Punishment and Aftercare

Another question I need your input on Mr. Fox.

Punishment and Aftercare

We have done the erotic spanking and that type of thing, but the time has come where punishment is in order.  I took over the finances for my submissive because she could not handle them and had herself in a bad situation.  Over the last year I have gotten her back on solid ground and actually ahead, something she has never had, but here in the last couple weeks she has started to regress to her old habits.  I warned her of the impending punishment if things did not change and I now need to follow thru on my word.  The question I have is after the punishment, twelve lashes with my belt, I will put her to bed, no sex, and no pleasing me which will also be a problem for her.  I still need to ensure her it is for her own well-being that she brought me to the punishment.  Do you think aftercare is needed shortly after punishment or wait till the next day?  Your thoughts on the subject will be helpful.

Thanks again for your time
Excellent question…


Aftercare should begin immediately after the punishment.  


The idea of a punishment is to let your submissive know that she has done something that disappointed you.  The punishment is something that is administered because you CARE for them and their well-being.  

Often times the submissive will be surprised and may even be confused as to why they are being punished, even when you have been giving them ample warning that if they do not straighten up a punishment will be in order.

Be sure that prior to administering the punishment that you clearly communicate with your submissive exactly what the infraction was that has warranted a punishment.

Immediately after the punishment hold your submissive in your arms and stroke her hair.  Explain to her how difficult it was for you to punish her but it is something that had to be done.  Assure her that she is a wonderful submissive and that you are confident that she will not make that mistake again  Hold your submissive in your arms for a while where she can feel safe.
Your submissive will feel bad for disappointing you but she will need the reassuring that you still love her and also that your D/s is stronger than ever and not weakened by her infraction.
Best wishes,
Mr Fox
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