger side door and open it for her.  After she gets into the car I carefully close the door for her.

It drives me wild how her breasts appear to be exposed for the world to see yet I really cant get a good view of them.  No sooner than we pull out of the terminal  I reach over and slide my hand inside the top of her dress caressing and massaging her breasts.  When I am finished with her breasts I reach for her hand and we interlock our fingers.  I draw her hand up to my face and investigate her fingernails.  LK went and had her nails done that morning and I had instructed her to choose a particular color.  

“Is this the correct color LK?”

“Yes Sir!”

“We will see when we get home LK but they are beautiful non the less.”

Before going home Little Kaninchen and I go out for dinner…

In our bedroom I set my suitcase and flight case in their appropriate places and place my jacket, tie and ID on the valet.

I walk over to LK and embrace her and kiss her passionately on her mouth.   Taking a full step back from her I say,

“Turn around for me LK, slowly”

I sit down on the edge of our leather tufted ottoman and watch Little Kaninchen as she slowly turns around for me.  She turns around until she is facing me once again.

“Lift your dress up!”

Little Kaninchen slowly inches her dress up.  She inches one side up about and inch and then the other side, inch by inch until her dress was above her waist.  The sight of my LK standing there in her black dress, pulled up past her waist, high heel black leather boots, black thigh highs and black lace panties was breath taking.

“Turn around for me again LK.”

Little Kaninchen begins to slowly turn around for me again.  As LK is facing away from me I tell her to stop!

“Stop! right there.”

“Take off your dress LK!”

Little Kaninchen slowly and methodically slips herself out of her tiny black dress, folds it neatly in her hands and lays it on the night stand.

“Bend over.”

Little Kaninchen bends over without bending her legs allowing me a perfect unobstructed view of everything she has to offer.

“Good Girl!”

“Stand up now LK.”

LK stands up as I instructed her to do and I stood up as well.  I walked over to her and began to lightly rub my Little Kaninchen’s ass.

“You look amazing this evening LK. “

I continue to run my hands all over LK and squeeze her ass.  I place my left hand across the front of LK’s neck and hold her firm as I continue to run my right hand all over her back, ass and thighs, massaging and squeezing as I work my way around.

“Thank you for doing as I have asked.”

“Your uninhibited obedience will please me this evening.”

“Yes Sir.” Little Kaninchen responds

“Spread you legs for me!”

I now run my right hand all over her body including between her legs.  I am not rubbing her in her sweet spot hard enough that she can derive any pleasure from it.  Instead it is driving her crazy as my touch is light and soft.  I only allow myself a few seconds and a few precious strokes between her legs while continuing to caress her entire body.  I administer a few swift spankings in between the caressing and the massaging.  Just enough spanking to add a bright pink hue to her skin.

When I come home from a trip there are certain expectations or rules that are in place.  Typically, I will give LK a set of instructions that I expect her to accomplish for my particular arrival.  These instructions are not rules but rather things that would please me, and also things that I expect when I get home from this specific trip.

I step away from LK and once again take a seat on the ottoman.

“Without moving your feet lean forward and lay across the edge of the bed for me.”

Kaninchen slowly lowers herself onto the bed and lays perfectly still awaiting my next command.

“You have an amazing body LK.”

“Remove your panties for me.”

LK reaches back and inches her black lace T-strap panties off as I had commanded.  I stand up and walk over to her again this time rubbing her skin and massaging her back and once again administering random spankings to her beautiful ass.

“Reach back with both hands and spread yourself open for me.”


LK slowly reaches to her sides an places each hand on its corresponding ass cheek and spreads her self open exposing herself completely to my viewing.

“You look incredible!”

“Now take your right hand and reach between your legs and let me see how well you matched the color of your fingernail polish.”

I step back and stop rubbing and massaging her while I make it evident that I am inspecting her color choice.

“The color matches your pussy perfectly LK.”

“Now rub yourself softly for me.  Do not rub your clit, rub all around it.”

“Do not stop.”

I then walked away to retrieve a few toys and a blindfold…




Dominant Commands

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  1. Mr. Fox,

    Wow! That’s all I can say! Very nice post! I always forget about the blindfold..thanks for the reminder!

    Thanks again for the great post! Looking forward to the chat tonight!

    Take care!

    Mr. B

    1. Mr. B,

      This is all before any penetration, NO sex yet!

      These posts will offer others a glimpse into our personal dynamic. This is factual and exactly what transpired last night when I arrived home from my trip. No two dynamics are alike and I am sure that if either of us were in another relationship there would be subtle differences in comparison to what you will read here.

      No one should use my experiences that I share here as a road map or an absolute how-to but they may consider them more like a field guide or an example of an everyday D/s-M couple.

      I do hope that this type of post is helpful for others along their journey.

      Best wishes,

      Mr Fox

  2. I’ve started to read these because my gf/fiancé wants a Dom/sub relationship. I love these posts they’ve really helped me figure out what my slave sub wants. I was wondering though are the pictures on here of your wife? because the woman in these is very sexy.

    1. Wolfie,

      I am delighted that you have found your way to my website. I am also hopeful that you glean more useful information from our community.

      No, none of the pictures on my website are of my Little Kaninchen. The pictures on my website are just reposted from various places on the internet. And yes, they are beautiful!

      Kindest regards,

      Mr Fox

  3. Exceptional work Mr. Fox. I tip my hat to you Sir. Drawing out the crescendo to a finale your sub cannot predict, is indeed what I call the depriving mind-fuck; something I’ve discovered drives her desire and mind insane. And sometimes — infrequently — there will be NO PENETRATION, or merely slight teasing penetration until much, much later in the evening. And then very infrequently none until the next evening. The deprivation for her can truly test her, yes, but once she learns the ultimate end & flight, the frustration mounts but she gladly consents…which ironically is exactly what we Doms/Tops enjoy most.

    Wonderful post Sir. Many thanks.

    1. Professor Taboo,

      I am elated that you enjoyed reading this post. I must admit that I certainly enjoyed living the moment with my Little Kaninchen and I am confident that she enjoyed it as well.

      It is always a pleasure when you stop by and leave commentary on the blog.

      Best wishes,

      Mr. Fox

  4. Great blog Mr Fox……. It is very helpful to read and understand the differences between rules for a sub and instructions that would please her Sir. Once again thanks for the help.

    1. Mr Bobcat,

      I am delighted that you gleaned something useful from the recount of my story!

      Thank you for your comment,

      Mr Fox

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