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D/s Mind Fuck

A major component in a married D/s-M relationship is the mind fuck aspect.  I have yet to write a post regarding mind fuck itself; there can be many different expressions regarding mind fuck.  I am merely going to grace the surface of a D/s mind fuck in this post.

I have been on the road for five days now and will be flying home tomorrow for another short three day turn.  As you can imagine, My Little Kaninchen will be excited to see me.

I am going to send my LK one of my letters tonight inviting her to a scene with me on Friday morning.  I have written a little regarding these letters in previous posts, they give instructions and my expectations of her for the morning of our scene.  Little Kaninchen never knows when I am going to write one of these letters and when I am going to actually conduct a scene.  I can only imagine her absolute excitement when she receives my invitation tonight.

The build…  A little D/s mind fuck…

I began Friday’s scene yesterday and LK doesnt even realize it.

I will sometimes give my LK a chore to complete with a time limit attached.  Since LK isn’t a service submissive when I say “chore” I mean that she has a time limit to accomplish something sexual.

Whenever I give her a time limit to accomplish one of these chores for me, the time constraint is often completely unrealistic, I may not want her to reach her goal.  This is a powerful mind fuck whether you are standing over top of her and about to take her or you are a thousand miles away, which I happen to be tonight.  The submissive’s mind is completely focused on the goal, her pleasure that you have been denying her and that she desperately desires.  She will be working so hard to accomplish her goal that she will not even realize how unrealistic the situation really is.

I know that LK was particularly worked up last night from both my long absence and the book that she is reading for her book club.

A little past noon I sent LK a text that said…ANALPLUGSSPIOPT728

“Put your small plug in…

Send a picture to me…

Do not touch yourself afterwards…

You may use your wand for 2 minutes to help get the plug in…”


A few minutes later I was pleased when I received a POV picture from behind as per my request.

Two minutes after that I received a picture of the toys mentioned and her G-Spot vibrator, with her glistening juices all over it, placed neatly on a towel and this comment accompanying the picture;

“For you Sir!”

I couldn’t believe it…  What was this?  The intention of the two minute limitation was to build a desire, a substantial desire within her.  I wanted to create a craving so intense that she wouldn’t sleep for the two days until I got home, instead she knocked the edge off.

My intention was to begin to create the need to be reset within her.  I am sure that she is on the edge of spiraling already and needing to be reset, I was going to push her closer to the edge.  This would have intensified Friday’s scene as she began to unravel in front of me.  Ironically, LK just wrote a post yesterday, “Coming Undone”, that post explains the spiral that I mention pretty well.Mind Fuck

Little Kaninchen most likely believes that yesterday was just some random activity meant to entertain myself but when I give specific instructions to perform a function like this there is always a premeditated objective.

Three days prior to our scene I began the ground work to create an insatiable hunger within her.  Unfortunately for me, she realized that deeply needed release that she so badly yearned for.  Now with just two days until our scene I am going to change my tactic from having her on the edge to creating a submissive mindset.

In my letter tonight LK is going to be instructed to review the original text of my request.  I only gave her permission to use her small plug and her wand for two minutes.  The instructions stated that the wand was to be used to help her get the plug in, not to take one of my O’s.  Little Kaninchen used her medium sized plug, the wand and her g-spot vibrator.  I am going to ask her if she was following my instructions to please me or if she was using this opportunity to please herself, as she so eagerly needed the release.

Little Kaninchen is not permitted to touch herself or to take one of my O’s without permission.

Taking My ‘O’

She will be punished for taking my O without permission and for using the G-spot vibrator for her own pleasure without my permission.

The realization of disappointing me due to the greediness of her own pleasure will also put her in the mindset of pleasing me, a submissive mindset.

I am not punishing her to create the submissive mindset.  The punishment that she will receive is for her non-compliance of my rules.  Since she is already going to have a submissive mindset I may as well capitalize on the opportunity and create a deeper submissive mindset.  You will see how I plan on doing this in my next post.

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