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  • The Opera

  • loving-liege

    at 11:31 pm

    Basic | Dominant

    The Opera

    I’m so nervous today I’m not sure what’s going on. My Liege has made some wonderful plans for tonight and I really want everything to be perfect. He’s so sweet planning our evening. He even arranged a car service tonight with champagne! I love it when he thinks of everything to make such a wonderful night. He exudes this confidence and love for me that just makes me melt.

    Of course he picked out my “necklace” for the evening and not surprisingly it’s my official collar. He asked me to make it for him when we had our collaring ceremony. He loves that I made it and he put it on me. The gift of his dominance is wonderful and the collar is so pretty. It will of course match his favorite black dress he picked out for me tonight!

    This morning was sumptuous. Lying awake I watched as he awoke and stretched, I touched his arm and whispered, “Please” in his ear. This is our little secret way I ask him to use me for his pleasure. I was rewarded immediately by his arms encircling me and lifting me on top of him. He’s just luscious in the morning with his tousled hair and stubble. I swear just looking in those green eyes makes me wet. He must have felt the same excitement as he slid into me almost immediately, all the time holding one hand on my hips and one on my cheek.

    We made love very slowly, the way he likes it in the morning. He doesn’t like to talk during love making, but he loves to touch me everywhere. When I started to get overly enthusiastic, he rolled over on top of me and slowed down his strokes. The feel of him all the way inside me and then slowly pulling out over and over…drives me over the edge! His thrusting matched my orgasm, pounding my senses and my body until his orgasm matched mine. As I had hoped he pulled out and thrust his cock into my mouth. The taste of my wetness on his silky cock is wonderful and feeling him orgasm inside my mouth is heaven. I’ve always loved it when he takes me like that and knowing how much it pleases him makes it a hundred times better!

    After that our day was a bit vanilla. He had me wear my nipple collars to remind me of him today. He had errands to run to prepare for this evening and I had to get the kids out of the house and off to Grandmas. It felt like we were out of touch all day. We texted a few times but it was always about mundane things as he was either driving or doing an errand. It really felt like the connection we had in the morning was wearing off. I know it’s silly but I started to wonder if I had displeased him. I replayed the morning in my head and knew nothing was wrong. The only thing I could pin it on was that he left in a hurry and he seemed nervous.

    Now it’s evening and he’s ready to leave, sitting in his leather chair waiting as I finish getting ready. I put on the collar and dress he picked out and I came into the bedroom to look at myself and see his reaction. Turning around I can see he’s on his phone and not noticing me. My heart sinks. What did I do wrong? I wait a few moments to catch his but I go back into the closet without him seeing me. It hurts when I want him to see me so much and he’s distracted. I’m sure I’ve done something to upset him. I change into the deep red floral dress he bought me and come out again. This time he’s watching me. I can see his darkness and now I know I’ve upset him.

    Returning to the walk in closet my heart is hammering and I feel like crying. Today was going so great and now I’ve upset him. I change more slowly this time, hanging up my dress and putting on my long white cocktail dress trying to regain my composure. He loves this dress and he’s always said so. Coming out again his eyes are on me but now I’ve become self conscious. If he’d just say something! He’s simply dashing sitting in his leather chair. He had his haircut today, shaved, his clothes pressed and he’s wearing that watch! Oh I love it when he wears that watch.. And he has on cuff links too! My heart literally skips beat. Now I know that he wanted me to wear the black dress to match him. “I don’t like the fit of this one. Just a few more minutes I promise.”, I say hurrying back into the closet. While hanging up the white dress I hear his phone ring. I know he’ll be a couple of minutes so I carefully hang the dress up and put the black one back on. I check the mirror one last time and leave the zipper down. He loves zipping me up even though I can do it myself. At last I come out and check myself turning in the mirror. Feeling bad for keeping him waiting I put on my black satin scarf and pick up my purse. “Is the car here already my love? I hope he hasn’t had to wait long…”. I stop cold as a chill creeps up my spine, he’s staring at me holding a drink…Scotch with ice. I think my heart and breathing came to a complete stop. My Liege never drinks this unless he’s with friends or in a foul mood, and he is obviously not with his buddies. I can’t move. He’s staring at my legs and is slowly raising his eyes examining my entire figure. Oh my! I can feel the flush in my skin taking over from the chill! Oh how this man affects me! “I’m sorry…” I begin but he raises his hand to quiet me and I know he’s really upset.

    He does that motion with his fingers for me to turn. I know as I turn he’s looking at my entire body. Inspecting me. I feel horrible. When I’m done turning I keep my face down. I can’t bear to look at him when he’s like this. I’ve been able before to bring him out of these moods but tonight feels different. I’m not sure what I did earlier to upset him but I know not wearing what he wanted really has upset him.

    I can hear him stand up and walk towards me. “Say something!”, I want to scream and as if he heard me he says in a stern voice, “Turn.”. Then from behind he takes my collar off. I’m ready to beg him to forgive me now. Oh please, what did I do? His drawer opens and he puts my leather collar on with the pull chain in the back. I can feel it tickle my backside and then he slides the chain down between my breasts. Instead of zipping up my dress he starts to take it off. “We are going to be..” and that’s when he slaps my ass…hard. “Shhh”, he whispers in my ear. That chill runs down my spine again. Now I can feel his full attention is on me. It’s thrilling and exhilarating and scary all at the same time. He slowly slides my dress to the floor leaving me in just my collar and my high heels.

    Leading me with chain he walks me back to his chair where he sits down. I still can’t raise my head, whether from having done this before or from my sadness in disappointing him I don’t know. “Kneel.”, he commands me. As I do my breath is catching, my heart pounding and I’m near tears. I hear him swirl his drink and take a sip. Now he’ll finally tell me…I wait but nothing. After an eternity he takes another sip. I can feel his eyes on me. My legs are starting to tingle and I make the mistake of squirming.

    “Don’t make me wait again. Bend over my knees.” I don’t think he hears me but I actually gasped! That’s what he’s upset about! And then the relief leaves me and like a crashing car it hits me, I’ve disappointed him and ruined the evening. I let my own insecurities take me where he would never have let me go. I start silently crying as I get up and kneel across his legs. Before I’m ready the first spank lands. He’s not holding back and now his other hand has me by the hair and his arm is forcing me down. Another spank falls hard and I can’t help but jerk and try to get up. He’s so strong and I can’t find the strength to combat him. Another spank hits me and another. My tears flowing I finally resign myself to his punishment and quit struggling. The spanks keep coming. When at last they stop my emotions are everywhere. I’m crying hard now because he’s so upset with me. I’m relieved to have been punished for making him wait. My ass hurts fiercely and I’d like to say I’m turned on but I’m not. He likes to say he exacts a fair and measured punishment. I can’t argue there! His punishment has left my mind clearer and I know he really loves me or he would not put himself through this either.

    His hands lift me know into his lap. It’s slow so I know he’s being very careful. He puts my head against his chest letting me really cry. My love for him has never felt as poignant as it does now. As his hands brush the hair from my cheeks and his other caresses my back I find the calm I only have ever found with him. He has loved me from the day we met and since he collared me I know we’ve found a love we never could have found before. He will sit with me for as long is it takes, gingerly touching me and kissing my head, his arms around me protectively.

    When my tears have stopped and my hands are on his chest he lifts my chin until our eyes meet. “Please don’t make me do that again. I love you my darling girl and I hate having to punish you.” Hearing his gentle voice now is so… it is so… I don’t know but it floods me with love. “I won’t My Liege. Please forgive me.”, I manage to choke out without blinking. It feels wonderful having his gaze upon me after all my insecurities of the day. “My love, of course you are forgiven.” and he lifts my chin up further and kisses me. This is the absolution I long for, his lips on mine, loving me and holding me.

    Our kisses are short and sweet, our eyes locking together each time they part. Each time they come together their meeting a bit longer until his tongue reaches out for mine, his breathing getting stronger. At last our lips part, my heart once again beating like a drum in my chest. “my darling girl please get my gloves.” Oh my! Suddenly my knees feel too week to carry me across the room, my red ass the last thing on my mind, or the evenings plans. Those gloves do something to me I can’t explain. They are a supple lambskin that feels like silk on my skin. They were a surprise gift I bought him that is definitely among my favorite. I quickly return with them and kneel before him again, my eyes intent watching as his fingers toy with the gloves putting them on.

    The back of his gloved hand slides across my cheek and my eyes close involuntarily, the smell of the leather mixed with his cologne captivating me. As I open my eyes his hand is removing something from his coat pocket. “Tiffany’s!” I squeal seeing the blue box in his hand. I’ve been hinting at wanting something from Tiffany’s forever! I think this may be why he was nervous earlier and so secretive today. But instead of giving it to me he places it on the side table.

    “Pleasure me”, he commands, drawing my attention from the blue box. Tiffany’s will have to wait.

  • mr-b

    at 12:31 am

    Premium Content | Through the Eyes of a husDOM™


    Again, you have written a wonderful story! What a unique twist with the point of view! It was a great read! Thank you again!

    I look forward to reading more of your stories! Thank you for sharing your writing ability with those of us that struggle with that concept!

    Take Care!

    Mr. B

    • loving-liege

      at 1:14 am

      Basic | Dominant

      Mr. B,

      I’m quite pleased you like it Sir. Writing the story from both sides gave me some interesting insights and with help of my darling girl I hope I was able to aptly capture the sub mindset to some extent.

      I’m hoping for more inspiration in the coming weeks as I finally return home to my darling girl.

      Loving Liege

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