The Need for submission, More Than Just a Book and submission, More Than Just a Movie

The Need for submission,

More Than Just a Book

“I also learned today that he is really taking me serious now. He admitted that he thought it was just a fantasy or phase that I was going through (due to 50 Shades Books) and that it was going to go away. I asked him what made him change his mind….he said that I keep bringing it up and keep pursuing it. He figured out about a week ago that I was not just going through a phase, that I was serious and that he probably needed to step up his game!”

~ Anonymous submissive

I often refer to myself as guarded when it comes to my emotions and this particular comment really struck a chord with me. At first I had the feeling that this Fifty Shades Books dynamic that my LK wanted so badly was just a fad or a phase.  But, her need to submit and her mindset changed … it was more than just a book… She became the book, she became a submissive.

For the past twenty some years LK and I considered ourselves as equals in our relationship. We spent a great deal of our time and energy trying to convince the other that our own ideas and point of views were better than the others, even when we were basically saying the same things. We jockeyed for position…

Again, LK is not beneath me, we are still partners in life. Little Kaninchen trusts me to make the right decisions. My decisions take heavily her point of view as consideration, I simply have the final say. We communicate better now than we ever have before. Over the past year of our journey there has not been one single decision made by me that we didnt discuss in great detail and that we were not in total agreement. She has allowed me to be the captain…

When Little Kaninchen first brought this lifestyle to my attention after reading the Fifty Shades series I thought that this phase would pass and pass quickly. I was sure that it must have been a romantic sexy book to get her this excited but that once I finally was to give in and really desire this lifestyle she would no longer want it for herself. There is a lot of sacrifice on the submissive’s part. I felt as though she would soon realize this and grow tired of serving me.

Well gentleman… I couldn’t have been more wrong. Little Kaninchen has really taken to being my submissive more than I could have ever expected. She takes pride in pleasing me, truly! Little Kaninchen is more devoted to me and my happiness now than ever before as I am to her and her happiness. This desire of hers hasn’t burned itself out like I originally suspected it would, in fact, it has blossomed. Blossomed into a new and wonderful life for the two of us. The Need for submission, More Than Just a Book

If you are hesitant that your wife’s desires are soon going to fade back to what they once were, just consider for a moment that they may not. Contemplate the lifestyle that she has suggested, the lifestyle that you yourself desire.

I will have to say that for myself, there appear to be more D/s relationships that fail because of fear, trepidation and phobias than fail because the participants didn’t find what they were looking for once they truly committed.

HusDom, Mr Fox

The Need for submission, More Than Just a Book

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  1. writingthebody 7 years ago

    You two are beautiful!

    • HusDom 7 years ago

      Thank you…

      • writingthebody 7 years ago

        Are you guys both online …. together? 🙂

        • HusDom 7 years ago


          Little Kaninchen (my submissive) is located at


          • writingthebody 7 years ago

            Like I say, you guys are beautiful….

          • HusDom 7 years ago

            Thanks John,

            We both enjoy you as well…


          • writingthebody 7 years ago

            Ah good….then you will have to read my latest poem….I cannot quite get the rhythm right….but it was originally titled the Song of Eleven…and well, it is for me, and somehow also for you too, for you both. And you are inside it. It nearly drove me mad writing it…but to you two the honour – or not – of asking me to apply the belt to myself…whichever way you go, have a great day…it is night here now. I send you both my love!

          • HusDom 7 years ago

            Writing The Body,

            I will check out your poem right now.

            Eleven spanks… Lol


  2. writingthebody 7 years ago

    Ambiguous….do I get the 11 from you?

    • HusDom 7 years ago

      Writing The Body,

      My reference to the eleven spanks was due to the original title to your poem. I know that she always sends you eleven spanks.

      Unfortunately, my spanks are only for LK. I hope that you understand. If I start passing out discipline or play, whichever one it may be, I would be crossing some sort of line in my own mind as LK’s dominant. She belongs to me and in a manner of speaking I am hers as well, her Dom.


      • writingthebody 7 years ago

        I thought so…and that is why I asked. Of course I do understand. And I so love what you do…but that is the entire point. It is your world. I am just grateful that you guys share it with us.

  3. Mr. Dominus 2 years ago

    This resonates within me. Most of these blogs have, but some speak louder then others.
    Thank you for putting yourself out there for the rest of the world. Its gives me confidence to know my feelings of trepidation
    are some what normal. Your choice of words when you write, speak to me on a visceral level. I too find myself “guarded.” This blog and
    a few others on here describe Kristine and I to a tee, and Im only at the beginning. Thank you

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