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Remove Your Panties for Me, Yes, Right Now!

It is Thursday already!

I am going to begin this series of posts with one final disclaimer…

Not everyone will have the same circumstances as myself and may not be able to, or desire to, duplicate my actions. My examples are just that, examples. Take what you can from them and use it, discard what doesn’t apply. It may be that you can not find anything to take from my example, that is alright as well. If that is the case just remember the purpose for the Thoughtful Thursday post’s and do something to demonstrate to your submissive that you are in-fact, the Dominant while thinking of her and her submission. submissive Training, Give Me Your Panties,

This series of posts is going to begin with fundamental suggestions and ideas. Wherever you are on your journey you should be able to participate without much difficulty.

Sometime in the following week request from your submissive that she proceed to the restroom, wherever she may be, and remove her panties for you.

You clearly have a lot of control over your request, for example, when and where, so be thoughtful of your request. You should have a good idea of your submissive’s schedule and can plan this request accordingly as to your own personal journey. For those husDoms and submissives that are new to this type of lifestyle just making this simple request of her while she in the comfort of her own home may seem risqué. For others, you can choose a setting that could enhance the level of difficulty, therefore, increasing the level of excitement. Use your best judgement.

My philosophy for such a request is the element of spontaneity.

Mr. Fox

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