HD007 – Success Starts with Discipline

Dominance and submission success starts with discipline



During my journey to become a better man, a better husband, a better Dominant, and a better leader there hasn’t been a time when I haven’t felt like my personal health and fitness wasn’t an integral part of my journey.  This to me was just like oxygen to a flame, a necessity.  

After Beastly told me of his departure, I began asking myself, what was so important to me about having a health and fitness group on husDOM.  

Why was I so passionate about this topic when many times I felt like I stood practically alone in my drive and my desire? 

If you notice there is not one other group on husDOM that doesn’t directly have something to do with Dominance and submission.  The Men’s Health group is the only outlier.  

Why was that?  

Why did I feel so strongly that it was an important part of my Dominance and  leadership?

And should I just let it go?

After no more than a minute maybe two of soul searching I realized that health and fitness played a much larger and important role in my life than just being healthy and in good physical condition.  It is part of who I am as a person.  This epiphany sounds pretty dramatic in a way but bear with me for a minute.

What I discovered is that for me personally the health and fitness aspect was about self-discipline.  It was something in my life that was in my complete control.  Sure I could blame others or my circumstances for my choices but really, in the end, it was about self-discipline and owning it.  

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.”  Jim Rohn 

Join me today as I discuss the importance of self-discipline in my personal life.

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husDOM’s Men’s Health – A Dominant’s Guide: https://husdom.com/groups/sexual-fitness-for-men-a-dominants-guide/


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Success Starts with Discipline


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Mr Fox 

5-4-3-2-1-0 all engine running. Lift off, we have a lift off.

Mr Fox   00:33

Welcome everybody. This is Mr. Fox and you’re listening to the husDOM Dominant Leader podcast. In today’s episode, I’m going to talk about our Men’s Fitness group within the husDOM community. We recently had Beastley stepped down from the leadership position of that group. Beastly is outstanding. He’s done an amazing job with the fitness group. He has a true passion and inspiration for both mentoring others and for health and fitness in general. Beastley, you’re going to be missed by many, including myself. 

Mr Fox   01:08

This is actually my segue into today’s topic. With Beastley’s departure, I had to do a little soul searching to try and figure out what I was going to do with the fitness group. The first question that I asked myself was, “Why is my personal health and fitness so important to me?” and important enough that somehow I feel that it should be a part of every man’s journey into their married dominance and submission lifestyle as well? Join me today is I share my thoughts and the answers to my question.

Mr Fox   01:47

Hey, guys, do you like the husDOM, podcast and the community? Would you like to have an even more active participatory community? If so there is something that you can do to help us out, you can pay it forward. Please take just one, maybe two minutes and subscribe to the podcast. While you’re in that podcast app, please give us a five star rating. And the most valuable thing that you can do for the podcast is to leave us a positive review. I know that I’m asking a lot from you. I know that your time is the most valuable asset. But if you do these three things for me, you will be sending our podcasts into warp drive. Thank you, gentlemen. 

Mr Fox   02:30

Recently, I have found myself having to really search the depths of my mind for what I want to do with the Men’s Health and Fitness group on husDom now that Beastley has told me that he’s going to leave. I’ve given this a lot of soul searching recently, I really have. Do I keep the same course that I’m on and try to continue on a similar path with where the Men’s Fitness and Health group is currently going? Or do I pivot? Do I reduce the group into just a discussion board? Do I try to accelerate what we had going take that momentum and make it something more? What do I do from here? 

Mr Fox   03:07

When I first gave this topic, any consideration at all, I was more of the frame of mind to just scratch it, to just let it go. Turn it into a discussion. It seems like it’s always been a struggle to get men interested infitness,  and personal health. My interest in this topic, though, is completely selfish. It’s about me, it makes me feel good. When I exercise, it makes me feel good when I’m taking care of myself and I’m living in a healthy manner. I’m totally into being healthy eating healthy exercising, working out. And I have been most of my life. I can’t think of a time when I’ve been D|s that I have not also been into my diet and into my exercise. As I began thinking about it on this level, I thought that it almost makes me weird. Im the anomaly, the outlier. My desire and passion also makes me different than everybody else. Okay, maybe not everybody else, right? But it seems like it makes me different than a lot of people. So this is the question that I asked myself. Why do I find working out in a healthy diet and exercise, a healthy lifestyle? 

Mr Fox   04:16

Why do I find that so important in my life? And why would I think that this would be important to anybody else? 

Mr Fox   04:26

And ultimately, that is the very question that it’s come down to in my mind, as I’ve been thinking about continuing or not continuing the physical fitness chats on has done. So as I started thinking like this, I began to dig a little deeper into myself. Why am I doing this? And I’m not talking about the physical fitness group on husDOM or the chats we do on health and fitness. I’m talking about why am I living that lifestyle? Why do I think that diet, a healthy diet and exercise is so important? So what am I getting out of it? I must get something out of it or I wouldn’t be driven to do it. 

Mr Fox   05:05

And as I started to really dig a little deeper into myself, I realized that for me, it can be broken down into a basic, basic level. That level is discipline. 

Mr Fox   05:17

It is self discipline, for me self mastery.  Call it whatever you want. I think it’s more about having some sort of structure in my life, that I’m not just drifting around without a rudder. 

Mr Fox   05:29

Jim Rohn, who is a true inspiration to me and has been most of my life would say, “a ship without a rudder is certain to wander aimlessly, and we’ll probably end up going around in circles, and getting nowhere.” 

Mr Fox   05:43

I’m not just drifting around wherever life happens to take me. Instead, having that discipline to say that I’m going to do this, that I’m going to exercise and eat well, and then make it a routine in my life, make it a habit. As I began thinking about it on this level, I decided that it makes perfect sense why I find this topic so important for my personal journey. Now, I’m not saying or even suggesting that working out, or diet or a healthy lifestyle is some sort of prerequisite for you to be a dominant. I’m not saying that at all. And I’m certainly not suggesting that it needs to be important to you in any manner, for you to be successful in any way or any aspect of your life. That is not what I’m saying at all. What I’m saying is that for me, on a personal level, and I’d like to believe that for most other people that are disciplined in regular exercise, eating healthy, taking care of themselves, it’s that structure, that self discipline that they have, that leads into other areas of their lives as well.

Mr Fox   06:49

When you have one area of your life that you find discipline in, it naturally leads or progresses to discipline in other areas of your life. It’s a natural progression of sorts. And we have to start somewhere for discipline, right?  We have to a beginning point, a foundation for where our self discipline begins. And for myself, creating discipline, and this area, the area of health and fitness in my personal life, is what I would consider low hanging fruit. So what I mean by that is, it’s about the easiest place to begin. Again, I realize others may have real struggle in this area. For myself, it’s low hanging fruit, it’s a place for me to dig my heels in, a place for me to start self discipline. 

Mr Fox   07:39

Now, when it comes to exercise, and a healthy diet, and a healthy lifestyle, many men struggle in this arena. I don’t believe it’s because they’re weak, or they don’t have the fortitude or the resolve. There’s a lot of different things that it can be.  For example, maybe they take on unrealistic expectations for themselves.  Maybe they see somebody else’s success. Maybe that person had accomplished the unimaginable in a short period of time. And then when they don’t get those same results in that same short period of time, they tell themselves that they’re a failure, that they can’t do it. And maybe it’s because some men start out with difficult, lengthy, exhausting exercise routines that are just too difficult to complete. Maybe it’s because they see somebody else already doing it. Or maybe they they visioned themselves doing it. There could be countless reasons why so many people struggle with discipline in this area of their lives. Some men may not believe in themselves, or they do not believe that they can reach a particular goal. And then when they try, but they come across a hurdle, they’ll begin to tell themselves things like I can’t do this. They tell themselves other people can do it, but I can’t. When this in fact is a false narrative, right? It just isn’t true. We’re lying to ourselves when we say things like that. It’s probably because we don’t see any of the results yet. We have this vision in our mind of what it’s going to do for us what impact it’s going to have on our life. And then we start down that path. We come to a first challenge or hurdle. And we haven’t seen any results yet. So our mind begins to tell us that nothing’s happening, that we’re failing, when it’s just not true. 

Mr Fox   09:27

Other men may share similar struggles, but other people may be different places than you are. Maybe they’re trying to lose 40 pounds and you’re trying to lose 10. The point is, that you can’t compare yourself to other people around you or what they’re doing, what they’re doing in their lifestyle. You can’t give yourself that false narrative as well. Maybe they have access to a gym and you don’t, who knows? But no matter what the circumstances are the key point here is that you cannot compare yourself to others during your journey, you can’t allow your subconscious to defeat you. Right? You can’t allow your subconscious to defeat you, before you have even really tried. 

Mr Fox   10:11

At the end of all of my soul searching, what I’ve come to believe in my heart is that this healthy lifestyle and exercise and diet that I do has a significant positive impact on me personally, and my personal success as a married dominant. Do you have to check off this box to be a successful, married, dominant? Absolutely not. But I feel that it’s critical in my personal journey. And again, it is because of the self discipline that I am nurturing, and self discipline in this particular area of my life, that leads to self discipline, and other areas of my life. Right. And that’s where real leadership comes in. 

Mr Fox   10:54

In a married dominance and submission relationship, when we’re talking about the leadership portion of being a dominant, being a better man, being a better husband, being a better father, this self discipline that I get from exercise and a healthy lifestyle, that self discipline bleeds directly over into that leadership skill set as well.

Mr Fox   11:18

My conclusion is that I see the real benefit for our husDOM Men’s Fitness and Health Group. No matter what your age is, no matter if you’re overweight, no matter what your challenge is. Maybe you haven’t worked out very recently, maybe you’ve never worked out before in your life, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t even matter what your results are. People get too hung up on the results. Our goals need to be realistic in the beginning. It needs to be about our self discipline, habit building more than measuring results. If you are already a member of the husDOM community, and you have not yet joined the men’s health and fitness group, I personally invite you to join today. 

Mr Fox   12:06

We are also looking for a passionate, self driven, pay it forward type of individual that has the selfless desire to be part of the husDOM team, and head up our Men’s Fitness group. If you’re interested in this position, please send Mr K Sir or a private message. And he will get back to you with the details. 

Mr Fox   12:29

The husDOM Dominant Challenge this week is to take one small step forward in your personal health and fitness journey. Don’t try to over impress anyone with some outlandish goal, or don’t over commit yourself to something that you can’t do. Let’s just keep it simple. 

Mr Fox   12:46

What is one thing that you can do? What small thing can you commit to? That just puts you on that path? Right one step into your journey. 

Mr Fox   12:56

There’s a Chinese proverb about a journey begins with the first step. Some examples of this might be if you want to lose some weight, right? Maybe you have 50 pounds to lose. But let’s begin with a small obtainable number, let’s say 10 pounds. And don’t forget to give yourself a time limit, right? So that it’s a real goal is not just a desire or a dream. If you say I’m going to lose 10 pounds with no expiration date, right? No, no timeframe in mind, it’s just a dream, you’re just saying it, it means nothing, you have to have a time limit. Again, make it realistic. If you want to lose 50 pounds, let’s shoot for 10. Let’s take that first step. Let’s give yourself a month, two months, whatever you think, but let’s set the goal. Let’s monitor this goal. And let’s achieve it.  Because that’s going to build a habit. And it’s also going to build self discipline that we need in our lives. 

Mr Fox   13:49

So if you want to eat healthier, maybe cut down to one soda a day, if you drink soda. Whatever you choose to do, doesn’t matter, right? The only thing that matters about it is that it’s important to you. 

Mr Fox   14:05

Remember, don’t swing for the fences.  Choose a goal that’s obtainable. Have an opportunity or create an opportunity for yourself, right, to feel the success. As well as changing and developing a habit pattern and developing your own self discipline in this area. 

Mr Fox   14:26

I would also like to encourage everybody to go inside the men’s health and fitness group on husDOM, you’ll find a discussion board called accountability. It allows you a place to enter these goals right here, make yourself accountable to the rest of the community. And you’ll have a much better chance of reaching those goals. So that’s what it’s for. Go to this accountability, discussion and whatever you have chosen that small step forward that you chose for this week’s husDOM Dominant Challenge. I challenge you to put it in there, if it was the 10 pounds or the soda or whatever that goal is for you, whatever that small step forward is for you, I challenge you go into that accountability discussion, and just write down what it is. 

Mr Fox   15:14

There’s something powerful about sharing your goals with others. That’s one of the things that makes our community so powerful. When you put that out there to other people, you’ll feel accountable to those other people. It will also be a real goal, you’ve written it down. It’s almost tangible, instead of just something floating around in your mind. So I’m looking forward this week to seeing what everybody chooses to do. 

Mr Fox   15:37

If you post your goal in that accountability discussion, I will personally answer it on husDOM. I’ll see you there

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