Feed Your Submissive | Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursdays are my reminder to you to nourish and feed your submissive (D/s Circle).

Submissive’s need to know that they are desired and constantly on our Dominant minds.  Day-to-day, real life D/s relationships are not like what you have read about in some fictional book, they are challenging and filled with vanilla everyday issues.  As Dominants we may be studying, fantasizing and planning our next encounter with our submissive throughout the entire day but have little time or opportunity to consistently exhibit our efforts. D:S-COUPLESSPIOPT189

Feeding your submissive is not as difficult or cumbersome as you may initially envision.  You can consistently nourish her in 60 seconds or less.  The difficulty presents itself when you need to remember that she needs fed.

I use technology to help remind myself to feed my LK.

There are several different applications and devices that you can utilize, I am going to share with you what I personally use.

Feed your SubmissiveI have an iPhone and on my iPhone is an app called “Reminders”.  This particular app was preloaded on my phone from apple, nothing special.  This app allows me to set up reminders daily, weekly or annually, and to have these reminders repeat.  Most of my reminders are triggered on a weekly basis and set to repeat every week.  This app also allows me to set up a reminder at a particular location which may be useful for Dominants that frequent the same places regularly, work for example.

I can enable reminders within my calendar program and also my email client.  There are a multitude of resources out there for you to choose from.

You can see by my picture that I will receive a reminder tomorrow morning at 0700 regarding sext’ing my LK a hot message.  It will most likely be short and sweet and yet provide her with the nourishment that she requires.  Remember that your submissive needs to be fed in order for her to be able to continue to feed your Dominance and that it is your responsibility and yours alone to nourish your submissive.




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    1. Masutaokami,

      Welcome aboard!

      My thoughtful Thursday post is a bit elementary but it is the details that will make or break this type of relationship. Consistency is key in any relationship!

      It may not be what you do… but rather that you did do something that she remembers…

      Kind regards,

      Mr Fox

  1. Your post on this subject could not have come at a better time. My darling and I have just had a bunch of vanilla life interfere with our D/s relationship. Christmas and her having some health issues caused me to let things slide. What I thought was the right thing to do turned out to be very painful for her and left her feeling less than desirable. Our dynamic has become a DD/lg relationship as well as D/s. My little girl was hurting and feeling ill. I felt compelled to take perfect care of her. In doing so, I forgot that she still needed her Sir to be a strong and sexual Dom. In the end not only did she feel ill she felt as though I had lost my desire for her. When in reality I just wanted her to feel better so that I might use her beautiful body in all of the ways she loves me to. I have come to understand that there is a lot of work that has to be done in order to be sure that ALL of My darlings needs are met.

    Thank you Mr. Fox for your post. Once again, excellent advise. It is nice to have you back.

    1. My Darlings Sir,

      The holidays tend to create many challenges for us D/s couples within the vanilla world. I sure hope that her health issues were not serious and that she has made a speedy and full recovery.

      Many times we want to relax some of our protocols in order to be more flexible when life presents challenges to us. This is fine and often appropriate…

      However, you must always feed your submissive no matter what life is throwing at you.

      I enjoy learning about others that are not exactly the same as LK and myself. It is wonderful to see other couples discover their own dynamics and what works for them. I am especially grateful that you are willing to share your experiences with the rest of my readers.

      We, including myself, can all learn from your short holiday synopsis.

      No promises but I am going to exert a real effort this year to continue posting regarding my journey and to go back to the beginning or my journey and fill in the missing pieces.

      Wishing you the best and a Happy New Year!

      Mr Fox

  2. Thanks for your posts HusDom. As a new dom I find them extremely helpful.

    1. New Dom,

      Thank you for the accolades…

      I appreciate your support and I am elated that you find them helpful!

      Best Wishes,

      Mr Fox

  3. Thank you for giving the Dom’s perspective. I sent a link to your blog to my Sir.
    He’s the perfect Sir for me but I think he’s all alone in his role in our journey. I speak to other subs online and via text, he doesn’t. I think your blog would be a nice support for him. Again, thank you! Thea

    1. Thea,

      Welcome Aboard!

      I understand your husbands situation… Many of us Dominants are in the same place or have been in the same place as your Sir.

      I would be honored to talk directly with your Sir as well, if he would feel so inclined…


      Kindest regards and Happy New Year!

      Mr Fox

      I would be remiss if I did not mention my Little Kaninchen’s website and submissive community. She has done an outstanding job in creating a community for submissives to find support from others.


  4. Hi! Just checking in and catching up. This is such a good reminder, and is at least one of the things DH has stepped up to do with almost daily regularity. It means so much to me to get a text from him, but the naughty and suggestive ones are the best! What do you say about the sub initiating a text? There have been some days he hasn’t sent one, and I miss it… and I will text him something naughty and sweet.

    You may also have written to this point in blogs, but recently I have asked my DH to whisper in my ear (often in a public setting) what yummy thing he did for me at our last romp. It is so seductive. I hope this will lead to him whispering plans for what he will do… he’s just not there yet. It’s a little, but powerful thing!

    Thanks for blogging. I’m really hoping to get DH over here, and also to get him in touch with you. Hoping for this miracle in 2014. Hope you and LK are well!

    1. Happy New Years to you and LK

      The Holidays do interfere with me and my Sirs time together but we email sexy pics and talk naughty to each other.The one email that lets me know how he feels is my Sir telling me….”You are so very missed….”
      Soon I hope to see him and communicating

      helps us a lot!!!


      1. Sasha,

        Happy New Year to you and yours as well…

        The simple email and text may be a small gesture but it certainly has an enormous impact!

        I hope that your Sir comes home to you soon!

        With all good wishes,

        Mr Fox

    2. Desiring Discipline,

      It is great to hear form you again… I hope the holidays treated you well this season.

      I am encouraged to learn that DH accomplishes tasks such as this regularly. A D/s relationship is more about the details than just the kink.

      “What do you say about the sub initiating a text?”

      Receiving a text such as this, naughty or nice, from my LK throughout the day is nothing short of fabulous! I love it!

      I have not blogged about seductive suggestions such as you mentioned yet but those posts are coming. I personally do both, I will tell LK how what we had done previously turned me on and I will also tell her what I plan on doing with her. I will say these types of comments to her in many different venues, at home alone, in public, whispered in her ear while in the presence of unsuspecting people, during sexts, etc…

      “It’s a little, but powerful thing!”

      It is the “little” things that separate the ordinary from the extraordinary…

      I would be honored to some day speak with your DH… Who knows what 2014 may have in store.

      Little Kaninchen and myself are doing well and are looking forward to an exciting 2014!

      I have been following your journey recently and am elated at DH’s progress.

      Always best wishes,

      Mr Fox

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