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  • WOW Challenge 4/2/21

  • mr-k-sir_

    at 9:28 pm

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    This weeks WOW Challenge is all about fun with food. Here is the scenario: You have your sub blind folded and bound to the bed, now it’s time for dessert. Do you choose to eat Chocolate, ice cream or whipped cream off of your unsuspecting submissive?

    A quick rundown of the rules for the WOW Challenge:1. You must choose one of the given choices, no substitutions.<div>

    2. Your answer to the hypothetical question posed would be your choice FOREVER.This is your choice, so pick the one that fits YOUR desires, your subs preference should not weigh your choice.

    Mr. K sir

    ********** If you have a suggestion for a WOW Challenge please private message me and I will work your suggestion in **********


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