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In today’s episode, I’m going to talk about A DOMINANT’S PERSPECTIVE Perspective in life in general and perspective in your Married Dominance and submission relationship (D/s M). 

This morning, I was chatting with Fade, Fade is a member in the Fox’s Den.  I really enjoy the camaraderie of the other Dominants and the conversations that take place there.  It really helps me personally in my growth as a person and a leader in all aspects of my life.

 In an effort to begin a conversation with Fade, I began to make small talk by asking him how he was doing today and his response was a small reflection into his character as a person, and as a man.

Join me today as I talk about how a positive perspective, or a positive attitude is one of the most important attributes for any great leader or Dominant to possess.

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Fox’s Den: https://husdom.com

Donald Miller – https://www.amazon.com/kindle-dbs/entity/author/B001H6Q2QC?_encoding=UTF8&offset=0&pageSize=12&searchAlias=stripbooks&sort=author-sidecar-rank&page=2&langFilter=default#formatSelectorHeader

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  • Mr Fox 


Mr Fox   00:34

Welcome everybody. This is Mr. Fox and you are listening to the husDOM Dominant Leader Podcast. In today’s episode I’m going to talk about perspective, perspective in life in general and perspective in your Married Dominance and submission relationship. This morning, I was chatting with Fade, Fade as a member in the Foxe’s Den. I really enjoy the camaraderie of the other Dominants and the conversations that take place in that Fox’s Den. It really helps me personally in my growth as a person as a leader in all aspects of my life. In an effort to begin a conversation with Fade this morning, I began to make some small talk by asking how he was doing. And his response was a small reflection into his character as a person, and as a man. Join me today as I talk about how a positive perspective or a positive attitude is one of the most important attributes for any great leader, or Dominant to possess.

Mr Fox   01:41

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Mr Fox   02:25

All right, let’s get to today’s topic, perspective. So Today is Valentine’s Day, I thought this quote was appropriate. We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses by Abraham Lincoln. 

Mr Fox   02:42

What a powerful quote by one of the most powerful leaders in history. This morning when I was talking with Fade, and I asked him if he was well, his response was, luckily, being well tends to be a matter of perspective. What an incredible perspective he has. Think about that for a minute. Today’s episode isn’t about Fade has nothing to do with fades current situation, or any of the challenges that he faces right now. We all have our own set of challenges and our own circumstances in our own lives, including myself. Today’s topic rather, or this episode is about Fades perspective and positivity during challenging times.  His positivity is not a false hope, or a dream, or some kind of denial, instead its another way to look at the things going on in his life that are completely out of his control, his knowing that this moment in his life is temporary. It’s a disruption. And if dealt with properly by him, this could turn out to be a great opportunity for him and his family. I believe this to be true as well. I mentioned to Fade this morning, that this is an opportunity for him to level up. 

Mr Fox   03:52

It’s human nature to take the path of least resistance. And that isn’t all bad. For example, I wouldn’t mow my grass with one of those old time, you know, multi blade non powered push lawn mowers, right just for the challenge of it. And for anybody that doesn’t know I have 10 acres. So I am going to use my diesel 72 inch wide cut Kubota tractor to mow it. Right. So we have to take things into perspective like don’t just always make it more difficult on yourself. That’s not what I’m talking about today. There are certain things where it makes sense for us to find a better way to do it. 

Mr Fox   04:29

Here is a quote by the author Donald Miller. I think it’s pretty powerful. “Humans are designed to seek comfort and order. And so if they have comfort and order, they tend to plant themselves even if their comfort isn’t all that comfortable. And even if they secretly want to be something better.”

Mr Fox   04:49

Humans tend to seek out comfort in order. Comfort puts us in a mindset that everything is good enough that everything is fine. Order is the opposite of chaos. So it reaffirms that we are safe, that we are comfortable, and that we don’t need anything else. As humans, we fall into this trap all the time. And then we wonder why we never live up to our potential as a person, when we know that we are capable of so much more in life. Fade is being pushed right now, tested. He’s being pushed out of his comfort zone. And our conversation this morning Fade wasn’t fearful of failure, or not being able to succeed, or anything like that. Instead, Fade was looking to level up. He viewed this as an opportunity, a thorn bush with roses. 

Mr Fox   05:36

We are all human beings, after all. So we will all fall into this trap from time to time. Is there something in your life right now, something that you may be looking at with negativity, something that may be able to be seen or viewed from a different perspective? Where is the opportunity in your current challenge or struggle? How can you learn from it? Whereas in this case with Fade, how can you level up from your current situation and create more for yourself? 

Mr Fox   06:07

In summary, I will go back to Donald Miller’s quote, and how I have connected it to something that lk and I were talking about during lunch, lk was telling me about one of her plants in the dining room about how she had seen a plant just like it the other day, placed in a larger pot, and how much larger the other plant was compared to ours. She believes that if she replants her plant in a larger pot as well, that it too could grow to its full potential. Don’t become comfortable in your current situation, find a larger pot, one that will enable you to grow.

Mr Fox   06:43

The husDOM Dominant Challenge this week is to ask yourself these tough questions or questions that are specific to you and your journey. Is there more that you can be doing at work at home? Or in your Dominance and submission relationship that could help you grow.  Something to push you in your life to new heights? Or are you planted in the comfort in the order of your life? What can you do this week to begin to challenge yourself to push yourself to lift up those roots that may have been planted in the areas of your life that you have convinced yourself are good enough. This Dominant Challenge will be posted again this week in the husDOM Challenge discussion group. And I encourage each and every one of you to post what aspects in your life that you’re going to uproot and begin to reach for more. 

Mr Fox   07:37

As we wrap up this episode of husDOM, I just want to remind you to please pay it forward by subscribing to the podcast, giving us a five star rating, and most importantly, leaving us positive feedback. All right, gentlemen, this ends this episode of husDOM Dominant Leader. Thanks for joining me and I look forward to talking to you again next week.

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