2017 Warren Gathering New Orleans

There has been a Group & Forum developed for the members that are actually attending the New Orleans event.  The are both set to private.  If you are attending the New Orleans event please send a request to join the group.

subMrs & husDOM Annual Gathering | City of the Dead, 2017, All Hollows Eve

Most of you have noticed we have not announced our annual gathering itinerary at this point for this years subMrs and husDOM annual event. There has been several reasons why we have not done so as of yet. I know everyone has to save up for events of this size and try to get time off for it as well. We usually have our gatherings in Vegas in April. We have been feeling everyone out about this years gathering and watching what people are saying on chats. We have a “MasterClass” of couples that have come 3+ years and they all know who they are…. You’re all close to our hearts and thoughts when we are trying to make decisions for 2017. We put so much into these gatherings and want everyone this year to have an experience like none other, thus we are changing it up.

subMrs Gathering, husDOM Gathering, 2017 gathering of Dominant and submission marriages

We want to have our husDOM & subMrs. gathering in October, 10/27-10/31-17 .  (10-26/11-1, for most of us to fly in and back out.)

After a lot of thought, we have decided to improve on our sites this spring instead of our regular spring gathering and then move it to fall to New Orleans, Vampire Ball.   We hope that not only our “MasterClass” couples attend but many new Dominant and submissive’s join us. We will be working hard on getting some D/s-M incorporated around the Vampire Ball and Hallow’s Eve. During the event we would like to include Meet and Greet, themed dinner party,“The Sheer Sinful Dinner”,  a couple tours, and a show. Some places I am looking at booking for the group: The Society of Sin, House of Shock, Voodo shop, Cemetery & Vampire Tours, A Dungeon and Kinky Salon event…. Just to give you a small taste of what we want the experience to be.  The more couples we get to come the more events we can do.  There will be a cut off date this year in June. Our Gatherings overall theme is Baroque, see details below.


Costs, We are early in the planning stages so we are going with the same costs as last year $765.00 per couple.  We will post actual costs as things get worked through. We are going to do timed installments this year. We start with the Good Faith deposit. ($250.) and then over time ask for two more deposits before a cut off date. Vampire Ball Tickets, Your hotel and travel are separate costs. Our ticket only covers our gathering itinerary.  See the Endless Night Vampire Ball link to see the costs of their tickets.  We will try to get a deal for the group as we usually do on any events where we can get group discounts. I usually tell couples to expect $3,500.-$4,500. for expenses. (Hotel, entertainment itinerary and food for a week.)

UPDATE: This year you will have to place your own hotel arrangements. I would do it ASAP!! There are many different events happening in NOLA at the same time.  We suggest everyone to stay as close as you can to The House of Blues, walking in heels is tough so then you do not hurt your feet. Stay within the french quarter so you wont have additional costs of taxi or Uber. In the private forum, I will post where Mr Fox and I are staying. I suggest looking at Marriott and all there brands, as there are several in that area. 

** NEED FOR GOOD FAITH DEPOSIT:  We learned last year that we need to ask for deposits before entering any contracts for dinners or hotel or group events. These companies ask us to sign contracts and make deposits from us personally, so we feel it’s fair that we ask all you for commitments to attending with a good faith deposit, $250.00 . This deposit will be applied to your final itinerary and will be non-refundable. If there are any questions regarding deposits please have your husDOM write MrFox@husDOM.com. We ask those of you that have attended previous gatherings to assure others that we are trustworthy and careful with their monies. The deposit will be accepted on husDOM.com, Mr Fox’s Dominants Only website community . After we receive your initial deposit you will be invited to join the PRIVATE GROUP & FORUM for the gathering, it will have it’s own forum and thats where we give out the dirty details and itineraries as they form. This is also where you can ask questions as well about costumes ect…. This is to be kept private to protect our members identities and our where-abouts confidential. 

We ask everyone with tickets for your cooperation keeping all schedule/details private, With much appreciation in your assistance with doing so.

**I wanted to ask any couples that want to go in on a private table at the ball to let us know if you’re interested. I will put a list together of ladies that are interested in the private forum and put you together to make a whole table. A table seats 6, 3 couples.   In the forum let me know if interested.  HUGS! LK

Our group theme for the Endless Night Vampire Ball, Saturday October 28th is Gods & Goddesses.  The theme of the weekend is Gods & Monsters so it seemed appropriate.  S/submissive’s lets do our costumes for ball as all “goddesses'”. Look up all the goddesses online. There are many different ones and many different looks, Athena to Medusa.  Egyptian, Nordic, Aztec and Indian have goddesses.  What goddesses do you connect with most?  Don’t forget to add your vampiness to it!  I am going to purpose our Sir’s go as Gods…. Send me your questions by Private Message.  One more thing as you decide who you’re cumming as, please PM me your decisions so I can let other ladies know that goddess has been taken. Also, I have to mention you can be one goddess in Greek mythology and basically be the same one in Roman mythology, just a different name. So you most the time can be the Goddess you love the most! Now that the deposits can be taken on husDOM, as soon as you get your deposit in you post who your going to be on the private forum that you will be invited to. These are the three that have been spoken for, if I don’t recieve their deposits within a week from now then I will release those spoken for. 

***1.) God Osiris and his Goddess Isis TAKEN 2/07/17…. 

      2.) Ares/Aphrodite  TAKEN 2/24/17

      3.) Poseidon/Athena TAKEN 3/6/17

New attendants, What to expect ….

There has been a lot of questions about what to expect when you cum to a gathering of the Warren, subMrs & husDOM.  Many times,  Mr.  Fox and I put together an itinerary of workshops, shows, dinners, ball, & tours. All these events are put together in hopes to give every couple experiences that they may have never had before and an introduction to things that couples may not want to attend by themselves first time around.  This is a ONE OF A KIND experience, NO ONE ELSE, especially focused on married couples does this type of event.  These may include experiences like themed and costume dinners, touring a dungeon, private kinky shopping events, Being taught how to do impact play or rope, attending a kinky show. We also play games and theme dress days  and even have wig days. These are all moments to chew on, taste and some may even swallow! This event is also one done only with CLASS.… no trash here.

We have rules, protocols and etiquettes that we put out every year along with our itinerary and information on our games. Our gatherings are for monogamous couples and is NOT a swinging event.  Nothing against swinging, if thats your thing thats great but leave it at home while attending our gatherings.  Most couples in our group are monogamous or new to Domination and submission and we want these gatherings to not be intimidating or scary for any couples, just informative and that lifetime chance to be a part of something magical.  Please if you have any specific concerns please write me here, private message or email LK@subMrs.com .  You can also have your Sir write MrFox@husDOM.com.

I wanted to explain a little further to everyone about some of the main events scheduling we are trying to put together.  I want to incorporate our meet and greet with the beginning of vampire court, 27th. I am looking at the 30th for “The Sheer Sinful Themed Dinner”, our big gathering dinner. The 31st, All Hallow’s Eve, The most haunted house and show in the continent, I will post a place to purchase tickets after I get group pricing for it. Hallows Eve, Let’s all dress up as our submissive and DOMinant names describe us…. So, ladies start thinking about those costumes! These details can change as we do our planning, further details will be updated and posted in the invite only 2017 Gathering group forum.


Baroque is often thought of as a period of artistic style that used exaggerated motion and clear, easily interpreted detail to produce drama, tension, exuberance, and grandeur in sculpture, painting, architecture, literature, dance, theater, and music. The style began around 1600 in Rome and Italy, and spread to most of Europe.  ** One place you see a lot of baroque is in royal queens, vampires and goddesses!

**More details on what this means for all us subbies will be in the Private Forum…  After good faith deposit is received you will be invited to join that forum or just added to it. 


“The Sheer Sinful Dinner”.  S/sub-Attire: What all of us submissives will be wearing will be sheer with a statement necklace or earrings to show off.  More details in private forum!

Let the games begin!

**Those of you that are Anne Rice fans, she is infamous in New Orleans you may want to check out this link, Anne Rice going all GAME OF THRONES with Lestat! 


Images: Vampire Ball website, google

3/06/17; Last update

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