sub-Space, submissive Trust & Power Exchange

sub-Space, submissive Trust & Power Exchange


In D/s-M, Domination and submission for married couples, there is a power exchange that takes place. The submissive gives her power to the dominant and he in turn accepts it and takes control. The submissive relinquishes her power in order to clear her mind from responsibility. This is why it is monumentally important the the submissive completely trust her dominant.. Without genuine trust she can never positively surrender total control. I also believe that this level of required trust gives the married D/s couple an advantage, LK immediately trusted me unconditionally. sub-Space, submissive Trust & Power Exchange

I believe that this is where a certain dynamic takes place for the submissive. As I said earlier, the submissive relinquishes her control to the dominant in order to clear her mind. This is similar to a meditative state of mind. If the absolute trust is present the submissive will let down all of her barriers and allow herself to become totally vulnerable. At this point her mind begins to relax and slow. As the scene continues to build her mind will begin to slip into sub-space. Yes, I realize that actual sub-space or deep sub-space is a condition lead to by a release of endorphins created by intense experiences of both pleasure and pain, however, I feel that if the submissive is unsure or doesn’t posses 100% trust in her dominant then entering sub-space is probably not going to happen very easily. As a vigilant dominant I see LK slip into her sub-space almost as a trance, the meditative state that I mentioned earlier. And then as the scene builds and the endorphins begin to be released she enters a deeper type of sub-space. Once in sub-space, I like to think of it as her mind is lagging behind her body’s sensations. As she slips deeper and deeper into her sub-space her mind continues to fall further and further behind her body’s sensations. When LK is in a deep sub-space it literally is as though she no longer feels any pain, only pleasure.

Often, after being in sub-space, Little Kaninchen can not immediately remember much of anything. Depending on the level or depth of her sub-space she may not fully remember many events that took place until a day or maybe days afterward.

When the scene is over she is what I like to call “broken” or at least this is always my goal. She literally can not function physically or physiologically. She doesn’t have immediate control over her body and can not answer the most basic of questions. Rolling her up in a blanket and a drink then she is off to sleep. When she wakes appropriate aftercare and communication can happen and it does with a big smile on her face.



sub-Space, submissive Trust & Power Exchange

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