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Shark Week Community challenge

“Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water.”

JAWS …. Along cums ….. Cue the music….


This year is our first year of posting this husDOM Challenge. The challenge is for all husDOMs and subMrs community members. This exercise will challenge married couples to “sink their teeth” into a fun and playful role-play, Biting Role-play. This role-play will inspire you and your submissive into some awesome PRIMAL Sexual Encounters and Emotions and maybe into a new and exciting FETISH!  This challenge will help build that “D|s-M Atmosphere” that we all are searching and hoping for!

Shark Week

First, some background on Shark Week. When Shark Week aired for the first time on July 17, 1988, its purpose was the focus on conservation efforts and correcting many of the common misconceptions about sharks. Over the years, it has grown to be a cultural phenomenon on the Discovery Channel Network. You will see many stars trying their hand or trying to losing a hand at working with these sharks in one way or another.


I would never have imagined that I would have ever enjoyed or received any pleasure from biting another person.  I have bitten lk since the very beginning of our D|s-M relationship.  It began very sensual and erotic and developed naturally.  It feels like an instinctual behavior as I am truly claiming what is mine.

Biting lk during a scene quickly became a staple for us and we both absolutely love it.

The Challenge

It is Shark Week this week, July 11-18th, and LK and I wanted to post an exercise allowing couples to challenge themselves. This week, enter our new D|s-M Shark Week challenge by posting the images of your BEST BITES or SUCK MARKS in our Dominant Training Group.

The pictures will be judged on the part of the body, the number of bites, the clearness of bite marks, and if you were actually watching shark week while you got the bite/s. There is always extra credit for backdrops and creativity! At the end of the week, LK and I will decide who will get the SHARK WEEK REWARD!

Don’t forget to have your submissive post the pictures on subMrs as well so her subby friends can see what you have been up to.

Biting Arousal

Sexual biting is a passionate and animalistic behavior that emerges when people are highly aroused. Not all biting arousal is sexual. You can see proof of this in the animal kingdom… sometimes, even your domestic cat gets excited and bites when excited or worked up, just for fun, hopefully, NO SEXUAL connection… LOL!

Half of all people surveyed have had experienced sexual arousal from biting or being bitten. Now, there can be all ranges of biting from romantic nibbles to hardcore & no preparation or warnings kind of BITES! Biting many times is done in a show of control or ownership. This is the case in Married Dominance and Submission. A subMrs may get off on the fear related to the knowledge that she is about to be bitten.  And a husDOM may be exhilarated by the display of  Dominance and ownership as he grips his submissives flesh between his teeth.

Odaxelagnia and BDSM

The term odaxelagnia is a sexual deviation involving sexual arousal through biting or being bitten. Odaxelagnia is considered to be a mild form of sadomasochism. People who enjoy pain will sometimes begin to associate certain forms of pain as relief, rather than a negative response to something. This also ties this topic to BDSM as it is a form of pain to pleasure release.

Why Bite

Why do submissives like being bitten?

Some submissive’s love just the pain of the actual bite. Some like the sexual pleasure or intimacy that is brought on or built many times after the bite.

In that first scenario, the pain of being bitten or bleeding due to being bitten in some people causes a sense of euphoria. Some Dr.’s say this comes from the boost of adrenaline that comes with that arousal.

The second scenario, the fantasy of it all, the role-play of vampirism, being the victim. These examples can be very heady and a tap into those primal emotions like “fight or flight”.

Why do some Dominants like to bite?

Dominants like to bite because it is primal and animalistic as well as biting can be their way of showing their control over their submissive. The Dominant many times loves to be the cause of an intense stimulation or sensation. It is often the submissives response to his bites is that makes him go wild! Biting could be his fetish or him giving into your fetish, either way, it can be a great addition to your dynamic.

Areas Most Bitten

The best areas to be bitten are usually the Erogenous zones. The erogenous zones are parts of the body that excite sexual feelings when touched or stimulated. They may be genital or extragenital (e.g. neck, breasts, lips, buttocks, and arch of the foot). Extragenital erogenous zone stimulation during foreplay can be very important for women to reach orgasm.

Female Erogenous zones

Biting Advice - Sinking Your Teeth In

  • Discuss (Pre-Play Downtime) Intensity:  Nibble, Bite, Chomp
  • What areas do you use what intensities?
  • Don’t just Bite: Add licking, sucking, and other stimulations.
  • Hormonal Cycles: Nipples and genitals get more sensitive during cycles (Even menopausal women have cycles!)
  • Start Slow: Nibble at first and work up in intensity.
  • Prepare the Area: Your partner may like bitten area prepared before bites, massaged, vibrated, or spanked.
  • Be verbal: Safeword, Red-Yellow-Green, Use check-ins (1-10), subs use your cues to let him know when it’s REALLY GOOD!
  • Discuss (Post-Play Downtime) What worked? Where would the intensity or the bite work better next time? etc…

Being Bite

Guys. don’t feel left out of the gnawing action.  You can instruct your submissive to bite, nibble or suck any part of your body that you wish.  

 See the diagram of the male erogenous zones so you may explore! Use the diagram of the erogenous zones to help you come up with ideas.

A submissive’s bites can represent many things.  Biting may be a display of her love for her Dominant.

Often times the biting, nibbling, and sucking can be compared to receiving a hickey.  Which can be quite an erotic sensation.  Consider having her perform on your shaft or inside of your legs.

Male Erogenous Zones

Be sure to check out our calendar to see what other activities may be happening on husDOM.

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Rabbit Fur and Leather Flogger

What happened next is what really turns me on during scenes like this.  Lk’s body is subconsciously trying to withdraw from the punishment but somewhere in the depths of her being there is another notion.  The notion to push her shoulders back which will effectively drive her breasts directly into the teeth of the leather falls as they continue to thrust relentlessly on her.


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