August 2017

Dominant News

Greetings Everyone!

This summer had been an amazing time for both of our communities.  There has been significant growth on all fronts and we would like to thank all of you for making the summer so successful.  There is a lot that has taken place over the summer but I will highlight some of the more significant items in this months News and Updates.

Premium Membership Level

Several months ago we implemented a Premium Membership Level.  It has been amazing how many members have offered their support to the community by upgrading their memberships.  I extend my sincere gratitude to those that have displayed their dedication to help Pay it Forward!

The extra funds are allowing us to once again consider growth and developing a much better product for our members.  For example, I began looking into an app for our communities last week.  The realization of this desire is that an app is still out of our reach but we will review it again in the first quarter of next year.

Weekly Chat Topic

You asked!  We listened…  There are now weekly chat topics to enhance chat discussion.  The Weekly Chat Topic is posted in the Calendar located at the upper righthand menu as well as the sidebar.  The Weekly Chat Topic changes every Tuesday.   There is a dedicated ‘Weekly Chat Topic’ Chat room that can be utilized if the Dominant Chat room is busy.

The Premium Membership members have a forum associated with the weekly chat topic as well.

Ambassador Position 

We held an ambassador meeting last week.  This is where all of our ambassadors converge on a conference call and have the opportunity to introduce themselves to everyone as well as share their thoughts, ideas and suggestions.   lk and I also use this opportunity to discuss what has been happing and what we see happening in the future for our communities.

With that said, we are going to be implementing term limits on ambassadors going forward.  This is going to allow other members an opportunity to participate within the community on a deeper level.  This level of participation will also foster personal growth for the ambassador that can be shared with others within the community.

If you are interested in serving as an ambassador for husDOM™ keep an eye out for the announcement coming soon!

New Ambassador 

Last month we added a new ambassador to the ranks.  This new ambassador has been working overtime in participation, suggestions and enthusiasm.  Please help us welcome Mr. K Sir to his new position as an ambassador the next time you see him online.


We have made many enhancements to our websites this summer.  Too many to list in a single news update.

We significantly enhanced the stability and speed of both of our sites.  Our sites load in seconds so it may be difficult to discern, but today our websites are loading, literally twice as fast as they were just a month ago.  Our platform is solid and robust and our attention for September will be focused on content and user experience.  If you have any suggestions or ideas please use the new support pages.

Premium Content

Other significant changes would be the addition of the forums in the Premium Content section.  They are off to a great start.  As the Premium Content forums continue to grow I will begin to put more time and energy into those forums and pull back a little from the basic forums.   I have been offering my perspective to everyone equally.  I wish that I could continue to do this but with the growth that we are experiencing I have a choice to make.  Either I participate in a diluted manner or separate those that are wiling to invest in their personal dynamics and direct my focus there.


The ‘Technical Forum’ from the forums has been removed.  A Support Section under Community>Support has been utilized it’s place.  Here you can view other support issues, create a new ticket, and review support topics FAQ’s.  As far as we know the website and communities are functioning perfectly.  If you come across or notice something that needs fixed or reviewed, please take a minute and submit a ticket allowing us to fix it.

Suggestions and Ideas

Utilize the Support section to provide any suggestions or ideas that you have that could enhance the community as a whole or the user experience itself.

Added Category

We have also added a category under the blog menu, Basic Dominant (No Fee) allowing basic members to separate and view only the free blog posts.

There have also been several formatting changes such as page layouts and menu changes.

News And Updates

All of the News and Updates can be located under the ‘Community’ tab.


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