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  • loving-liege

    at 5:47 pm

    Basic | Dominant

    The Wonder

    I awake before she, pouring our coffees and bringing hers to her bedside. I wonder about waking her because she’s been used to sleeping in and now she’s waking up at the time I say. I wonder if she’ll tell me to go away or just roll over. I take a breath and kiss her exposed ear and whisper, “It’s time to wake up my love.” Her eyes flutter and she smiles which ignites mine. “Thank you for bringing me coffee Sir”, she says, taking a sip.

    As the morning progresses we shower together. I wonder if she’ll wash my hair as I have said we will or if she feels she needs to hurry. She does of course and I wash hers, it’s my favorite time of day running my fingers through her hair, rubbing my arms on her slippery shoulders. I’m aroused and want to take her but I wonder if she’ll truly accept my love or refuse. After dressing I pick out her collar, again wondering if she will like my choice or reject it. She kneels and holds my legs before I place it upon her neck removing her pearl nighttime collar. Will it be she that releases first or me? It is me and I collar her before she stands and kisses me.

    The wonder of this woman and how much she gives to me.


    I can hear him get up and make the coffee. The tinkle of the spoon in the second cup tells me I’m about to be woken up. He comes gently to my side setting my coffee on my nightstand. I love that he brings me coffee, it’s never the same when I make it. His lips brush my ear and whisper it’s time to wake up. I would do anything for My Liege and waking up is an easy one. I pull myself from my slumber to meet his demanding eyes and smile. The coffee is hot and delicious and I thank him for it.

    When we shower I can’t wait to wash his hair. He turns his head into my hands and I know he loves it. His hands in mine are just sumptuous and I hope he’ll take me in the shower. The feel of his arms brushing my shoulders and his lips kissing my ear, I’m tempted to say, “Please” so he will make love to me this morning.

    When I’m dressed I let him know I’m ready for him to put my collar on. He’s very thoughtful about which collar he chooses and I cherish that I’m wearing something he has chosen each day. I kneel at his feet, my arms around his waist as he runs his fingers through my hair. It feels heavenly to have the strokes of love and comfort. He doesn’t let go and I don’t want to, I would stay here all day if I could, in the strength and comfort of him.

    At last he let’s go and removes my evening pearl collar, the one that reminds me each night of my formal collar, places his chosen collar on me and raises me up for a kiss. I am his. Always his.

    The wonder of this man and the control he has over me.

  • mr-b

    at 8:04 pm

    Premium Content | Through the Eyes of a husDOM™

    Loving Liege,

    Very nice! I really enjoy how you write both sides of what each is feeling. A definite unique approach.

    Thanks for a great story!

    Take Care!

    Mr. B

  • Mr.Fox

    at 9:05 pm

    Premium Content | Through the Eyes of a husDOM™

    Loving Liege,

    Excellent Story!

    I continue to look forward for the next one!

    Best wishes,

    Mr Fox

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