Warren Gathering | Sexpo |UK London 2015

Warren Gathering - Sexpo, UK London November 2015

Warren Gathering – Sexpo, UK London November 2015

You did not misread the title. There is going to be a Warren Gathering in London!


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The consistent growth of the husDOM™ and subMrs™ communities along with the steady growth of the D/s-M dynamic as a whole have created a need among our membership. This need is that of discovering camaraderie and fellowship among others with similar interests and lifestyles as themselves.

Our Warren Gatherings in Las Vegas have been a huge success. This achievement has revealed a few things to us.  First, our success in Las Vegas has demonstrated to us the unmistakeable need for our members and those people that participate in the D/s-M lifestyle to locate others like themselves.  Most of the participants in the D/s-M lifestyle are currently, and need to remain anonymous. This makes it difficult to discuss our real lives with family and friends as we have always done in the past. The network or warren that we are creating will enable people to locate and make friends all over the world.  The feedback from previous warren gatherings have confirmed that this camaraderie and fellowship is extremely beneficial in the development and continuation of a healthy D/s-M relationship.  We are honored, pleased and extremely humbled to be able to bring to you the first warren gathering held outside of the Continental United States. This warren gathering will be held in London November 13-15, 2015.  The date and location are of significance as well.  The London gathering will be in conjunction with the Sexpo™, London Olympia UK.  Sexpo™, a brand specializing in sexual health and lifestyle consumer events worldwide, has a legacy lasting over 20 years and it is still going strong. The show has welcomed over 2.5 million visitors through the years.

There will not be any official booth or demonstration provided by the husDOM™ or subMrs™ at the Sexpo™ – London 2015 event this year. (With a good turn out we hope to be there next year.) However, in cooperation with the Sexpo™, we have created an affiliate partnership with Sexpo.CO.UK.  What does this partnership mean to you?  We were given unique discount codes that can be used by our husDOM™ and subMrs™ membership when purchasing their tickets. These discount codes will allow you a 20% discount on each ticket purchased. (You must be a registered member to get further access to discounts.)

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The London event will be facilitated by two of our community moderators, His Lordship and his submissive MrsW.  We have created a ‘Group’ for the London Warren Gathering 2015. The group also has a forum associated with it where you can gather more information or post any questions that you may have regarding the gathering. Sexpo Link

We both hope there will be many friends made and much learned during the gathering. **Please notify His Lordship here on husDOM™ with questions or concerns and we are going to add a Group and an associated Forum for the gathering.   


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