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      Atticus 1965

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      Several years ago, I took the day off from work to take care of things around home. Given the extra time I had in the morning I figured it was a good opportunity to have SW give me blow job — her tongue, lips and mouth work wonders. Well, as I was leaning back on the couch enjoying SW’s ministrations, a client calls on my cell phone. SW tried to stop so I could focus on the call but I instinctually pushed her head down and pointed down. She understood and continued her work as I continued mine. After the fact she explained how it turned her on having her give me a blow job while I just ignored her and continued with my call. It became a standing rule for her to come over and service me when I work from home and am on calls.

      So this past Friday, I had a very early call to close a transaction. It was early because of international time zone issues. So as I took the call and had SW in between my legs, pushing he head down which she understands to mean that I want her to focus on the balls. Luckily on this call it was mostly listening so I had it on mute, and told SW when I remove my hand from her head she can speak, when I put my hand back on her head, 100% attention to sucking and licking.

      Well the call wrapped up, and for being a good girl I gave her the choice of how to finish up, which we did with me taking her from behind roughly. After we were done she cleaned me off as she is required to do and had some breakfast.

      To bad I can’t work from home more often.

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      I love your story, thank you for posting it.

      I do the exact same thing, on the phone, texting and watching tv. Got to love the cleaning up after expectation.

      Mlt has expressed the same, that being ignored while taking a drink really turns her on. When I owned my own business, before D/s, I would have MLT come to my business, put her under my desk and do my work. One time by surprise an employee walked in to my office, sat down, and had a brief meeting. That was a very hard situation to say the least, as MLT really started to go to town as I managed to hold my composure. Oh good times!!

      I will be honest and say your post has gotten me all jacked up. Unfortunately for me, MLT will not be home for fours hours. I will be thinking of something devious, that you can count on!

      I hope to chat soon!

      Best regards,

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      Atticus 1965

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      Thank you. I hope you came with something good for MLT. In thinking about this I figured I would mention an other variation of “ignoring” SW. It also is quite effective when it comes to corrections. I once had SW bend of the back of the couch for a caning with her legs spread, and before we started it took a call, telling her to hold the position. I sat down on the couch as she was bent over to so that her chest was hanging over the couch where I was sitting and proceeded t just take the call and alternate between teasing of her nipples, pinching and pulling her nipples.

      The waiting and the ignoring got her going. Again very enjoyable.

      Hope to chat soon.

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      Wow, thanks for sharing. I always work from home, can’t wait until the next time she is home too…

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      Good story…had me on the edge of MY seat, wishing my sub was here to suck while I read it.

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      Nice story!!

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      Just recently have the chance to work from home. I look forward to the next time now.

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