Treating Your subMrs Like a Child | submission Makes Her Stronger

Treating Your subMrs Like a Child | submission Makes Her Stronger

Treating Your subMrs Like a Child | submission Makes Her Stronger

“Now he feels like he will be treating me like his child.”

In the beginning of a HusDom’s journey it is commonplace for the husband to possess trepidation regarding the thought of treating his wife as a child. The woman that he married was a strong independent woman and he doesn’t want a weak cowardly wife that can no longer make a simple decision by herself. Nobody does… And that is not what your wife wants either…

As Little Kaninchen and myself began discussing D/s outside of our bedroom this became an immediate concern for me. LK and I have been on our own since we were eighteen years old. During the first four years together I worked third shift and for the past nineteen years I have traveled out of state or out of the country. Taking care of everything, from our children to our household, on her own for her entire life, I consider LK to be a single mother.

“He is sooo afraid that I’m going to change and become a weak person. He fell in love with my strong personality and is really afraid that I am going to change and he will fall out of love with me. I don’t see that happening but I guess it is a legitimate concern.”

If I began making all of the decisions for LK soon she will become dependent and not be able to function independently like she does now. What if I pass away? Little Kaninchen would be lost.

Since we have begun incorporating D/s outside of the bedroom I have been amazed at the actual results. Little Kaninchen has become much more confident and assertive. She is stronger now than I have ever seen her before. She makes even better decisions now and with less emotion. Treating Your subMrs Like a Child | submission Makes Her Stronger

Being Little Kaninchen’s Dominant does not make me a dictator, Little Kaninchen looks to me as a leader. We communicate much better than before when making decisions. When she gives me her input I actually listen now rather than viewing our discussion as a debate and looking for weakness in her point of view where I can exploit her misstep. She has only given me the authority as her dominant or leader to make the final decision. Since we began the D/s outside of our bedroom a year ago I have not made one decision without her input and we have not disagreed on any decision either. Perfect harmony! LK still functions and makes decisions everyday without consulting me. In fact, the only changes are that I listen to her more and we argue less.

If we disagreed in the past my vanilla self would have steadfastly fought for my point of view until she just gave up and let me have my way. I would have been so involved in winning the debate that I would not have heard any of her valid concerns or issues allowing me to make a less informed decision. Today, I still get my way but I truly listen.

I’m no longer fighting for Dominance.


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