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  • hersir

    at 8:12 pm

    Basic | Dominant

    My love and I do not generally use scenarios (at present anyway) however I thought I might share one instance – just as a reminder that you don’t necessarily have to always have a complex theme.

    My love and I enjoy piercing and cutting. We use Terumo single use hypodermic needles – my standard preferred size is a 23 gauge 1 1/4 inch needle but we use as big as 18 gauge and as small as 30 gauge depending on what I’m doing to my love (if you think you might enjoy piercing I’d suggest reading Play Piercing by Debra Addington published by Greenery Press – covers a range of things from why you might want to do it through safety technique etc). I had not actually planned on doing anything in particular with my love this night – we were having some fairly straightforward vanilla sex (maybe with a hint of pistachio). I decided while fucking her that I would pierce her breasts (I’d only ever done it once before with 30 gauge needles using her breasts as a ‘pin cushion’. I told her to remain still, withdrew and got some 23gauge needles out. I then resumed fucking her, pausing every now and then to slide a pair of meddles through her breasts. After each breast was pierced by five needles my love asked for permission to be on top, which I granted. The change in position meant that her breasts were now hanging and as a result, two of the hypodermic needles began to drain blood from her breasts in slow fat drops onto my chest. I recognise that blood play is not everyone’s cup of tea (or other fluid) but my love and I find it is a spiritually intense conbection when one plays with/tastes the other ones blood (after all, it’s part of their life force isn’t it?). My love continued to fuck me as I licked and sucked her breasts and even after removal of the needles, there was enough blood flow for me to enjoy her taste direct from her breasts. The knowledge of what had happened, the feel of the needles and the sight and smell of blood on my face combined to give her a very intense orgasm despite not a huge amount of play. The sub dermal bleeding have given my love (who doesn’t bruise easily) two marvelous bruises as temporary reminders of the night – they look beautiful…

    I think it’s worth remembering that although a well crafted scenario can be great (and some of the ones I’ve read hear are awesome), a night where you just see where the mood takes you can be just as memorable. Needless to say I’ll be piercing her breasts like this again… 😉

  • my-darlings-sir

    at 1:14 pm

    Basic | Dominant


    Thank you for the wonderful post. It is a great example of how the different ways that we play bring us closer. It is not always about the big scenario or the rough beating that your sub takes from you. Sometimes, the simplest examples of D/s are the most intense and connecting. As you said, “a night where you just see where the mood takes you”. These really can be the most memorable times.

    Good day,

    My Darlings Sir

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