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A great deal of excitement for the submissive is the preparation for the event.  When selecting a task for your submissive to accomplish in order to please you, try selecting a task that is for her benefit.  Trust me gentleman, you are the beneficiary.

I worded my text to LK as if she would be doing me a favor by having her nails done, and in many ways she is.
D/s Nails
D/s Task for Little Kaninchen
Little Kaninchen hasn’t had her nails done in a few years.  She has been giving subtle hints recently that she may want to have them done again.  As a husDom hopefully you are beginning to recognize your submissive’s subtle hints.  LK wants her nails done because it will make her feel good about herself, they will make her feel sexy, sexy for me!
She now has a task to accomplish in order to please me.  A task that will pay many dividends.  The entire time that LK sits in the salon she will be thinking about why she is there.  Why is she there?  Because her husDom wants and expects it of her.  The lady doing her nails is bound to ask her what made her decide to have her nails done again.  LK will answer her question but a part of her will feel as though the woman knows that she is not being completely truthful and that she knows the true answer.  When finished LK will leave the salon feeling sexy.  Feeling as though she has begun preparing for her husDom to ravish her, and she has.
 Little Kaninchen…  Stop reading right here please.  You may finish the rest of this post the morning after my return home.
Now the most important part of this exercise.  When I arrive home in a few days I must recognize her completed task immediately and praise her for accomplishing it to my liking.  I need to take her hands in mine and examine how sexy her nails look and acknowledging her sound choice in length and color.
I will raise her hand to my mouth and take her index finger all of the way into my mouth, close my lips and tongue around her finger and slowly draw her finger out.  I will then instruct her to go inside the airport terminal and remove her panties for our voyage home.  I will explain to her that I want to see those sexy fingernails rub up and down on her petals while I am driving.  During the drive home I will take her hand to my mouth, again and suck on her fingers, exclaiming how good she tastes from her new nails.
LK frequently has to wear her plug when she picks me up from the airport.  The plug would definitely intensify this entire scenario.
This is what I intend on asking of my submissive this week.  Many of you will not have the same circumstance available to you.  Remember to think of a task that benefits your submissive on your behalf.
Mr. Fox
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    1. Calin Fire,

      To be honest Thoughtful Thursdays are making myself more aware of LK. As if I wasnt thinking about her enough already.

      I here that things are truly getting hot!

      Best Wishes,

      Mr. Fox

      1. Mr. Fox,

        Yes, my Sir has kicked up the intensity…and the temperature is rising!
        One of the reasons I love your Thursday posts, is because I’m hoping for more frequency with the little things, and possibly a more formal feeling between us at times. And its clear that you are there with LK!
        But those are my wishes, so I’m behaving and letting him lead. He’s really stepped into his Dom and I don’t want to mess with his momentum, so I forward your posts and when he asks me, I tell him how I feel and encourage him!
        I think we are at that place, or about there, where he is truly starting to take over and I’m able to step back and enjoy his Dominance! We still talk all the time, and of course I’m free to tell him anything, but I love watching him come into his own!


        1. Calin Fire,

          It sounds like an easy thing to do on his part, taking over, but many kudos to him for realizing what the expectations of being a Dominant are. Many husDom’s do not realize that they need to “lead” the D/s relationship” and not just dominate.

          I look forward to learning more about the two of you and your journey.

          Best wishes,

          Mr. Fox

          1. Mr. Fox,

            I loved what you said…..”Many husDom’s do not realize that they need to “lead” the D/s relationship” and not just dominate”

            I was wondering if you could/would post something about that?

            Subrina <3

          2. Subrina,

            I am currently working on a post right now regarding this very issue. It appears to be a common issue among newer Dominants.

            This week I am going to concentrate my efforts on Little Kaninchen’s website so it may be next week before I finish the post.

            Best wishes,

            Mr. Fox

          3. I am so happy to hear that you will be writing a post about this topic. I think It’s very important for Him to see and know the difference….not saying that I do, but I think He should!!! lol I understand that you have a busy life, please take your time….but I am super excited for this post!!

            Subrina <3

  1. Mr. Fox
    This may just solve my Sub Drop problem we had been emailing about. Next time my Mynx is on the road I think I have her Tuesday evening planned.

    1. Brian,

      Keep me abreast of your situation…

      I would love to hear about the plan and if it is successful.

      Best wishes,

      Mr. Fox

  2. Lovely…! Now instead of being impatient while my nails are being done, I’ll remember this and it will take on a whole new feel of anticipation 🙂

    1. Slave Mala,

      If you are doing it to please your Sir and your Sir will truly be pleased, it should build a level of anticipation.

      Enjoy your nails…

      Mr. Fox

  3. Mr. Fox

    I thought this was a great idea about having small tasks for the submissive to perform that will benefit her on my behalf. I will be thinking of things like this for my Manx to do.
    I would like to hear more on your thoughts of “husDoms not realizing that they need to lead the D/s relationship and not just dominate”

    1. Andrew,

      There is currently a post in the works on this very topic. Please allow me another week to finish it.


      Mr. Fox

  4. Mr. Fox,

    I must say this post is responsible for me having my Dea get her nails done this past Friday. Getting her nails done was a ritual of hers when we were younger, life and kids got in the way and the ritual ended. Now that I am her Dom I have the opportunity to feed my Dea by giving her these tasks that benefit her and please me at the same time. I must thank you for these posts, they are a constant reminder for me of what I need to do to become a better Dom for my Dea.

    Mr. K sir

    P.S. My Dea loves her new nails. I love them as well, they feel great digging into my back.

    1. Mr K Sir,

      I appreciate that you really get it…

      It is all about feeding your submissive. Demonstrating your appreciation for her submission.

      Best wishes,

      Mr Fox

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