Off with Her Head! | Warren Gathering Head Count| Las Vegas 2016

Off with Her Head!

Need a head count for Las Vegas Warren Gathering   ~2016~

We are providing everyone with preliminary dates and hotel with costs. We have 25 slots and are averaging the costs out with 25 couples… **If we get more couples then the costs may go down or we may include more things in the Itinerary. At the same time if we don’t fill all 25 spaces, costs may go up or we may have to downsize the event. *** We have 17 spaces filled already! Make sure you get your space reserved ASAP.

Theme: Eyes Wide Shut in Paris

~Destination: Las Vegas

~Dates: April 5th-9th

~Where: Paris Hotel

** For those who have never been to Vegas, budget about $300.00 a day for food and alcohol.

Preliminary Itinerary Cost: $600.00 (per couple)

Things included in the cost are:

Eyes Wide Shut in Paris dinner, Ritual & Masquerade Ball

Space for Workshop

Travel/Limo costs to events.

Gift Bag 2016

Preliminary Hotel Cost: $900. (4 nights)

** We thought we would secure a better rate for hotel costs. After having this a few years now we know everyone likes to try to stay in the same hotels, due to travel and meeting up is easier and makes the limo drop off and pick ups easier as well. A lot of our itinerary will take place in Paris hotel so it will make things very convenient for all. The hotel info. coming soon.

Sample Itinerary:

Tuesday the 5th: Day/Travel, Evening/Meet & Greet & Drink at 7pm Napoleon’s Lounge in Paris Dress: Corporate Casual … Make a good first impression. submissive’s are to wear a flower in their hair to signify they are there for the Gathering.

This is when we all cum together and meet for the first time and shake hands.

Napoleon's Lounge

(EAT before you CUM…)

Wednesday the 6th: Day/Free Time, Evening/Masquerade Ball & Dinner 8pm-2am in the Champagne Ballroom, Paris Hotel

*** We will be sending out protocols & dress for the “Eyes Wide Shut” ritual and dinner when we receive confirmation of your travel. Be ready for the major “mind-fuck”. See ritual scene at the bottom of the page. We will be reenacting this with a D/s twist!

Things to Bring: An insertable vibe/egg, butterfly for your submissive, 

Protocols: TBA

Dress: Dominants, TBA

Dress: submissives, TBA

There will be drink, gambling, games along with many fine looking submissives.


Thursday the 7th: Day/Private Shopping Event, Afternoon/Workshop & Lunch, Evening/Free Time

Times to be announced.

lady C leather2

Private Shopping Event at Lady C Leather:

Lady C Leather is so kind to keep their doors closed while we shop in private. It’s always good for those kodak moments. You receive a special discount during this event. Dress: Corporate Casual

**Workshops …we are in process of working on this… We are thinking we will have some couples do workshops on things like rope play, spankings, flogging ect… We will walk through scenes together as a class. Dress: Everyone will show up in exercise/yoga wear … Everyone looks great in black yoga pants! Dominants will receive a list of things to bring or have for workshops.


Friday the 8th: Morning Free Time/ Afternoon: submissive Tea & Dom Cigar D/s discussions and luncheon, Evening/Dungeon Visit  Time: TBA

Afternoon Tea submissive group D/s discussion…. Location TBD

submissives’ will be discussing submission. Q & A

Afternoon Cigar Dominant group D/s discussion… Location TBD

Dominants will discuss important issues. Q & A

Lunch we will come together and submissives can ask Dominants questions and Dominants can ask submissives questions to help them understand the their partners better. Dress: Dom Corp. Casual submissives a nice dress for tea… 

Cigar and tea

Dungeon Visit: TBAnnounced… Those of you went to Lady Tara’s last Gathering of the Warren, she was forced to shut her doors to Faust. She is working on getting another place and we plan on trying to go to her new place. We are hoping to tour and learn some things while we are there. Afterwards, Dominants will need to bring their bags and I don’t mean your subs… HA! HA! Bring your play bags and you’ll be free to stay after and play. Dungeon Dress: DOM:Button Down and nice Jeans Sub: Sexy, Easy Access or wear a body suite. You may get chosen to use for example so be prepared…. WINK…WINK…


Saturday the 9th: Morning Free time/Afternoon Brunch & Goodbyes…..

This is a sample and things will develop more in time. Free time means just that … You’re open to schedule to meet with Mr Fox and LK, site see, take in a show… or just play in your room.

We also may offer Boudoir shoots of subs and couples. If you’re interested please let us know. If we have enough interest we can start scheduling them ASAP. We will be taking group pic of all subs and DOMS separate and together at the ball all dressed up or undressed. LOL!

If you have any questions please email Mr. Fox @

Give Me Head! | Warren Gathering Head Count| Las Vegas 2016

husDOM & subMrs. Gathering of the D/s-M Communities

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  1. Myself and My Little Trooper will be attending the Gathering again this year. We both are very excited and look forward to meeting everyone!

    Thank you,
    Sir & MLT

  2. Tentatively we will be attending again this year. We have a daughter graduating college in May, so we are waiting for the specifics on the date and costs, but as it currently stands we are planning to attend.

  3. The Atlantic shall prove no barrier! Myself and MrsW look forward meeting everyone. Very excited for 2016.

    HisLordship and MrsW

  4. Mr. Fox,

    Chryseis and I are definitely excited to go again and see all the amazing people. Last year was amazing.

    We just had our baby Girl, Aria, and we are hoping that it will be the perfect time for us to find our way back to our D/s ways.

    We already have a hotel reservation at the Elara.

    Sir Hamlet and his chryseis.

  5. Gentleman,

    We are very excited about the 2016 Gathering of the Warren in 2016!

    We originally leaked out some preliminary dates in order to select a range of dates that would best accommodate our members that were planning on attending the 2016 Vegas event.

    PLEASE do not make ANY reservations yet!

    So we set the dates… (Step 1) Please allow us just a few days to develop the finer details.


    We are currently negotiating rates (Step 2) for not only the rooms but many of the other requirements associated with our gathering. We are diligently working at obtaining rooms at a good rate but we are negotiating the entire package as a whole to keep the costs down. These agreements all have a minimum that must be made in hotel room revenue in order to receive the negotiated discounts on many line items. An example of such a line item is the catering for the ballroom dinner. If everyone makes individual reservations at other establishments these discounts will no longer be valid and other costs may go up.

    We are not going to require any member to stay at the hotel in which the event takes place but for many it will be the most convenient. This event will also help us determine our negotiating power that we have as a customer with the local hotels for future events.

    We will ask members to please stay at the hotel that is hosting the event, however they are responsible for their own arrangements and can untimely do as they choose.

    Hotel details will not be released until we have actually signed the contracts with the establishment.

    The Hilton Elara is where we held the event in 2015 but it did not make the short list this year.

    Best wishes,

    Mr Fox

  6. We can’t wait to join everyone again in Vegas! Let me know if I can help out at all, Mr. Fox.

    We already have a room at the Elara (booked last year with a deal from Hilton) – so I just need to reserve the dates when they are final. But depending on the rates you get, we may stay at Paris with the group.

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