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  • The Night

  • loving-liege

    at 9:08 am

    Basic | Dominant

    The Night

    The Fireside lounge in Park City is an up scale bar and restaurant with a lot of dark wood, leather and expensive drinks. The food is beyond compare and makes this a favorite rendezvous for those in the know. The owner and chef Christopher and I have been friends since our college days and I’m looking forward to seeing him this evening.

    Tonight I’m wearing my favorite going out attire; jeans, black dress shoes, black leather belt with a dark metal buckle, one of my favorite white shirts with white embroidery and the necklace my son made me with a center piece of desert mesquite.

    Entering the restaurant, I see Christopher right off. He’s a big man now, having indulged in his own cooking a bit too much and the finer things in life a bit more. One crushing bear hug later we’re at the bar reliving old times. We discuss college, this and that adventure, the ladies we have both loved and lost and so on until he is called back to his duties by a crash in the kitchen. Promising to stay in touch and see to my every need tonight, Christopher hurries into the kitchen, his shouts dying as the doors close.

    Sitting at the bar appraising the finely stocked liquor selection I can see almost the entire establishment in the mirror. There’s always a smattering of the uppity 20 something’s thinking they know how the world really works, the 30 something singles attempting to remain young while they can despite their over indulgence, the middle aged couples enjoying the night, some of whom actually aware of each other, and the older couples who have lived in Park City forever, know everyone and could not give a rip what anyone thinks of them.

    Sipping my Balviene scotch I am relaxed. My last girlfriend moved out of my cabin 4 months ago. As much as I tried it was just not to be. I have a habit of picking girls that are not old enough to suit my likes but old enough to realize I’m not for them. For the first two weeks after she moved out I was a complete homebody. I worked but except for the necessities I did not go out. I needed the solitude despite hating to be alone. Time to think through my pattern of relationships, the dismal failures, the ups and the inevitable downs. I had come to the conclusion that I needed far more than these younger ladies had to offer. I need someone that understands and respects my need for control and accepts my authority as a sign of my love. Even I chuckled as I wrote it in my journal. It was eye opening for sure…but it meant very little in the real world of relationships.

    Tonight I had decided would be for seeing Christopher, running into some of the older Park City veterans, perhaps seeing some friends in the bar, hopefully not too many ex girlfriends, but absolutely not for meeting women. My thought truly was that whatever I needed in a relationship, I probably needed therapy first! So no women. Yea…

    My glass is mostly ice, my second of the evening, so I gesture to the bar keep for another round. I love scotch and I love to drink it alone. As he is delivering my drink and I hand my almost empty glass to him, I see her. It sounds corny I know! Dark smokey bar (well not smokey as smoking is generally a felony now) and your eyes meet across the room, drawn together like magic, yada yada yada. It wasn’t like that at all. She came in with a date, a local guy I am familiar with. He’s one of those guys that has to greet everyone, showing off to his date EVERY DAMN TIME! The guy drives me nuts. You would think he was the mayor not a Starbucks Barista.

    Anyway, it’s not him that catches my eye, it’s her of course. Dark brown eyes that shine as she looks around the room, her long brown hair draped partly across her face and hanging midway down her back, elegant but not too much high heel shoes and a cream off the shoulder dress that reveals just enough. But those are not what catch my attention, it’s that she is so obviously not interested in her date. I swear it looks like she’s trying to find someone to rescue her. I know this “gentlemen” was out the prior night in the same local hangout as I with another girl, so decide to take action.

    First I turn in my seat so I am facing her. When she looks my way I raise my glass to her and setting it down I walk directly toward her, our eyes locked. Approaching from his blind side I start the ruse, “I’m so glad you finally made it! I was afraid you wouldn’t find the place.” I say this while I take her hand gently in mine and raise it to my lips for a gentle kiss. Turning to her date I say, “Thank you for helping my lady friend find her way Jack, I’ll take it from here.” As I take her by the arm he’s completely flustered and knows he’s way out of his league with me. I also give him a very clear look that says to walk away.

    Returning to the bar I offer her my stool and formally introduce myself. The bar keep appears and I ask her what she would like. “Whiskey and Ginger Ale”, she answers. “The lady and I will both have Makers Mark Whiskey and Ginger Ale.”, I tell him sending my scotch back. We talk at the bar for a while, exchanging the usual pleasantries. I say it in such a nonchalant way because after about 15 minutes I am not hearing anything she’s saying. I’m replying with what I am sure are thoughtful and intelligent responses but her eyes and lips have bewitched me.

    “I’m sorry but I have to do this.”, she states reaching for the back of my neck pulling herself up and into my lips. For how long we kissed I simply can’t say. My left hand found her hip draped in that silk dress and my right the back of her neck and that wonderful flowing hair. At that moment time stopped, the cameras circled us, the lights exploded, angels sang, etc, etc. Coming back to life she says the most amazing thing, “You are going to want to see me again.” Her comment catches me completely off guard. I don’t know what to say except to match her infectious smile.

    The tension is finally broken when Christopher appears from the kitchen. “Aha who do ve hav ear?”, he croons in a badly butchered accent. I introduce my lady friend to Christopher who looks at me sharply. His gaze makes my blush a bit and his eyes widen in surprise. Turning to my lady, for I am already feeling possessive of her, he extends his arm and invites us to a private booth reserved for his special guests. He smiles at me as I shake my head in resignation. She looks at me simply glowing.

    The private booth is actually a private room with a single booth table for four. It has a separate entrance that is only accessible by the key fob Christopher carries. He personally sees to the care of guests here ensuring their privacy and full enjoyment of the meal. I pull the table away from the booth so that my lady may sit down comfortably, hang my coat and promptly sit next to her. I am not a man to sit across from my lady and watch her eat. I sit next to her, separating her from others, between her and the door, with my knee or thigh touching hers. I have always been this way and even in this private room I feel my protective nature kicking in. Instead of being shocked as other women have been, my lady welcomes my presence, taking my hand and interlocking our fingers.

    Christopher sees to it that we have our own bottle of Makers Mark Whiskey and plenty of Ginger Ale. There will be no more ordering from the bar. He asks if we would like to see the menu to which I reply no. “The lady and I will start with the Artichoke Dip and Pita appetizer followed by the Spinach Salad with the house dressing. For our main course we will both have the Petite Filet Mignon with the bacon wrap cooked medium rare. Our sides will be your Twice Baked Garlic Potatoes and the Fresh Steamed Vegetables. For desert we will share your wonderful Creme Brûlée.” As I expect Christopher doesn’t blink, nor write anything down. When we are alone I refill our drinks and check on my lady. “Thank you for ordering for us. It’s really nice to be with a man who knows who.. I mean what he wants.”, she says blushing at her own slip.

    I propose a toast to new friends and the joys they bring into our lives. As she drinks I notice how she slows the glass as it approaches her lips, dallying as she enjoys the smell of her drink, before caressing the lip of the glass with her lips taking a slow sip. The idea of mentioning her date comes to mind but I’m not at all sorry I stole his date. My lady is simply intoxicating in every way. She looks directly at me as I study her features. Dark eyes, perfect lips, her makeup applied to accent her natural beauty not cover it up. Her hair is long and lightly curled, a deep chestnut brown. Which brings me to her neck which is adorned by a silver chain and a dragonfly pendent. The skin of her neck and shoulders has a nice warm glow to it telling me she loves the sun, but without tan lines I wonder. Under her dress it is obvious she is proportioned very much to my liking however I don’t linger more than a moment on her body. “Your dress is beautiful. Does your dragonfly pendent have a special meaning?”, I ask.

    And so the evening goes, our meal served, discussing our likes and dislikes, travels and future destinations, stories of friends and adventures. When at last desert is served Christopher asks if there will be anything else and then leaves us assuring us we will not be disturbed unless we press the call button. Taking up my spoon I break the burnt sugar coating and load the spoon up with a small bite. I turn to face my lady and raise the spoon to her waiting lips. As in slow motion I watch the parting of those lips and then how they close around the spoon. My breathing has hastened and I can feel my heart beating in my chest. Her eyes are closed as I pull the spoon from her mouth, enjoying just the creamy wonder of the desert. I am entranced and my body is responding to this wonder before me.

    Placing the spoon down I reach for her, drawing her closer so that I may kiss her. Our second kiss is much as the first, long and wet, slow and sensual. Her hand slides up my arm sending chills down my spine. Her other hand resting on my thigh. As our lips part my eyes open and my full desire hits me, “I’m going to take you here. Now.”. “Yes Sir”, her sultry voice returns. Standing up I clear our table except for the white linen and turn back to her sitting figure. Pulling her to the edge of the booth she brings her hands to my belt buckle, her eyes locked on mine. By the time my pants are open my cock is throbbing and my heart racing.

    Now she breaks eye contact to look upon me and smile. Her hands slowly slide on my shaft her skin just touching mine. She brings her mouth close and her tongue draws up the underside of me. Each caress of her tongue brings my sensations more to life. Her mouth encircles my balls as she sucks and licks them, all the time stroking my throbbing cock. Reaching around her I unzip her dress as far as I can without causing her to stop. Knowing my desire she slides her arms out of her dress letting it fall to her hips. In turn I remove my shirt.

    Her attention returning to my cock she opens her mouth and slides me inside her. I can feel her tongue working magic on me as she slides her mouth over me. She repeats this over and over, her tongue following my cock out of her mouth and welcoming it back in. Soon she pushes herself farther, my cock disappearing into her mouth, touching the back of her throat. She continues this until all of me is deep in her throat. My hands twist in her hair and I begin to move, my hips pulling back and then sliding my cock in until her nose touches my stomach. Over and over she takes my full length into her throat. The sensation is amazing and I’m closing in on the moment. I withdraw from her most reluctantly and reestablish eye contact.

    I pull her to her feet in front of me, her dress falling to the ground around her high heels. Cupping her chin I kiss her deeply then turn her around to face the bench. Bending down I free her dress and place it folded on the serving tray. Sliding my hands up her back I gently push her shoulders over until she’s bent over the booth bench, her legs straight. My hands slide along the curves of her body, her full swaying breasts, the curve of her shoulders and hips, the sweet softness of her ass. She’s perfect. My left hand returns to her breast, to her nipple. It is hard and wanting. My fingers circle her, teasing and taunting. Her breath is catching when I pinch her nipple. The moans and sway of her hips tell me what I want to know. With both hands I cup her breasts, the nipples pressed against my palms. Caressing and sliding, my fingers take her nipples and pull. Her back bends, her breath gasping. I release and then pull again, harder. I can see her quiver just a little enjoying my rough touch.

    On my knees I spread her legs and her ass cheeks. My tongue plays slowly with her as my ears listen for signs of her pleasure. She is deliciously wet and slowly shifting her weight as my tongue slides along her, her taste wonderful to my senses. I bring my hand up so that my thumb may find her clit. My tongue continues enticing her until I push my tongue all the way into her. Over and over I repeat the treatment, licking her slit then entering her with my tongue. Circling and teasing my thumb entertains her clit as my tongue finds her asshole. Suddenly she pushes back into me with a loud gasp and a slow moan. I’m finding her desires one at a time. My thumb quickens it’s pace, my tongue entering her ass. She’s moaning loudly and she says a single word, “Please”.

    Standing up behind her I remove the rest of my clothes and I feel her hand encircle my cock pulling me into her luscious pussy. I can feel the tips of her fingers touching her clit as I slide the full length of my cock inside her. Already she’s gasping for breath. Her pussy clenches me as I slide all the way out and back in, the cool air a stark contrast to her warmth. Over and over I enter her, each time as slow as the last, my hands pulling her hips. Her tempo starts to increase drawing me with her. I slow my movements to a stop as she starts doing all the work. Lost in the moment I draw back and deliver a fine slap to her ass, the sound quite loud in this confined space. Immediately she starts to orgasm crying out that word again, “Please”. I deliver another equally hard slap which is greeted with a harder pace. I continue with my hand until her orgasm has her quivering, her legs shaking.

    Pulling my still hard and very wet cock from her, I run my fingers through her pussy, drawing the wetness to and into her ass. By the time her ass is very moist, she’s pushing into me. “Tell me what you want.” I whisper. And in return I hear a timid, “Fuck my ass please Sir.”. Taking my cock in hand I circle her hole, probing gently. Her ass cheeks are a nice red which really turns me on, her hole glisteningly wet. Slowly pushing I enter her, careful to make sure she’s ready for every inch. I don’t stop until I’m all the way in and she’s moaning, her back arched. Slowly at first I slide out and back in, my hands on her hips and back. When she starts pushing back at the end of each thrust I reach around for her breasts again. She’s almost standing as she reaches back to put her hand behind my head, the other vigorously massaging her clit. My fingers find her nipples again tugging and pinching. My thrusts become more insistent as she pulls on me harder, my fingers pulling her nipples harder and harder. Finally I’m near climax and I push her down. My cock is ramming into her ass, my hands grabbing her hips pulling her hard into me. As she orgasms again I climax, pulling out of her and cumming repeatedly on her back, my cries of ecstasy loud and unrestrained, my cum reaching almost to her neck I’ve cum so hard. At last we collapse together on the bench, our juices binding us together our breathing coming in ragged gasps.

    Regaining our senses we slowly clean up and dress each other, exchanging wanton kisses the entire time. Amazingly she looks better now than before our romp, although her hair is a bit damp from our sweat. Taking our glasses I offer another toast, to my fine lady whom I plan to marry. She blushes and looks away only to return and say, “Please”.

    Walking through the restaurant and bar I barely see anyone. My sole attention on my lady, our fingers intertwined, our smiles greeting each other. From this moment on I am her champion and she my princess.

  • sireg

    at 10:48 pm

    Basic | Dominant

    Wow. That is one very HOT!!!!night .Thanks for the story. Great share

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