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  • Which One Weekend

  • mr-k-sir_

    at 2:24 pm

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    I got this idea from a local radio station that does a which one question every Wednesday, for us I figured I would give everyone more time and will post a new “which one” on Friday and give everyone till Thursday to see it and participate. I am going to try to make this a weekly post, I will pose a which one question with a few choices and the object is to pick the one you prefer and why. I know there may be cases where you would choose something else but for this you have to choose one of the choices, it is “which one weekend” after all.

    This weekends “Which One”:

    If you have to choose between a shaved pussy or a bush which do you prefer? For clarification a “shaved pussy” includes bald, landing strip, patch… anything with the majority clean shaved and a small amount of hair is allowed. While a bush will include anything with a full bush or neatly trimmed but has more hair than shaved bald area.

    For me I prefer a shaved pussy, I do like a bit of a patch at top trimmed but long enough to be able to pull the hair, this drives my Dea wild. The other reason I prefer shaved is I hate a mouth full of hair after a nice meal😎.

    Mr. K sir

  • RichardP

    at 7:18 pm

    Basic | Dominant

    I prefer shaved (to any degree) simply because it demonstrates that she has taken the time and effort to do it. It isn’t something you do as an afterthought.

  • bee-keeper

    at 7:59 pm

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    I prefer shaved as well. I like the feeling of my bee’s skin. I also appreciate the time she takes to shave and have everything to my liking.

  • mr-southern-gent

    at 3:52 pm

    I prefer my tigrotta to be shaved completely. For me it is almost a must in fact. As a former swimmer through my younger years, I learned to almost detest any body hair and it’s in fact a huge turn off for me. I’m also very touch oriented, so I am always touching my tigrottas skin and have almost a primal reaction and have to take her when I find that she is freshly shaved smooth. She truly does her best to shave completely several times a week for me knowing this preference of mine, and I express my appreciation in that by making sure she has the best skincare products I can find for her.


    at 2:33 pm

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    I definitely prefer shaved, both because of getting to see the treasure more easily and for the more pleasant and easier access to one of my favorite snacks. When we met neither of us were shaved, we started trimming as soon as we were married, and have both been fully shaved for the last 10 years. Since D/s she has done a much better job keeping herself presentable at all times which both of us love the results of that.


    at 2:34 pm

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    BTW, I love this idea and look forward to more of these @mr-k-sir_

  • Mr.Fox

    at 6:02 pm

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