D/s-M Medieval Retreat | 2018

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Information regarding the D/s-M Married Couple’s Retreat is finally available.

Many couples in our communities are excited about the next gathering and are wondering how they can secure their tickets.  Each year we have to limit the number of tickets available for the event.  The past several years we continue to sell out of available tickets.  We sell out earlier and earlier each year.  Many members are aware of this fact and are anxious to secure their tickets as soon as possible.

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MX3, MidLife, Married & Monogamous

Last year we sold 15 tickets, 30 attendees, for our warren gathering event in NOLA.  While this size of event worked very well in 2017 there were other couples that wanted to attend the event but couldn’t as we had reached our maximum capacity for that venue.  In order for our event to continue to grow in size we need to have considerable more attendees take part in the next gathering.  Moving from a small sized venue to a mid-sized venue requires us to book almost double the capacity then we had last year.  That being said, if we can generate enough legitimate interest to have 34 to 50 people (17-25 couples) attend our 2018 gathering we will plan on expanding this year and making things bigger and better then ever.  Please review at the info below.

We have had tremendous interest so far.  We have already had more members contact us regarding the Married Dominance and submission Couple’s Retreat than attended the event last year.  

That level of interest has allowed us to move forward with our plans.

D/s-M Couple’s Retreat

We are currently looking into making 2018’s event a “D/s-M Couple’s Retreat”  Going on a retreat means taking time away from your ordinary vanilla life and the situations they bring. This is a special time to give you and your partner a D/s-M experience. Other couples along with yourself are taking an annual break from their hectic lives to build a special camaraderie with other like minded couples.   A D/s-M Couple’s retreat lets our feelings open up and gives us access to both the light and dark corners of our deep feelings and thoughts. It can bring us a understanding of where we are in our D/s-M dynamics. This retreat will be about discovering ourselves and our partners in ways that help us to grow in intimacy, happiness and love.Married Dominance and submission event, The gathering 2018, submissive and Dominant retreat, Dominance and submission retreat, submissive retreat, Dominant retreat, submissive wife, DOminant husband, subMrs.com, husDOM.com, Domination and submission for married couples, Retreat for married D/s-M couples

During this retreat we all would have to stay under 3 roofs totaling 21,000 sq. ft.  3 mini castles in a private gated area. There will be many house rules. We all will be expected to keep with all our rules and protocols during the stay.  One thing that new couples may have concerns is about “swinging”.  I wanted to remind everyone our method of D/s-M, IS MONOGAMOUS, we promote it.  This event is NOT a swingers event in any way.  We want every couple to have a wonderful and daring experience but only with one another.  If you and your partner swing that is fine but please leave that part of your dynamic at home.  If you or your husDOM would like a reference from attendees that have attended previous events, please contact an Ambassador they can refer you or give you a reference themselves if they have attended an event themselves. Mr. Fox and myself are welcoming of any emails or calls regarding questions about the gatherings. LK@subMrs.com or MrFox@husDOM.com .

The Long and Short of It.

We listened to our couples from last year’s gathering and found a way to get a great D/s-M experience but in a shorter period of time. We made the event less days.  We want everyone to be able to make life long friends and connect in a similar manner as before when the event was an entire week. Hence, we thought a retreat.  The long part of this retreat is the cost,.  This year the ticket will be an “all inclusive ticket”. To include your lodging, food/catering and workshops, the full event.  **(Does not include any travel costs or other personal recreation or events.)

In an effort to maintain consistency we are going to post the details in one location, submrs.com.

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