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  • Which One Weekend 10/9/20

  • mr-k-sir_

    at 5:36 pm

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    This weeks “Which One” is for everyone who like, loves or just dabbles in impact play:

    If you had to choose only 1 to use from now on would you choose 1. paddle , 2. flogger or 3. cane? Remember the choices given are the only options available, I know there are A LOT more impact tools but these are the choices you are given.

    For me It would be the cane, I do love all 3 but the cane is my favorite. It is very versatile and is easier to use when noise is an issue, to many teenagers who hear EVERYTHING in my house.

  • mr-southern-gent

    at 4:14 pm

    This is tough between these three. The flogger has never done a ton for my tigrotta or for me. Paddles, have definitely had some success though I definitely prefer my my hand as a paddle replacement. I am a huge fan of the skin on skin contact and the connection that comes with it. I’ve never used a cane though I have a lot of interest in it and will be investing in one soon. In the end, I’d probably have to say paddle in the form of my hand.

  • Master Gardener

    at 6:31 pm

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    For me it would be a wooden paddle. Pink really reacts to its sting and I love the way her ass looks when I have delivered a good spanking with it. I like the erotic experience of the flogger and the cane is a good tool when my pink has been a little to spunky. But the paddle brings the most enjoyment to our scenes.

  • Bee-Keeper

    at 8:32 pm

    Premium Content | Through the Eyes of a husDOM™

    For me, it would be a flogger. My honey bee loves the rhythm of the flogger. Her best journeys into subspace have come from the flogger. I love that I can vary the impact and go from the thud that drives her crazy to the occasional sting that the flogger can deliver.

  • Sir-Longhorn

    at 4:07 pm

    I would go with paddle. Floggers are fun for play but paddles create the right impact. Haven’t tried a cane yet.


    at 7:14 pm

    Premium Content | Through the Eyes of a husDOM™

    Definitely the cane for minx and I. We just got toy to try that is a bundle of round rattan canes. So far Minx loves canes the most as they tend to have the most thud for her with least sting (at least at moderate intensities as opposed to paddles. I need to keep practicing on floggers before we can really dive into there.

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