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      Good morning all. Introduction time.

      My wife and I were high school sweethearts, dating for 8 years and now married for 15. A home, kids, and life have brought us numerous challenges and happiness. We had always dabbled a bit in D/s, with my wife asking me to pull her hair or spank her. I always fantasized of more fully dominating her, but she stopped me if I got to the good parts.

      Recently we had a bit of turmoil that caused us to re-evaluate our relationship, and part of that was our recommitment to each other and our marriage. We took the opportunity for formalize our Pet & Master relationship, and it’s been magical ever since.

      I’m weaning her in slowly, but so far it’s been amazing. She wears her collar diligently, and I spend my time carefully taking care of her. We’re not into humiliation play or the Master/Slave dynamic, she’s my Kitten and I take good care of my precious pet. I’m here hoping for more inspiration and guidance on how to treat my pet with Respect and love, and earn her devotion and attention.

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      Mr. K sir

      Premium Content | Through the Eyes of a husDOM™


      First let me say welcome to husDom. You will find the members here are more than willing to help you along your journey. The key to finding success is participation, wether it be in the forums or the chats the more you participate the easier your transition to a husDom will be. If your sub has not found our sister site yet please tell her about subMrs.com. It is a safe place for subs to learn and chat with other subs, and like this site not allowing subs, there are no Doms permitted on subMrs. I would encourage you to start your research here with the blog posts, the where to begin drop down is a good place to start, before venturing into the forums to deep. Being so new to the lifestyle a good blog to read is https://husdom.com/dominant-gentleman/.

      I look forward to getting to know you better in the chats and following your journey.

      Mr. K sir

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      Welcome SirHand-
      Mr. K pretty much said everything i would say – LOL. He provided sound advice and guidance on some next steps for you and your kitten.
      I have a very similar story in that my para and i were jr. high sweethearts and married right out of high school. We have been in the lifestyle since HS but were very much in a bubble and left to learn and explore on our own which brought us closer but was not the growth we were looking for until we found Mr. Fox and his Lk’s community – husDom and subMrs respectively. The community, blogs, and varying levels of experience and sharing from everyone has truly changed our lives and dynamic – making some of the most cherished friends we could hope for as well as providing us both with tools and guidance to explore and grow our own dynamic.
      I look forward to catching up with you in the chats and wish youa nd your Kitten all the best Sir.
      Mr. G8tr

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