Feed Your Submissive | Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursdays are my reminder to you to nourish and feed your submissive (D/s Circle).

Submissive’s need to know that they are desired and constantly on our Dominant minds.  Day-to-day, real life D/s relationships are not like what you have read about in some fictional book, they are challenging and filled with vanilla everyday issues.  As Dominants we may be studying, fantasizing and planning our next encounter with our submissive throughout the entire day but have little time or opportunity to consistently exhibit our efforts. D:S-COUPLESSPIOPT189

Feeding your submissive is not as difficult or cumbersome as you may initially envision.  You can consistently nourish her in 60 seconds or less.  The difficulty presents itself when you need to remember that she needs fed.

I use technology to help remind myself to feed my LK.

There are several different applications and devices that you can utilize, I am going to share with you what I personally use.

Feed your SubmissiveI have an iPhone and on my iPhone is an app called “Reminders”.  This particular app was preloaded on my phone from apple, nothing special.  This app allows me to set up reminders daily, weekly or annually, and to have these reminders repeat.  Most of my reminders are triggered on a weekly basis and set to repeat every week.  This app also allows me to set up a reminder at a particular location which may be useful for Dominants that frequent the same places regularly, work for example.

I can enable reminders within my calendar program and also my email client.  There are a multitude of resources out there for you to choose from.

You can see by my picture that I will receive a reminder tomorrow morning at 0700 regarding sext’ing my LK a hot message.  It will most likely be short and sweet and yet provide her with the nourishment that she requires.  Remember that your submissive needs to be fed in order for her to be able to continue to feed your Dominance and that it is your responsibility and yours alone to nourish your submissive.




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