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  • The need of Vanilla

    Posted by peterunwillig on 03/28/2016 at 5:23 am

    Hello to everyone,

    my Sub and I are new to D/S and life it soft. Testing and loving. I want to try out, whether writing about it may help me to understand. I am goint to write to you, so if you are interested in our development, keep on reading.

    There are times where my Sub wants to let go, forget about the world and fade away. When it comes to this point, it is time for vanilla foreplay.

    Normally we finish our work at about 19:00, so I go to her and tell her that I start cooking by now and would enjoy if she is going to join. It will take her about 5 minutes to finalize work, so she can let it rest. She will enter the kitchen looking for a task she could do. Normally I guide her through the first steps and tell her to flavor the food (she loves it tasty). During cooking time we clean the kitchen. Her mother is washing all the dishes and by letting her do so she feels everything is in place. Of course I help her by drying the dishes and storing all unnecessary items. “Thank you Sweet tiger, everything looks nice and clean by now. I like it”, i would say and she will fall into my arms, holding me close. It let her decide when she want’s to leave and she knows she can stay as long as she needs. Watching her now gives me information about her well-being/state.
    When this moment passed by it is time to fetch our food and migrate to our living room, sitting on our couch watching news and series. Normally this would continue but not this day. There was this song promoted on webRadio today.
    “Schön wie du bist” by Kenay. So I told to get comfortably numb in my lap waiting for her to be relaxed. I started playing this song.

    I guess you can find it easily to listen to, but the lyrics are in german. So I will give you the translation for the refrain. The song is about her not being happy with her beauty, i guess metaphorically describing her character.

    Was auch immer wir erleben — No matter what we live to see
    Ich will dass du niemals vergisst — I want you not to forget
    Lass sie einfach reden — Let them talk
    Du bist schön so wie du bist — You are beautyful the way you are

    Du läufst lächelnd durch den Regen — You are walking in the rain with a smile
    Doch dein Spiegelbild schaut trist — But your mirror image looks dull
    Komm lass sie einfach reden — Let them talk
    Du bist schön so wie du bist — You are beautyful the way you are

    This music is easy to listen to, exactly what she likes. There is love in the air. Nothing there to interupt, nothing to worry. She is at home, her new home she has put effort in and her first place to be safe after leaving her parents home.
    The music fades out and we are sitting in silence feeling the connection between us with every part of our bodies and mind. Before we get to tired we will stand up I holding her hand and guiding her to the shower, where we prepare to get to sleep. She knows we reached the point where we wont be spatially seperated by mor then 2 meters. I have to warm the toilet and water of the shower where she will join helping me to clean my back. I touch her skin firm but gently, show her that she is beautyful the way she is!

    I guess everyone of you has enough phantasy to finish this story for yourself. Thank you for reading.

    PS: If you find a mistake (spelling, expression or formulation) please dont hesitate to contact me.

    peterunwillig replied 6 years, 6 months ago 1 Member · 0 Replies
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