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Currently, Little Kaninchen and I usually speak every night on the phone before we go to sleep.  Sometimes I work too late into the night or find myself in a far away timezone that makes nightly communication difficult.  Lately, we have been talking from one ear piece to another as we both try to accomplish the various chores that we have to perform daily on each end of the phone.  This has proven to make effective communication extremely difficult.

Virtual Dom

I just set my alarm for 0230 in the morning and decided to Face Time my Little Kaninchen tonight before going to sleep.  LK answered me on her iPad and climbed into bed.

“Are you laying in my bed LK?”

LK instinctively climbs out of my bed and answers, “Yes Sir.”

“Would you please go over to my chair and kneel by it as you would normally if I were at home with you and I was actually in my chair?.”

“Yes Sir.”

I have mentioned our bedroom setup in several posts.  We have a large bedroom with a fireplace and mantel on one side.  In front of the fireplace we have a large rug and two large leather tufted chairs that face one another, one is my chair and the other chair belongs to my LK.  In between the leather chairs and directly in front of the fireplace there is a large three and a half by five foot matching leather ottoman that we use for play quite frequently.

In the evenings, when I am at home, I will sit in my chair and ask my LK to kneel in front of me with her head on my lap.  I will stroke LK’s beautiful blonde hair as her head rests in my lap and we discuss everything.  We call this time together “Downtime”.  It is a reduced protocol of sorts that allows LK to speak to me regarding any issue.

Our downtime technique has proven powerful; she is kneeling at my feet with her head in my lap while I have her by her hair.  How much more of a vulnerable or submissive position could she be in?  Doing this always leaves LK with a proper submissive mindset.


Little Kaninchen walked over to my leather chair and knelt beside it in her usual position.  She then placed her iPad up on the back of the chair propped up by a blanket.  It was perfect!  I could see just the top of her blonde hair as she rested her head on the chair cushion.  We began to talk.  It was amazing how we were communicating so much better than we had earlier in the day.  Neither one of us was distracted doing any of our other chores or responsibilities; it was immensely satisfying.  We once again were effectively communicating.

Tonight our virtual D/s relationship was a complete success.  Little Kaninchen‘s mind was cleared as if I were really there, sitting in my chair with her head in my lap.

Little Kaninchen rose out of the chair with a more submissive mindset.  The virtual downtime turned out to be therapeutic for me as well.  I felt more in control of her and our household, from a thousand miles away, than I probably ever had before.

Mr Fox


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Rabbit Fur and Leather Flogger

What happened next is what really turns me on during scenes like this.  Lk’s body is subconsciously trying to withdraw from the punishment but somewhere in the depths of her being there is another notion.  The notion to push her shoulders back which will effectively drive her breasts directly into the teeth of the leather falls as they continue to thrust relentlessly on her.


    1. ImHis,

      Agreed! Communicating is monumentally important and even though we may be speaking to one another on the phone we may not be effectively communicating.

      Best wishes and happy holidays,

      Mr. Fox

  1. Mr. Fox-you have said that you think that it’s hard to be a submissive, but I actually think the Dom’s have the hard work, especially if they are away from us and the family. This sounds like a wonderful high tech solution for you both. I’m sure it helps LK immensely.

    1. LBP,

      Unarguably the submissive’s courage is unmatched…

      It takes far more courage to willfully submit to another than to lead…

      I could not have done what my LK has done and I will forever be indebted to her for it.

      Happy holidays,

      Mr. Fox

      1. Mr. Fox, it does require a leap of courage on the subs part, and you know that I took a huge leap with my Sir, but each time my Sir catches me, our trust bond grows and allows me to feel secure so that I only want to serve him even more. I find the spirals are less frequent and I weather them better the more I trust in and submit to Sir’s control.

    1. Kenzie,

      When I asked LK to go over to my chair and kneel for me I didn’t really anticipate the feeling that it provided for both of us. It really was a success.

      Happy Holidays,

      Mr. Fox

  2. Good evening Mr Fox
    My down time with my darling is when I enter his home and he shuts the door I am to stand there while he takes off my coat to reveal the sexy lingerie that I have worn for him…yes I drIve to his home with only a corset or other and no panties with a black coat..he then kisses my shoulders and looks me over…he then walks away to sit in his chair and asks me to walk to him…I tell him NO (joking of course) but he takes offense to it which now he replies ” No you say!!!??? …well then GET ON YOUR HANDS AND KNEES AND CRAWL TO ME YOU SLUT!!!) and I reply ” yes darling..”..when I arrive to him he looks into my eyes..kisses me… tells me how he missed me then SLAPS ME FOR DISOBEYING HIM..


    1. Sasha,

      You and your Sir definitely have the fire burning…

      I like your down time as well…

      Happy Holidays,

      Mr. Fox

  3. You always seem to strike such a wonderful balance between power and tenderness, love and authority… I often think to myself, what more could I do to encourage this in my DH? I believe that with your job, that LK has to be a very self-sufficient, strong, and decisive person (as I fancy myself to be); DH seems to have difficulty with flipping that switch between “wife taking on the world” and “wife submitting to her husband” (as she wishes to). He and I have come a long way, but old attitudes die hard. He still seems so tentative in taking over the reins (and riding crop!) as if he fears he can’t be so forceful with me. Such a delicate balance to work towards…

    1. DD,

      You are correct about my LK and her attributes, she is an extremely strong decisive woman. LK just had an incident over this past weekend that made me so proud of her and what she is capable of.

      LK doesn’t need me to lead her, she wants me to lead her.

      You are not alone, many men share the same difficulty “flipping the switch”.

      DH and yourself have come a long way, a really long way.

      I hope that you and DH have a wonderful Holiday,

      Best wishes,

      Mr. Fox

  4. Sir… I did enjoy that time… I loved at the end when I joked and made the head movements like I was pleasuring you…. LOL!

    All My Submission Sir,


    1. LK,

      You had the iPad set perfectly and all I could see was the top of your head moving up and down. It was like a POV movie!

      If it wasn’t almost 0200 your time I would FaceTime you right now!

      Love you madly LK!

      Mr. Fox

  5. Mr Fox… Great post…my sir and I connect everyday by text.. As Lk puts it we are dailies…. I look forward to my sirs morning texts Monday through Friday when he is off to work he sends me a text before I leave for work myself… It always consists of the agenda for after work… Always tells me how our love is strong… And sometimes gives me a task To get me through the day or a reminder of a broken rule.. Lol. Glad you and Lk have that connection…..Lk your too much… Bobbing bunny!!!!!

    1. Sweetness,

      Bobbing bunny… Too funny!

      Thank you for sharing your dynamic as well. We don’t often hear much regarding “dailies” and their dynamics.

      My crazy schedule and time zone changes don’t allow me to contact LK on any regular intervals like your Sir. I like that your Sir texts you right before your day is about to begin. I also like that he confirms the strength of your love. This action, I believe, would be that balance that DD was referring to in an earlier comment.

      Happy Holidays,

      Mr. Fox

  6. Mr. Fox,

    I enjoyed this post…my Sir travels a lot too…We really enjoy connecting with Skype, especially when he travels internationally.


    1. SirsLittleButterfly,

      Skye is also a wonderful idea for the traveling Dominant.

      I hope that your Sir is home safely and spending this Holiday weekend with you and your family.

      Happy Thanksgiving,

      Mr Fox

      1. Mr. Fox,

        Thank you, yes my Sir will be home for Thanksgiving, but leaves shortly after for China…guess we will be getting to use that Skype again.:)

        Glad you will be home tomorrow to be with your family.

        Happy Thanksgiving to you and LK too.


  7. I really like the idea of downtime. It’s encouraging to know you’ve found a way to keep the dynamic alive even from distance. I think my sottomesso and I may start trying something similar. Thanks for the inspiration Mr. Fox.

    1. Samoan Sir,

      Our downtime is a powerful tool for effective communication. It allows us an opportunity to focus on only each other and our dynamic.

      Happy New Year!

      Mr Fox

  8. This post was both quite lovely and loving. Your blog was recently promoted by Professor Taboo on my blog as a thought provoking must read. Having only read this post so far, I completely understand why. I’m sure several of my readers will find your posts highly illuminating & educational. You are welcome to join the party at my place if you’d like. All you need to bring is a link or two of fellow bloggers that you feel deserve some positive attention. LK’s blog has also been promoted already, and I’ll be visiting her next. Happy New Year!

    1. Kitt,

      Thank you for stopping by and enlightening me that Professor Taboo has mentioned my blog on your site.

      I have a lot of respect and admiration for Professor Taboo and of course he is too humble to mention that he promoted my blog elsewhere.

      Thank you for all of your kind words, I will be over to visit your blog next!

      Best wishes and Happy New Year!

      Mr Fox

  9. i truly love this.

    i am so thrilled that you and LK were able to both have that downtime.

    1. Char,

      I am elated that you enjoyed this post.

      In all of my research during our journey I have never come across anything else like what we refer to as “downtime” but it has proven to be essential in our relationship.

      Always best wishes,

      Mr Fox

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