Safewords | The Meaning of Yellow

Safe Words | The Meaning of Yellow,,

Safewords | The Meaning of Yellow

Safewords are an integral part BDSM and Dominance and submission.  They are one of the basic building blocks of a safe and loving D|s relationship.

Safewords can be anything that you choose.  There is no right or wrong in choosing your safeword. You will want to make the safewords something that will not come up in a scene or conversation in a scene.

I have seen some Dominants get creative when choosing safewords for their submissives. For myself, I believe that safewords are compelling for the safety of your submissive no matter the experience level of the Dominant or the length of time the Dominant and the submissive have been together.  

Due to the critical nature of safewords, I believe that they should not be as creative as they easy to recall, concise, and direct.

For these reasons I have kept our safewords as simple and basic as I could. 

Safewords – Red, Yellow, Green

    • Red – Discontinue play immediately, something is wrong.
    • Yellow – Slow down or stop doing that.
    • Green – I’m okay, harder or more.

Kaninchen’s favorite color would be green, green, green or at least one would think because that is all I usually hear.

I have yet to hear red and hope that I never do.

However, I have heard yellow 3 times now.

The first time that I heard yellow I had LK’s arms suspended above her head. We had been playing for quite a while and she was deep in her sub-space. Our play was beginning to get intense and instead of slowing down and letting her mind catch up with her body, I increased the intensity. Kaninchen’s body began to behave uncontrollably. Her mind was conflicted between pleasure and pain. At this point, all of the pain had ceased due to the chemicals produced by her body. But we had been on that fine line of pleasure and pain for so long that her senses were overwhelmed and she couldn’t distinguish the difference between the two. That is actually my goal! She could almost derive pleasure from anything at that point. LATEXSUBHOTELSSPIOPT249,Safe Words | The Meaning of Yellow

Out of nowhere Kaninchen uttered, “Yellow!”

Now I must admit that my demeanor during time-critical emergency situations is second to none. The more challenging the situation the calmer I become, almost to a fault.

So what did Mr. Calm, Cool, and Collected do?

I reached up and released the quick release knots that I tied to rapidly remove LK from her dilemma and any harm. Kaninchen’s flaccid arms came plunging down to her hips. Her cuffs still bound her wrists together. She was in her sub-space, incapacitated, incoherent. In the blink of an eye, I went from overwhelming her senses in sub-space on the edge of an incredible orgasm to her body freefalling from the sky with no warning at all.

I quickly grabbed her up and carried her to the bed. Begging her to tell me what I had done to her. 

One minute I was master of the universe controlling every aspect of lk’s pleasure with complete competence and control.  The next minute I was wide-eyed and scared trying to get lk to safety.

This was not my most domly moment.

In hindsight, I believe the reason for my colosel overreaction was that whatever had happened to Kaninchen, my most prized possession, the woman that I love more than anything, happened because of what I had done to her. I was the cause, the one to blame. It was my fault. I knew it and I owned it.

My panicked overreaction prematurely ended one of our hottest scenes and left LK scared and not understanding what had just happened to her.

Yellow – Slow down or stop doing that.

Simple enough… But difficult to do when you are not prepared for it.

The second time Kaninchen said “yellow” I didn’t completely overreact, however, I did completely stop what I was doing, and once again because I didn’t just slow down or pivot in another direction my action ruined the scene. Like the first time, lk wasn’t in any pain or discomfort. Her senses were overwhelmed again and her mind needed to catch up to her body. The pleasure was overwhelming her!

Yellow – Slow down or stop doing that.

The third time I heard yellow I finally got it.  lk wasn’t asking, wanting, or expecting me to stop. She just needed a few seconds for her mind to catch up with where her body was at at the moment. For her to realize that the sensations were in fact pleasurable.

This time I didn’t stop! I didn’t ask her if she was alright! I didn’t ask her what was wrong! I simply slowed down, backed off a little. That was it.

I monitored every aspect of her very intently; Her breathing, her sweating, her sounds, her eyes, her everything. A few seconds later her mind had determined that she was alright and that she could continue. Without speaking a word I could recognize this realization and continued our scene.  This time our scene went to a place, a level we had never been before.

Later, when we discussed the situation she was barely aware that it had even taken place. She wasn’t panicking at all, she just needed a second. A second to catch up.COUPLELAYINGONFLOORHANDCUFFSLOOKINGATPHONESSPIOPT236,Safe Words | The Meaning of Yellow,,

Yellow – Slow down or stop doing that.

If you have not heard your submissive say “yellow”, now is a good time to consider your reaction.  What are YOU going to do in this critical situation?

When you hear ‘Yellow’ remember, don’t stop!  She didn’t say red, she said yellow.

Don’t ask questions. Don’t think that you have done anything wrong. Do not blame yourself.

Don’t apologize! You have got her on the edge. Most likely the edge of something incredibly fantastic. And the edge was most likely your goal.  Stick to your negotiated plan and take her higher than she has ever been before.

The Meaning of Yellow – Just means Yellow!

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    1. Desireous,

      Thank you for your kind words.

      It certainly wasn’t my most Dom moment.

      I realize that as I guide her and teach her along our journey that she is in turn teaching me as well. When us Dom’s make mistakes we need to be vigilant and learn from them thus allowing for true growth.


    1. It is as though there are too many sensations for her mind to comprehend all of them at that moment.

      Thank you for thoughts…


      1. You did?! I think it’s coming as more of a shock to me than anyone else….although in that particular incident I was submissive, I’m still not sure what it takes to label me as a ‘sub’…

        On the other hand, my post ‘I am a man fantasy’ is where I dominate and fuck woman, as a man…all from a man’s perspective….so what does this mean?! One things for sure, power and physical control are clearly arousing for me – just not sure which way around I prefer….interesting!

        Oh and I’m glad you enjoyed the post ; )

  1. Loved your “I am a man fantasy” as well… Another great read. That is why I am disappointed that you haven’t written anything in a week… I continue to wait…

    Maybe you are a switch… Dont get angry or upset, that word is supposed to begin with an “S”… Lol

    Labels shouldn’t and dont really matter. Awareness and the courage to be honest about one’s desires is what is most important.

    Thanks again…

    Anxiously awaiting your next post!


    1. Lol, a ‘switch’ – I like it!

      I agree, labels don’t matter….I have found it interesting though, finding out a little more about what I like and also reading other posts, at first which I didn’t think I was ‘in to’, but then realising I was becoming aroused by them.

      I’ll ‘switch’ again in a post I plan on writing soon – ‘She is a Man Fantasy’, where I am the lady, on the receiving end of my last ‘I am a Man Fantasy’ post…except this time, I am being dominated by a lady….with a cock…

      And yes, noted – I need to blog soon!! x

  2. ….one more thing – it depends on the lover. There have been only a couple of men who have managed to dominate me the way I clearly yearn to be. Men that ooze testosterone, that make me WANT to serve and worship them physically on every level. If i’m honest, that’s what I’m searching for. I like a guy right now, but I know there’s NO WAY he’d be able to dominate me the way I want. It would take years to get him to the place I’d like him to be…*sigh*

  3. You “KNOW” this guy right? You are probably right… I do not know either of you.

    I am a perfect gentleman!

    …Well mannered and very polite, confident, duantless, trustworthy and self-assured.

    Not quiet, but not loud, respectful. Testosterone doesn’t ooze from me.

    I would not stick out in a crowd except if I was with my Little Kaninchen you may notice that I look at her with desire in my eyes and that I treat her as if she were my most prized possession. I publicly display my respect for her as she does for me.

    Literally… You can see it… You can feel it… Most likely can not identify it…

    Since our journey began people have commented to us many times but they don’t really know. We are just another ordinary, professional couple that has some kind of noticable, practically tangible chemistry.

    They can’t even imagine what really goes on between us!

    Without LK I am just the guy described in the begining of the post.

    You would never know who I really was… my true desire…


    1. Hmmm….I would LOVE to be wrong on this one, I really would. My instinct tells me i’m not though. I’m in love with his mind…..but physically I do not feel a great deal. Unfortunately…

      M Blush.

      1. My instincts tell me that your instincts may be correct…

        I was just sayin’… Ya never know!

        But if your not physcally attracted, well… I guess you know!

        Now please go and write the FF dominance story where you are dominated by a woman and her cock.

        Can I expect that story this week?


        1. Lol, he’s physically attractive…but i’m not physically attracted to him. Yet I am attracted to his mind, so I WOULD go there…to explore you know. Trouble is, I think he may suspect i’d eat him alive and as such…is giving me nothing (or he doesn’t fancy me to put it simply!)

          Lol at your orders! Yes, I will write this….hopefully will publish this week ; )

  4. I will ask you about this gentleman another time. Let me leave you with one more thought to ponder…

    When I asked you, “You KNOW this guy right?”

    Think of it like this… Does he know YOU? The you that rights crazy hot erotica on her blog? The you that is full of passion and spirit? The you that is just beginning to know herself?

    Regarding your much anticipated story, Excellent… I will have time to read it Friday! Lol



    1. Lol again!

      Oh I think we should talk about ‘the gentleman’ another time as you say…nothing is ever black and white as you would know…

      And thank you for setting me a deadline! Is this part of your ‘Dom’ persona?! Lol

      Also, I notice your blog is ‘for dominants only’….does this mean the rest of us are excluded?! ; )

      1. My “Dom persona”!

        The first time that I requested you write the story was just me, a simple polite request demonstrating my earnest desire to read your promised story.

        The deadline was my humor after you considered my first statement as “orders”. And yes I will admit that by saying it I also hoped that it would motivate you to write your story soon. This being said, I still look forward to reading your story Friday! Lol

        “Dominants only”, my intentions were not to exclude anyone. Maybe I will reconsider…


          1. Interesting…

            Now topping from the bottom…

            Let me ponder this for a bit…


    1. Now I am unsure…


      I already have a great topic for your next story! I can’t wait to find out if it will be non-fiction or fiction but you and I both know that I can’t reveal it until after Wednesday…


  5. Now you are mocking me, Madame Blush…

    It’s more about control…

    Thursday will be fine. I actually have two really hot ideas that I would want you to write about.


  6. I see you’ve removed your post ‘Mitigating Risk’. Thankfully, I did read this when you posted so I do understand why my brief never arrived….I was also taking the time to ponder the matter before I responded (it’s very clear you won’t be replying anymore).

    Firstly, i’d just like to say that it is a real shame there are malicious, vindictive people out there who seem to get their kicks from causing problems for others. Like you say, I expect it’s far more about their own insecurities and their lack of emotional intelligence than anything directly relating to you and LK. I’m not sure what this person posted, but what I am sure about is that you have always expressed the upmost respect for LK in your writing and it’s very clear to anybody who has read your blog, how much you love and cherish this woman.

    Secondly, it’s much more of a shame that you will not be posting and interacting at the same level you have previously about your journey. What was quite unique (something I haven’t come across on this site yet), was the dynamic of the situation between you and LK. A couple sharing their journey and being able to read the same experience from both perspectives was quite fascinating.

    Finally, I’m saddened you will not be engaging with your followers anymore. For me, blogging is very much about the interaction and being able to do so with others who share the same passion for writing; especially (in our instances) hot erotica. This, personally has allowed me to develop a side of me that was previously suppressed, As you know, even the few brief interactions I had with you caused me to question who I am as a person, i.e. Am I really a sub? Something which may be quite obvious to others reading my posts, yet strangely enough for me I hadn’t even considered it. If I simply posted and didn’t interact with others, then I wouldn’t have even begun to consider this possibility.

    That all being said, I understand we use this forum for our own, very different reasons. I’d just like to say that it is our loss that you will not be sharing so much of yourself anymore and that I wish you and LK all very best.

    Madame Blush

  7. Thank you for your kind words…

    I was about to stop blogging altogether and LK has helped me through my moment of weakness.


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