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Sometimes you need to speak clear and concise to maintain consistency. 

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Getting more out of one of our original D|s Rituals

I have recently shared one of the long-standing rituals that I have with my lk, she must ask for permission before entering into my bed….…...

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HD005 – How to establish confidence as a Dominant husband.

This podcast episode topic was generated from a conversation that I had while chatting with another husDOM in the Fox’s Den.  I could remember how I felt during the beginning of my Dominance and submission journey and how difficult it was to develop the true confidence.  Not the light hearted, sure I am a Dom attitude, but rather the knowing it, feeling it.  Being confident that I would do the right thing in the right moment.

HD003 – 5 Skills That Could Change Your Life, Your Marriage

Gentlemen, I am excited to announce the weekly publication of the husDOM podcast.

I was inspired to share some of my thoughts during my drive to the airport. The idea of sharing these thoughts is not to try and tell you. how you should do something or how you should think but rather to inspire some genuine curiosity and self-evaluation.

While I was thinking about why I am not striving to be a better man or striving for 110% every day of my life, I thought of 5 skills that are essential in developing a Dominant Leadership attitude.


    1. Sir To An Angel,

      I have begun a new category in which I plan on posting simple statements like this in the future. I thought that the posts could serve as a simple reminder to Dominants regarding our proper mindset. I also thought that it would be an opportunity to give a glimpse into what I personally value and things that may actually be said to my Little Kaninchen.

      Kindest regards,

      Mr Fox

  1. Mr. Fox,

    Few words, many meanings……..

    Great Post,

    Mr. P

    1. Mr P,

      Thank you!

      I am also glad to learn that the issues have been resolved.

      Best wishes,

      Mr Fox

  2. I was all prepared for an in-depth informative post, and yet, I still got it.
    Looking forward to the new category; I can always always brush-up on my Not-A-Question commands, even discover new ones.

    Thank you Sir.

    1. Professor Taboo,

      I was on your website the other day and noticed a post regarding the P-51 Mustang…


      Be still my heart! Now there is a fantasy of mine… The closest that I have ever been to flying a WWII fighter was when I had the opportunity to fly an T-6 Texan!

      I havent been able to procure the time to comment on your post but I will head over there right now.

      Best wishes,

      Mr Fox

  3. Said with the proper reserved tone, this is a very powerful stamenent for freshly minted D/s relationship. I find it can cause an instant *desire* in my Kitten to complete the the task.

    Laus Deo,

    1. Beloved,

      You have the proper context for the statement. It isn’t a threat or said with a condescending tone.

      Sometimes I find myself still saying almost this exact thing to lk. Said properly she doesn’t take it as sarcasm or in a domineering manner. It can put an end to needless debate that isn’t going anywhere good.

      Best wishes,

      Mr Fox

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