Game of Moans



In the absence of everyone’s favorite show, Game of Thrones, we are looking to inspire some fun competition among couples.


Count the number of each thrust during any play-time for one week.

What counts as a thrust:

A thrust will be any insertion of a penis, tongue, toy or fingers into the mouth, vagina, or anus of the submissive.  Thrusting can be into hands, feet and between breasts.   Any thrusting by the submissive does not count toward the thrusting tally.

How to Play:

During any play-time, the subMrs needs to count the number of thrusts in the categories stated above.

Now, here is the trick, the subMrs wins with a higher score and the Dominant wins with a lower score. Each subMrs will be trying to count for as long as she can producing a large number.  While each husDOM will be trying to get his submissive to loose count, making her start counting from the beginning , producing a  lower final number.

So if the submissive loses track of where she is at or stops counting at anytime, she must start all over counting again……

To create your tally for the week, divide the number of thrusts by the number of days that you played.  This will give you an average for the week.

The weekly challenge will be from Thursday to Wednesday.  At the end of each week, have your submissive report your number to Mrs. BlueEyes and she post the standings up on our “Game of Moans” bracket on site in the subMrs forum.

The game is designed to create camaraderie and fun among members.  Please do not take winning or losing to seriously or you will be the loser in the end.

For example, if a Dominant wanted to win they could adopt the strategy of only using a wand and performing zero thrust.  That would be fine and their prerogative to do so.  But my question to the Dominant would be who was the winner in this strategy?

My goal is use my lk like a mad man, the fun will be trying to get her to loose count during the process.  How can I distract her and make her miscount and have to start over or lose track of where she was at. There will be no lack of trusts on my part I assure you.

If lk makes it to 100, we both still won as far as I am concerned.  So feed the fire with fuel and turn up the heat of your Dominant.  Use your submissive like your personal tool and get her to lose herself in both time and space.  Make it fun!  If you are strategizing beyond that you are missing the point of the competition.


Teams should state their intention to play by Thursday and post their scores by the following Thursday. We will ask every couple who wants to play to sign up for certain weeks. Many subs and DOMs travel so we want to make it fair that each couple gets 7 days available to compete.  We will have to have at least two couples competing each week. We will after 6 weeks begin our playoffs… Who will get the WIN IN THE END? Hopefully, every sub! Ha! HA! butt, who will get the first annual golden trophy for our “GAME OF MOANS” ?

We encourage taunting of all types.. Let the best husDOM & subMrs WIN! 


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  1. V and I have been playing . just having fun with it. with the right tools and some well timed edging its not to hard to make her lose count . we both win in the end. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

    1. Mr Cain,

      lk and I begin next week. We are both looking forward to getting in the game!

      My best to your V…

      Mr Fox