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I arrived home this afternoon from my tour earlier than usual.  Little Kaninchen has been driving me to and from the airport for a while and she should be here to pick me up by now.  A soon as I step off the airplane with my bag I receive a text, “I’m here!”.  Great she is right on time.  Our children have started going back to school recently and my son is no longer riding the bus.  We have to pick him up from school soon, we have planned the timing all morning and it will be close.

I text back, “On my way”, as I start up the jet-way.  Today is Thoughtful Thursday, my first Thoughtful Thursday post as a matter of fact.  The post is regarding having your submissive remove her panties for you at a specific tiSUBBLACKTRAININGTHONGSSPIOPT711me during the day.  Because LK reads my blog she received a text yesterday with this simple command, and she quickly complied.  Yesterday I ask her to send me a picture of her panties after she removed them.  Today, however, I text LK and instructed her to wear a sexy pair of panties when she comes to pick me up at the airport.  The purpose of the text is to let her know that I am thinking about her and how sexy this will make her feel in those well chosen panties.  I already know that without my text, LK will show up in sexy panties.  She always gets herself ready for me prior to my return and Little Kaninchen doesn’t own anything but sexy panties.

As I exit the terminal I find my Kaninchen parked right in front of the door.  She gets out of her shiny new BMW and greets me at the trunk as I load my bags.  We embrace with a hug and a kiss.  Normally, I would walk LK over to the passenger side and open her door for her, instead I, as matter of fact as I can,  tell my Little Kaninchen to take her panties off and give them to me.  The look on her face is one of complete surprise.  She was clearly not expecting this demand.  Kaninchen knows that we are pressed for time now that we have to pick my son up from school.

“Really”, she asks.

“Remove your panties for me LK”, I clearly state again.

Little Kaninchen looks all around her as if looking for somewhere to hide.  “Right here”, she asks.

“I dont care where you remove your panties, just give them to me and hurry, I dont like being late.”

I walk around to the drivers side door and get into the car.  Little Kaninchen approaches the passenger side door and begins to reach for the door handle.  I lower the window and point toward the airline terminal, “Panties now Kaninchen, I am not going to ask again.”

“But where…” she says as she looks around.

“Not my problem LK, take them off right where you are at or go inside and find a place, either way lets get going.” I say.

Almost in a slight panic, LK asks again, “Where do I go?”

“LK, you figure it out…  Make it quick.”  I say again as I am pointing toward the terminal once again with my index finger.

Little Kaninchen turns and walks inside the terminal never looking back as I put up the passenger side window and wait for her to return with my panties in hand.

My panty request was well thought out and unfolded exactly as I had imagined it earlier this morning.  Here is what I was expecting when I made the request.

I knew that we would be in a hurry to pick my son up from school.  I didnt want to give her much time to contemplate my demand.  I also wanted her to have the implied pressure of a time constraint.


Next, I knew that she would instinctively ask me where she should go once inside the terminal, and she did.  My not helping LK locate an adequate place to remove her panties may appear cruel to some.  Again this was to ratchet up the intensity of the request and make her blood pressure rise with anxiety.  With the already added pressure of the time constraint I was confident that she would not look around once inside for restroom signs to guide her.  That she would instead ask a stranger where the restrooms were all of the time thinking to herself that the person that she was asking knew that she really didnt have to use the restroom at all, that she in fact was going there to remove her panties for her Sir.

And finally, When LK steps out of that restroom, pantiless, and walks past the same people that she, only moments ago, had to ask for directions to the restroom, and out to my car she will feel as though everyone knows her secret.  That she did not have to use the restroom and that she really just removed her pantys because her Dominant instructed her too.

Moments later, LK returns and gets into the car.  She hands me her sexy panties and I immediately hold them up to my nose and draw in a deep breath.  I place the panties in the cup holder and say, “Good girl”, as I drive away.

Enroute to the school we discuss what happened when she walked into the terminal.

Now, as to what happened on the car ride and after we returned home, that is the post that you would no doubt really enjoy reading, however I dont have enough time to tell the story.  It was hot!

Mr. Fox | Dominant Training

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Rabbit Fur and Leather Flogger

What happened next is what really turns me on during scenes like this.  Lk’s body is subconsciously trying to withdraw from the punishment but somewhere in the depths of her being there is another notion.  The notion to push her shoulders back which will effectively drive her breasts directly into the teeth of the leather falls as they continue to thrust relentlessly on her.


  1. Little Kaninchen,

    Our summer proved more challenging than we had anticipated. Many of those events are behind us now and it is time to move forward not looking back.

    You passed with flying colors, of course…

    Lets get back to business, shall we?


    Mr. Fox

  2. Ok that’s just hot!!!! And wrong that you left us on the edge!! Great post… My sir read it before I did hoping he files this knowledge away for future use on me!! Thank you for sharing !

    1. Sweetness,

      Thank you for your kind words. I didnt intend to delay my results like I had, LK and I enjoyed a wonderful weekend together and I hadnt found time to finish the story.

      I receive quite a few emails regarding details of how I interact with my LK from other Doms and submissives alike. I can not guarantee this but I am going to make a strong effort to post how I implemented my own Thoughtful Thursday post. This should give many a much better idea of how to begin, and for some, how to maintain a loving D/s-M or D/s-LTR relationship.

      Just hot!!! would have been a post about the car ride to the school followed by my changing out of my uniform when we arrived home… Now that was hot… Just not enough time to write about all of it.

      Best wishes,

      Mr. Fox

      1. Oh sir.. Again your last statement leaves our curiosity on the car ride!!! However I think I heard some of this story already..and yes hot is right… We are going to be gearing up for a 16 hour drive (would rather fly) to Colorado and I’m hoping its just my sir and I… Maybe he will follow your lead …

        Being new at this as you are aware from talking with my sir, always looking for ideas and your new posts and this posts are very helpful!! Where does he sign up for mentoring from you!!!

  3. Mr. Fox,

    I thoroughly enjoyed your story Sir, loved LK’s reaction…thank you for sharing!!!

    Will be forwarding this to my Sir.


    1. Sirs Little Butterfly,

      I really do hope that my real life experiences will help others along their own journeys. It is something new that I thought that I would try. It would be helpful to me to know if others found this type of follow up post beneficial or not.


      Mr. Fox

      1. Mr. Fox,

        I think your follow up post is beneficial, it helps someone to see how to implement your Thoughtful Thursday post…or if they are on the right track. If I get feedback from my Sir, I will let you know or maybe even he will.


        1. Sirs Little Butterfly,

          Thank you for the feedback. And please, if your sir does mention anything to you it would be of interest to me.

          Thanks again,

          Mr. Fox

  4. This is fabulous, so many times we give tasks to our subs and they have time to do them comfortably, this was so spur of the moment that she ha d to respond quickly without thought. Except with the thought of pleasing you and proving her love. Great post. Cant wait for the car ride.

    1. Obey Me 15,

      One of the reasons that I wrote this post regarding what I did with my LK is to demonstrate how the simplest of tasks can be performed on many different levels. Many of the Dominants that follow my blog are at different places in their individual journey’s and there is no one size fits all in D/s.

      I have several things in the works this week and our car ride, unfortunately, will not make it to my blog. My weekend was even hotter than the car ride… There is not a deficiency in material to write about, only time to write it. That is a major part of the challenge that I have been facing. We are living our D/s, which takes effort on our part, and the time to write about it is secondary and all too often overlooked.

      Im working tirelessly on both…

      As always I enjoy your insight.

      Best wishes,

      Mr. Fox

  5. WOW Mr. Fox….that was really hot and I can only imagine the car ride and after! I’m hoping that we get to hear about it sometime in the near future. Thanks for sharing!

    Subrina <3

    1. Subrina,

      I am going to make a better effort to share more of my experiences with my Little Kaninchen. I hope that others will find them constructive.

      Best wishes,

      Mr. Fox

    1. Kenzie,

      I am delighted that you enjoyed my Thoughtful Thursday post.

      I am hopeful that your husDom will enjoy it as well.

      Kindest regards,

      Mr. Fox

  6. Dear Sir, That was cruel to leave us hanging and not telling us what happened on the ride home. Even though I only can imagine knowing my own Sir’s mind. (And no you can’t have his number. Lol!) By the way I didn’t see wings rock in Ill. Lol!

    1. LTS,

      The wings were rockin’…

      I no longer require your Sir’s number… I have his email…

      I am sure that my LK has already told you the story of the ride home and after we arrived.

      Best wishes,

      Mr. Fox

      1. Sir, I’m glad to hear that those wings are rocking….Lol! I’m not worried that you have my Sir’s email address. I look at it as it will be more fun for me in the grand scheme of things. 🙂 Also Lk didn’t tell all Sir she likes it when others do though. Lol!

  7. Well, I’ve finally made it to your new space, trying to catch up. Hoping one day for DH to start reading your blog, but I’ll just have to keep reading to him in the meanwhile.

    On another note, reading the above made me smile for more than one reason. For the past year, I have had my hunches about your profession… and my hunches were right. Every time I travel I look at each pilot and wonder if it’s you! Will be getting on a plane tomorrow into BWI… will be thinking about you. Thanks for continuing to post your experiences! I only wish that as before, yours and LK’s would show on my reader.

    1. DD,

      Welcome back!

      Thank you for continuing to find interest in my posts any continuing to follow husDom.

      LK’s blog will no longer show up in your reader but my blog should for the time being. I am trying to make a real effort to post more often. Maybe this week…

      Enjoy your trip to KBWI…

      Mr. Fox

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