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  • Posted by RoiDuMonde on at

    I am new to the site and this lifestyle. My sub is also my wife. Looking for advice on navigating the site and the life style. We both want to go full throttle and not look back to the basic sex life.

    Thanks in advance for all the information.

    bft2013 replied 1 year, 6 months ago 5 Members · 5 Replies
  • 5 Replies
  • Mr.Fox



    Welcome aboard Sir!

    One of the best ways to grow as a Dominant is by participation. For many of us married men, it is difficult to get online and discuss intimate topics with strangers. However, the membership is formed of gentlemen just like yourself all on a similar journey with similar challenges, struggles, and successes. The camaraderie helps keep us all accountable.

    At the top of the page is a link labeled “Begin Here“. That is a great place to begin your research.

    Best wishes

    Mr. Fox



    Welcome to husDOM, Roi. I look forward to getting to chat with you and learn from your dynamic. Please let us know if you have any questions.

  • mace066


    I am far, really far, from the most active on this site but one thing that I have noticed is that everyone is very friendly and open with the other Doms about their lives and relationship. We were all new here at some point. This site will definitely help you and your sub move foreword in your dynamic, it is filled with a lot of great ideas and advice.

  • RoiDuMonde


    Thanks everyone for the encouragement on where yo begin on this amazing journey.

  • bft2013


    I couldn’t agree more with the others on this string. The people here are friendly and open to sharing. You and she will form your dynamic. Hopefully your submrs is taking advantage of the sister site. We have great conversations and interactions that start from topics we see here.

    There is a good group of strong and supportive people on both sites.