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A Wedding Anniversary Getaway

Lk and I recently celebrated our wedding anniversary.  Usually we are very busy this time of year with our D|s-M Couple’s Event, however this year COVID-19 has interrupted our usual routine.  It may sound crazy to some and others will understand what I am talking about when I say that lk and I put more emphasis on our D|s-M anniversary than our actual wedding anniversary.  

With the opportunity at hand lk and I stole away for a few days to celebrate.  

As the first night away from home drew to a close, we found ourselves in a downtown hotel room on the top floor over looking the city.  It doesn’t take much to imagine having your submissive tied up naked and vulnerable, standing in front of the large glass window overlooking the city.  Lk has been there before and admittedly that scene will never get old for me.  But tonight was different. 

I dont know why I chose to take a different path that night, but I did.  The drapes were wide open and we could see the twinkling city lights through the partially open shear.  Lk was naked standing by the window on the far side of the bed.  

A New Direction

Rabbit Fur Leather Flogger hotel window


“Stay here lk.” I said, before I had stepped away to retrieve her play collar and cuffs from my bag.

With the leather collar and cuffs firmly in hand I turned around to head back towards her.  As I turned and my eyes found her, I was taken by lk’s beauty.  I enjoy looking at her when she is all dressed up and looking gorgeous but when lk is nude her beauty stops me in my tracks.   She stands by the window unadorned and vulnerable yet she has an air of graceful power as she waits for me to return.  She is waiting, as instructed, quietly,  patiently and wanting to be Dominated by me.

Lk’s body is exquisite and the soft hue of the city lights radiating through the window onto her skin allow me to see her clearly.  As I take in the moment I feel the connection of our beings, our souls.

As I approach her I command, “Lk, extend your left wrist for me.”  lk offers her wrist to me as I secure it in the leather cuff.  

Our exchange continues, my instruction and lk’s compliance, until lk stands in front of me donning nothing more than custom leather cuffs and play collar, and her day collar of course.  Her head is slightly down as she casts her gaze toward the floor waiting for my next command.

Upon checking in the hotel, the front desk representative, Yiannis, upgraded our room to a suite  as a kind gesture after learning that it was our anniversary.  The suite was spacious and didnt have that normal hotel room feel of being confined.  

I reach out and take lk’s hand in my own, “Come with me lk”.  I lead lk around the foot of the bed to the other side facing the open room. 

Finding Our Position 

Lk was positioned about two feet from the edge of the bed with her back parallel to it.   I reached out and touched her skin.  It was warm and soft and hungry for my touch.  I began to slowly caress her torso, front and back.  At first, I was deliberately not touching her breasts.  The purpose of my initial touch was nothing more than the electrifying power of having physical contact.  The intimacy of such physical touch genuinely connects two people.  The skin on skin contact is almost like a conduit directly from one person’s soul to another.

As I my hands make their way to lk’s lower back and thighs I direct lk, “Spread your legs for me Kaninchen.”

Without hesitation lk complies with my command, “Yes Sir.”  

“Shoulder width”.  With her head still lowered and her gaze cast downward, Lk makes a minor adjustment to satisfy my specific desire.

An Intimate Connection

Her skin begins to wake up and come alive in my very hands.  My soft caress has now grown into a more purposeful kneading of her skin.  Not offering any discomfort but enough pressure to allow her to feel that I was in control of her body and doing what pleased me in the moment.  A transition of both of our mindsets.  My strong touch and control of the situation instinctively feeds my Dominance and drives me to want more from my submissive.  That same controlling touch and command breaths additional life into her innate desire to submit and be sexually subservient to me.

As her entire body begins to acclimate to the firmness of my touch I decide to include another element into my pattern, her breasts.  Though there is a touch of sadism that runs though my veins I almost always warm up lk’s skin as well as her mind before introducing any pain.  

Magnificent Breasts

Rabbit Fur Flogger post My first touch to her breast is conducted with the same tenderness and grace as my first touch to the rest of her body.   I cup her large breasts in my hands and slightly lift them taking the pressure of their natural weight off of her torso and back.  As I release her breasts I use my thumb to softly circle her nipples.  This touch is soft yet deliberate.

I can tell by the small noise that escapes lk’s lips that she wants more.  That she wants me to continue touching her breasts and increasing the intensity as I have with the rest of her body.  

I begin to softly squeeze her nipples between my index fingers and thumbs.  This touch is lighter than light and probably hardly recognizable to lk, though I know she is begging on the inside for me to give her more.  

With her nipples still between my index finger and thumb and applying very little pressure, I begin to slowly pull. Her nipples begin to stretch outward from her chest.  It doesn’t take long before her nipples escape my light touch and break free.   Lk releases a small gasp.  Her reaction is more frustration rather than a gasp for breath.  Her body and her mind are both wanting more.

She Wants More

There is only a slight delay before my hands and strong touch stray back to the rest of her body.  The delay was to allow her mind a second to process the actual thought of wanting more.  

The last touch to her nipples was light and soft but my last touch to her body was a touch of strength and Dominance.  As I returned my attention back to her body for a second time I picked up right where I had left off.  As I continued the kneading and massaging of her skin I also increased the intensity of my touch.  I was not hurting her or causing any pain but I was manhandling her body.

I returned my touch back to her breasts.  This time it was with more intensity than the lighter than light touch from before but not as intense as what I had just been with her body.  I cupped her breasts and massaged them and kneaded them with purpose in my hands.  I could see lk beginning to breathe in a rhythm.  

“Push your shoulders back lk.”

Complete Surrender 

Without hesitation she moved her shoulders back, extending her breasts into the firm grip of my hands and closed her eyes.

Once again, I pinched her nipples between my index fingers and thumbs like I did before except this time was with more intensity.  As I held her nipples firmly I began to pull them from her chest again.  I was no longer being gentle with my lk.  As her nipples slipped from my grip a gasp escaped lk’s lips.

With no hesitation my hand went right between lk’s legs.  Her wetness left no doubt that she was enjoying this as much as I was.  This confirmation was like adding an accelerant to an already burning flame in regards to my Dominance.  I wanted more…

I Want More

“Your body says that you like this lk.”

My hands went right back to lk’s breasts this time with even more intensity than before.  I then returned my attention on her nipples.  Massaging them between my thumbs and index fingers, pulling, squeezing and twisting them lightly.  Finally, I squeezed them and gave them a small twist before letting go. 

It’s Getting Serious  

Without notice, reaching across her chest with my right hand, I smacked her right breast.   The crack of the skin on the palm of my hand and the skin of her breasts filled the air.  Lk let out another soft gasp.  This was most likely not a complete surprise to lk as this is who I truly am and how I like to play.  

The smack of her breast was followed by complete silence as I took a step back.  

Lk didnt move, not a muscle.  She didnt raise her head.  She didnt make a sound.  She just stood there right as I had left her.  Her hands were to her sides and her shoulders were still back as I had commanded of her previously, forcing her breasts forward. 

Wand & Rabbit Fur Leather Flogger

Firmly gripping the wand in my right hand I moved towards lk.  With a loud hum, the powerful Doxy wand came to life.  Lk’s entire body tensed and her breathing initially paused as the wand came into contact with her clit.  Usually, I wouldn’t just place the wand right on her clit but this scene was already in full motion and the intensity was moving fast.

“Lk take the wand and hold it right here.  Do not remove it unless I tell you to.”


Lk took the wand from me and held it as instructed directly on her clit.  Lk’s breathing was more erratic as she was trying to normalize all of the sensations that were happening to her body.  As lk’s mind was trying to adjust to what was happening to her body in the moment I reached for one of my favorite toys.  It is a smaller flogger comprised of falls made of leather and of rabbit fur.  The leather falls extend about 2” longer than the rabbit fur falls allowing me to introduce different sensations to her skin.

We Are Headed Further Into the Rabbit Hole 

lk stood in front of me, legs spread a little wider than shoulder stance, holding the wand between her legs and pushing her shoulders back, forcing her breasts out.  This is the type of situation that turns me on the most.  Lk isn’t worried or concerned about what this would look like to someone else or even if it could be interpreted as humiliating.  Lk is fully focused on my desires and pleasing me.  She follows my direction without hesitation and isn’t anxious or distracted by where this scene may lead us or what rabbit hole she may be about to go down.

Rabbit Fur Leather Flogger 

I stand directly in front of lk and begin to flog her breasts with the rabbit fur leather flogger.  The flogger is smaller and lighter but I am flogging her with the weight of the small flogger making it as thuddy as I possibly can.  I begin by flogging her chest from top to bottom.  The falls are mostly landing on the top of her breasts.  As her chest and breasts begin to redden I slow the onslaught of strikes and begin to drag the rabbit fur over her skin.  Lk lets out another soft moan.  I am not sure if the moan is generated from the soft cool feel of the rabbit fur on her skin, the momentary pause of the flogging of her breasts, or the wand fixed directly on her clit.  Who am I kidding?  I know that it is the combination of all three.

Intensity Increases

I begin flogging lk’s breasts again.  Much like when I was rubbing her skin earlier, this time was with more intensity.  I was now using a combination of the flogger and its weight trying to create the thud and just the leather ends of the flogger trying to create a sting.  It doesn’t take long before lk’s skin begins to turn that beautiful shade of red that I adore.  I can see some of the individual red marks from the falls on her breasts as I continue the flogging. 

Lk’s body is beginning to react.  Her breathing is still not in a rhythm as the wand on her clit is beginning to take its toll.  

Once again, I drag the rabbit fur falls over lk’s now burning hot skin.  She lets out another soft moan.

I step to the side of lk and reach behind her with my left hand to where if she had a rabbit tail it would proudly be.  I held the flogger in my right hand and never stopped stroking the flogger falls on her chest.


Her sex was completely soaked and hungry for me.  I slipped two fingers inside her without much warning and she let out a real fuck me now kind of moan.  At the same time I began to flogger her breasts again.  

This time the flogging was much more intense and involved mostly the leather tips. Because of my stance to her side and no longer in front of her I could not perform much more than top to bottom flogging but it was relentless and strong.  Her legs began to tremble from fighting back the impending orgasms.

Lk usually has more clarity before such close proximity to an orgasm.  She is very well discipline in asking for and receiving permission prior to obtaining release.  It was probably the cruel mixture of pleasure and pain that had her racing toward an orgasm.  Her mind was depths behind her body as she couldn’t comprehend or identify the impending loss of physical control.

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What Really Turns Me On

Lk’s body wanted to instinctually retreat from the heavy flogging to her breasts.   Her conscious mind wasnt telling her to pull back yet her shoulders and chest were trying to curl away to protect herself from the onslaught and create distance between the two.   

What happened next is what really turns me on during scenes like this.  Lk’s body is subconsciously trying to withdraw from the punishment but somewhere in the depths of her being there is another notion.  The notion to push her shoulders back which will effectively drive her breasts directly into the teeth of the leather falls as they continue to thrust relentlessly on her.  I revel in these types of moments when her instinct is to retreat but her body wants the pleasure involved.   A true confliction….  She is receiving pleasure from the wand of course but also she must be receiving pleasure from the pain as well.

The Pressure Continues to Build

I not sure how much of her pushing her shoulders back and extending her breasts was conscious either.  She was given that command during the beginning of the scene.  I believe that just as the body is instinctually wanting to withdraw from the onslaught, there is a subconscious desire to please me.  In this very moment in time lk wouldn’t be able to say her name if I asked her.  And I don’t believe that what takes place in these moments has any forethought.  This is who lk really is, bared, naked, exposed and vulnerable and wanting to please me.

I can feel lk tighten around my fingers as if she is going to squeeze them off of my hand.

 As lk begins to lose control of her body her legs begin to buckle.  They are not shaking or unsteady but rather they are literally about to give out on her.   She begins trying to find the words to ask for permission to orgasm.  

Feeling her about to fall to pieces in my hands I begin to flog her breasts even harder while fucking her harder with my fingers.  Her chest and breast are glowing red and her nipples are piercing hard.  As she still struggles to find the words that she must have before having any chance to be given the permission that she seeks for release, I finally interrupt….


“Yes lk you may cum.”

Almost immediately lk begins to relax into her overwhelming orgasm.

I slowly withdraw my fingers from inside lk and step back to face her.  She is magnificent.  Finally, the onslaught of flogging to her breasts is over and I have to pry the wand out of the clutches of her hand.  

“Good Girl”

I lead lk just a few steps back to the edge of the bed and help her in.  As I enter the bed beside her I cant help but realize what an incredible submissive that I have laying before me.

Now what should I do next, I ask myself…

Rabbit Fur Leather Flogger

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