submissive Under the Weather | No Rest For The Wicked! | D/s Marriage

submissive Under the Weather | No Rest For The Wicked! | D/s Marriage

submissive Under the Weather | No Rest For The Wicked!

D/s Marriage


As many of you already know Little Kaninchen has been suffering from a bad cold. My submissive has been under the weather.  She has been a bit whiney too. She feels as though I have been neglecting her for the past two days. My schedule has been grueling for the past month only allowing me three days home at a time. I was scheduled to return to work Monday. Though LK is strong and doesn’t need my help I elected to stay home with her while she endured the worst of her cold.

Kaninchen absolutely loves to be spanked. Last night as we laid down for bed I decided that I would give her a treat and provide her with a light loving spanking. The whole time caressing her body and massaging her legs, thighs and ass.

I gently lifted the covers and slid her pants down mid thigh. She had been chilling again last night due to fever so she had worn tight workout pants to bed to fend of the chill. I began caressing her and lightly spanking her bottom. Her whole body was covered in goose bumps and she was freezing. A spanking just wasn’t going to work tonight.

Without pulling her pants back up I slid up against her body, spooning. Because I enjoy spanking her I was already aroused. Without any warmup or warning I slid into her, all of he way into her. She let out a small gasp. Her sex was clenching tight and due to her high fever was on fire as well.

The slow deep thrusts provided her with a mixture of pleasure and pain as my cock was hitting the top of her cervix with each stroke. My hand was on the back of her neck with her haired balled tightly in my fist as told her that she was mine. “You are mine Kaninchen, and tonight I am going to use what is mine for my own pleasure.” She gasped as the long slow strokes continued. “I know that you are not well so I will give you permission to cum as you like and as often as you like.
” Thank you, Sir.” she moans as the deep slow thrusts continue.submissive Under the Weather | No Rest For The Wicked! | D/s Marriage

As the intensity of each stroke increases I begin to thrust faster, harder and deeper. The expression on her face can not deny that she enjoys being used by me. I grab her right arm and put it behind her back, then I push her right shoulder back with my left hand and use my right hand to lift her shirt up revealing her breast. In this contorted position I can only gain access to one breast, her right one. She absolutely loves when I torment her nipples. I fondle her right breast at first, gently, then with more intensity. My fingers swirl around her nipple pulling and squeezing ever so slightly. A moan escapes her, she knows that soon I will be tormenting her breast.

With her arm pinned behind her back, I push her shoulder down even further. This action pushes her single exposed breast out making her even more vulnerable. Without warning my true Dom comes out! With my right hand I smack her breast. Stunned, she lets out a moan. I spank her tit several more times. She begins to squirm with pain. Her legs are moving almost out of control. Her breathing increases abruptly. She begins to curl her head down to her chest. I quickly grab a fist full of hair and pull her head back exposing her throat to me. I know that the sharp pain must be intense because she can usually remain perfectly still during some intense strappings. When she enters her sub-space she doesn’t even flinch while being whipped. It’s quite amazing.

With her arm pinned behind her back, her breast exposed to me and her head held back by her hair the deep hard trusting of my cock never missed a beat. I continued the assault on her single exposed breast stopping the strikes only to tug and twist at her nipple.

Little Kaninchen was whimpering and squirming once more.  Again, as she began to lower her chin to her chest I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her head back with my left hand, exposing her neck. With a firm grip, my right hand took Kaninchen by her throat. Without words she understood that I wanted her to leave her head back in this position. “Kaninchen, you are doing a good job! I am quite impressed with your ability to control yourself for me.” “Breathe.”

She immediately relaxes and begins to breathe slow deep breathes. Her expression tells me that she is in her favorite space, her sub-space.

Her limits of pain are being pushed as I again begin the assault on her breast. She continues to move her legs uncontrollably, an instinct to escape, and her moans are more like a soft whimper.

I spontaneously release her from my grips, releasing her both by the hair and by her neck. I withdraw from her as well. She lets out a load moan and I begin to vigorously rub her clit. Typically, I pay plenty of attention to her clit, this was the first time that I had touched it all night. It was swollen and sensitive to my touch. Little Kaninchen, still whimpering, lay still for a second as every muscle in her body clenched and her breathing ceased. Her sex began to pulsate as she erupted into an explosive squirting orgasm. I continued to rub her clit for a few more seconds and then…

I grabbed her by her hair pulling her head back again, with her arm still pinned behind her back I thrust her shoulder downward forcing her breast out again. I began smacking her breast even harder than before. I could tell by her expression that it was her nipple that was becoming ever so sensitive. Sensitive from my pulling, tugging and twisting. She began to gasp as I entered her again. ” Kaninchen, I told you that tonight was for my pleasure.” “You are my slut and I am going to use you as I wish.”

“Yeesss, Siiirr.” She muttered as I began fucking her relentlessly.

This same scenario played out three times before I finally rolled her over on her stomach and took her as hard as I could from behind until, finally, I came deep inside her. There is NO rest for the wicked.

If Little Kaninchen is under the weather for an extra day and can’t get to her blog today I am afraid that it is my fault.

She really does need more rest!


submissive Under the Weather

No Rest for the Wicked

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