Little Kaninchen,

I will FaceTime you this evening at 8:00 p.m. and would like to conduct downtime.

It would please me if you were ready for my call.

Please change now into fresh thong panties and a robe, nothing else.

When I call I would like for you to place your ipad on the back of my chair overlooking the leather ottoman.  Use the pillows to configure the ipad for a proper angle as you usually do.

Spread your fur hide on the ottoman prior to my call.SUBASSUPSSPIOPT789

When I call I am going to ask you to disrobe and climb up on your hide facing the opposite chair.  I want you to assume the Present Ass position with your knees sightly spread and your elbows and face on the ottoman.

After your inspection I will have you kneel at my chair as we normally do and conduct our downtime.

With loving Dominance,

Mr Fox


slave position

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  1. Mr. P 6 years ago

    Ok, wondering if we are the proud recipient’s of a private text/email meant only for your LK. Either way very hot. I like this “Present Ass” position and will use this in the future!
    Another great post Mr. Fox!

  2. Mr. B 6 years ago

    Mr. Fox,
    Thanks for yet another great post! This is actually one of my favorite positions for my Sweetness! I never knew that it had a name! Lol! Now I can call it what it is! And definitely will continue to use it!
    Thanks again for the post!
    Take care!
    Mr. B

  3. Buck/AMB 6 years ago

    Great post Mr. Fox.

    Wench and I use numerous positions to help her get into the proper mindset sometimes. Enjoy your downtime.


  4. DocDom 6 years ago

    Really great post… The ideas just keep coming to me now.

  5. Sirofmoecha 6 years ago

    My Sub and I are just over one week new to this lifestyle. Completely amazing ! Love reading and learning from you.

    Moechamor ‘ s Sir

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