Submissive’s Mindset | Dominant Training

Submissive's Mindset | Dominant Training

Submissive’s Mindset | Dominant Training

This morning after our scene Little Kaninchen continued to query me as to if I was being satisfied during our play.  Kaninchen’ s concern regarding my sexual satisfaction was quite noble and benevolent.  However, while Kaninchen is concerned about me and my pleasure she is no longer in the proper mindset.

My mindset as a Dominant during our scenes is one of laser focus on my submissive and her reactions to my every input.  As Kaninchen’s husDom I consider her body to be my tool, a tool that I use for my own pleasure.

In order for me to be successful as the conductor of the scene I need to have my submissive’s mind completely clear of distractions.  It is not her place to satisfy me unless I have honored her with the task.  Kaninchen’s mind should be focused on the experience that I am providing for her.  This acute focus is the only way that I can take her to the edge and beyond.

Though her intentions may be well placed, her concern of my satisfaction actually distracts from the scene.

Submissive's Mindset | Dominant Training


Submissive’s Mindset

Submissive’s Mindset | Dominant Training

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