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Remove Your Panties for Me, Yes, Right Now!

It is Thursday already!

I am going to begin this series of posts with one final disclaimer…

Not everyone will have the same circumstances as myself and may not be able to, or desire to, duplicate my actions. My examples are just that, examples. Take what you can from them and use it, discard what doesn’t apply. It may be that you can not find anything to take from my example, that is alright as well. If that is the case just remember the purpose for the Thoughtful Thursday post’s and do something to demonstrate to your submissive that you are in-fact, the Dominant while thinking of her and her submission. submissive Training, Give Me Your Panties,

This series of posts is going to begin with fundamental suggestions and ideas. Wherever you are on your journey you should be able to participate without much difficulty.

Sometime in the following week request from your submissive that she proceed to the restroom, wherever she may be, and remove her panties for you.

You clearly have a lot of control over your request, for example, when and where, so be thoughtful of your request. You should have a good idea of your submissive’s schedule and can plan this request accordingly as to your own personal journey. For those husDoms and submissives that are new to this type of lifestyle just making this simple request of her while she in the comfort of her own home may seem risqué. For others, you can choose a setting that could enhance the level of difficulty, therefore, increasing the level of excitement. Use your best judgement.

My philosophy for such a request is the element of spontaneity.

Mr. Fox

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  1. Tapu 6 years ago


    This is good idea. I also think that doing so is a real way to show her who is in charge here. Also it becoming more powerful because it is done not in dedicated play time.

    I`m looking forward your next post on this topic.

    • Author


      I absolutely agree that this is a wonderful display of who is in charge. There are several key benefits from this type of task. I elected not to list the benefits individually during my first post due to this new category being a weekly posting.

      You, however, understand the purpose and the need for such a task. This is illustrated by your recognition of a key benefit.

      Thank you for your insightful comment this morning.


      Mr. Fox

  2. cailinfire 6 years ago

    Thank you for this post series! Sent to my Sir. He does this…frequently already! Even though I’m not fond of going out pantiless….I LOVE the power statement it makes…that he has over me! I don’t know if he is following you or not…so I just forward to him

    Wanted to let you know….I don’t see a “like” button anywhere…if you’re still having site issues

    • Author

      Calin Fire,

      Welcome back!

      I’m going to begin blogging again…

      You should ask about LK’s pantiless day today. It wasn’t quite in tune with my post. She had that task yesterday prior to the post being published.

      Thank you for your comment,

      Mr. Fox

  3. DOM_Fred 6 years ago

    I have practiced this very thing with My Sweet and it is very powerful. The look in her eyes and expression on her face lets me know that it caught her off guard but excited her as well.

    I have personally have done this task twice. Once in the car on the freeway and once in a fancy restaurant. And both times were received with great pleasure from me. One more element that I would like to add is that when I gave the instruction to do so I also added that she was to give them to me for me hold on to. This reassures her that I’m understanding the element that I’ve put her into and also reassures the sub that the DOM is in control and they are in a safe place.

    • Author

      DOM Fred,

      It seems as though I just sent you an email…. Wait a minute, I did…

      Great point regarding having her give you possession of her panties. I have done this often with my LK and it is standard protocol for her to give me her panties afterwards. I completely failed to mention it.

      Thank you for your addition…

      Mr. Fox

  4. Elizabeth 6 years ago

    Thank you this new regular Thursday series. I sent this to my Sir, as the headline made me want to do it right away. 😉 I figured I should wait for Him to give me the command.

    • Author


      Yes, please wait for your Sir to give you the order if he so desires.

      I didn’t realize just how long I had been away from my blog. I have several other things in mind coming soon I hope.


      Mr. Fox

  5. RV 6 years ago

    Thank you for the Thoughtful Thursday post! I look forward to making the request as I am sure my Sweetness will!!

    • Author


      I would love to hear about your weekend… Whenever you get a chance…

      I don’t need details, a simple thumbs up or thumbs down would be plenty…

      Best wishes,

      Mr. Fox

  6. Sirslittlebutterfly 6 years ago

    Great post…don’t think my Sir follows so I will forward it to him, to read if he would like to.

    Thank you for doing these Thoughtful Thursday Posts!!!

  7. Anastasia 6 years ago

    Dear Mr. Fox,
    Thank you so very much for developing this blog site. You have provided us gals the opportunity to have our male partners, Masters, Sirs and Daddys enlightened by your guidance and or suggestions.

  8. Subrina 6 years ago

    Hi Mr. Fox!

    WOW this is really HOT I have sent hubby your site and he has signed up to follow Thursdays. Thank you so much for sharing your journey.

    Subrina <3

    Oh and welcome back….we've missed you!

    • Author


      It is so good to hear from you again. I hope this post finds you well.

      I am elated that your husband has signed up to receive my posts, hopefully a few more will follow suit.

      My intentions are to really begin revealing more of my real Dom persona in order to give others an opportunity to see how I actually do the very things that I suggest within our daily routine.

      And finally, thank you, it is nice to be back…


      Mr. Fox

      • Sirslittlebutterfly 6 years ago

        Dear Mr. Fox,

        Can I just say how excited I am for the path you will be taking on your blog, by giving specific examples/instructions on how to do a certain task.

        I can tell you that, that method works, from the instructions/guidance you gave my sister’s (Sweetness) Sir for their anniversary weekend, she was thrilled with the outcome, even texting me throughout the day before they left, telling me things he was having her do, she was giddy with delight.

        I happen to know they had a great weekend, from my Sister’s point if view.

        I think there will be a lot of happy submissives out there and because of their happiness I am sure their Doms will be happy too!!!

        Thank you,

        • Author


          I would love to take credit for all of the wonderful things that took place that weekend but her Sir and I just exchanged a few emails. Whatever it was that made their anniversary weekend so successful was due to his efforts and not mine.

          I do appreciate all of the accolades however!

          Best wishes,

          Mr. Fox

  9. coach2dom 6 years ago

    I like this idea and will be trying it out real soon. Good post as always.

    • Author


      I guarantee that she will love it!

      She wants to serve you and asking her to do simple tasks give her an avenue to demonstrate her submission. In other words, it will mean a lot to her. And by doing sexy things like having her wear no panties make this particular task fun and sexy.

      Best wishes,

      Mr. Fox

  10. ichi 6 years ago

    Sometimes it’s the little things that make everything special, thanks for the reminder. 🙂 I am already planning the adventure along with everyone else – Thoughtful Thursday was a success.

    • Author


      Your astute observation regarding the “little things, is key. I am gong to take the liberty of editing it just a bit, so I hope that you don’t mind.

      Let’s remove the word, “Sometimes”.

      ” It’s the little things that make everything special.”

      That statement is the premise behind the post. And like most things in any relationship, it requires very little from the giver and it means so much to the receiver.

      Thank you for emphasizing this important element.


      Mr. Fox

  11. shygirl 6 years ago

    My Husband/Sir doesn’t follow, but I pass along your posts. Thank you for all the great thoughts and ideas…we both appreciate it!

    • Author

      Shy Girl,

      Thank you for passing my post along.

      It should be easy enough to implement and there is real benefit from performing such simple tasks.

      Ask you husband to post a reply and let us know when and where he asked.

      Best wishes,

      Mr. Fox

  12. Cherrie Woods 6 years ago

    Dear Mr Fox,

    My Sir requested this of me in I believe our first week of our bdsm lifestyle. The shift was huge we went from having lunch to walking to the car he required me to go to and remove my panties and give them to him. While I was doing the request my heart raced and fought with myself trying to come to terms. I did however do it and to my shock he smelled them, far out it was hot. Not something I want to always do but yes it shifts power. Then the breeze reminded me he was in controlled … great post, it works.

    • Author

      Cherrie Woods,

      Welcome Aboard!

      Thank you for your comment. I believe that with the Dominants and submissive’s sharing their personal experiences regarding this post it may help newcomers realize the impact of such a simple task.


      Mr. Fox

  13. Dominic 6 years ago

    Thank I’m going to try this


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