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  • Which One Weekend 1/29/21

  • mr-k-sir_

    at 9:41 pm

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    Sorry its been so long since I did this, life got busy for awhile. Just a quick reminder of the rules, I will pose a Which One question with at least 2 choices, you can only pick one of the two. There are NO substitutions, to participate you must pick one of the choices. The scenario given is a theoretical one where you would have to use your choice of the options forever and give up ever using the other options. Once you make your choice please give a reason why you made that choice.

    This weeks Which One: You must choose either using an external vibrator or an internal vibrator on your suMrs. What is your choice and why?

  • Mr.Fox

    at 12:47 pm

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    Great question…

    For myself and lk the answer is external vibrator. We only on rare occasion use an internal vibrator or vibe. lk really enjoys the clitoral stimulation with the wand. With saying that I want to also clarify that I dont often just place the wand on her clit right off the bat. Like most everything else that makes sex great there is a build-up and anticipation. There are thousands of nerve endings all around the area and I often begin with teasing her with the wand and no direct contact on her clit until she is practically begging for it, and sometimes literally begging for it.

    What is so great about the ‘Which One Weekend’ is that it made me think, why? In doing so it has allowed me to realize how I have so many magnificent tools available in my tool chest but I have used but a few recently. Though the internal vibes are not our favorites they are quite fun. I can incorporate them into our play and take things to a new level of fantastic.

  • sir-hermosa-amb

    at 5:49 pm

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    External. It’s her favourite, and that always sways my choices, but I also have more direct control, and options for her to have fun with it solo as well, or incorporated with some rope-work etc… I would miss the option of internal in many situations, but I know my Little Peach would say external every time that choice was posted.

  • Articulus

    at 6:25 pm

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    My subMrs is too sensitive for a vibrator, but speaking for myself, I can say that an external vibrator feels quite nice while an internal vibrator has a counterproductive numbing effect


    at 10:14 am

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    Definitely external. Both because of the visual appeal and more importantly because so far, having a vibe on minx’s clit is the most reliable way to get her there.

  • Beastly

    at 10:28 am

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    I have not used an internal vibrator, so I will have to go with external. Unfortunatly because I have not used the other I do not have any pros and cons to share that compare the two.

    The main thing I have enjoyed about the external vibrator is the opportunity to place it quickly on different areas of my Submissive’s body. The versatility is nice when I am not sure all the time what will get her into that coveted sub-space. 🙂

    Live Abundantly,


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