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I am sitting across from my lovely LK while she finishes up her Mindful Monday post this evening thinking about how I am going to miss her terribly this upcoming week. recent addition of the Thoughtful Thursday posts have become somewhat popular.  However, there appears to be some issues that are being brought to the forefront.  SUBDOMWITHAPPLESSPIOPT367

Gentleman…  It is beneficial for your submissive to forward quality D/s information to you as she comes across it.  With my difficult schedule I still rely on My Little Kaninchen to forward this type of information to me.  However, if you enjoy reading my Thoughtful Thursday post and my blog maybe you would consider following my blog yourself.  This suggestion is not an effort to increase my website statistics, our two websites have been growing so rapidly recently that our statistics are of no real significance to me any longer.  The suggestion was made to benefit you.  If your submissive currently forwards my posts to you AND you read them, why not sign up for my blog post updates for yourself.  This will eliminate her from reading the same material as you.  If one of my posts should inspire you your effort will be a complete surprise to her. 

So I am asking the husDom’s to follow and your submissives to un-follow…

Do not be concerned about receiving too many emails from me I do not post very frequently.

You will maintain your anonymity when you join.

You are under no obligation to comment on any post.

Please consider my request.


Mr. Fox

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